10 ways to prevent your hair from falling/turning white

In theory, we men do not have the same preoccupations and worries with our hair as women do, since for them it is (or it should be) a sign of vitality, femininity and youth. See a woman with a short hair or worse, with a visible weak or white hair, and will you have one the biggest bone-breakers a man can think ok. However, in real life, most of men really care about their hair follicles and want to have the best look possible, with strong and vital hair all […]

Episode 1: Approach is the worst but also the best thing a man can do

This Podcast is a breath of fresh air for real men living in a fake world. In this episode I will cover: Game and Pick up gurus have been telling you a big lie; Why cold approach is not the solution to all of your dating problems (but just another tool); What actually make women get interested in a guy in a much easier/rejecting-free way; Why you should, nevertheless, ingrain cold approach in your mind in order that it becomes a habit which will help you succeeding in life.   […]

You are devoting too much time and energy to women

  We all know that we cannot live without them. Their presence is somehow necessary in order that we keep being…healthy beings. Women make our days more joyful and our nights more pleasant. They complement our lives in a way which our fellow friends (guys) will never be able to, as the former adds that extra touch of care, so inherent to the feminine nature. This is, however, the bright side of it because, as we all know – at least the guys who visit websites like these – the […]

Why Colombia is the worst (free) country in the world for Night Game

Oh Colombia, many times seen as the dream land, the paradise for every single man looking for real women with challenging personalities and accentuated curves. If there is a prototype of the pure Latina, then surely the Colombians (perhaps along with the Venezuelans, but that title only comes from the perception we have from the “Miss World” contests) are the ones who own that title. But when something is too good to be true, it probably is, as this women’s quality and sensuality comes with a price, which I will […]