Do you think you have the power just because you own a pussy?

Do you think we men, owe you something, just because you are hot according to contemporary standards? Do you honestly believe that we as men must be at your complete disposal just because you have tits? Do you really think that you are our reason of existence? I know what your problem is: the modern times have turned men into weak son of a bitches. They no longer hold a self-pride of carrying two eggs which contain the liquid of what is and will always be the future of life, […]

Invest in cryptocurrencies NOW before it is too late

2017 was the year in which these digital coins totally skyrocketed and reached the eyes and ears of the mainstream. What before was a thing of nerds and terrorists, is now a broad concept which is growing exponentially every day – with some natural drops in between – as if the sky was not even the limit. I regret having come across cryptocurrencies only about five months ago – as before it was just a name in my head which I had not lost even a second thinking about (“Bitcoin? […]