This is a motivational video #8 (The 3 Types of Gym Gloves you Need)

When most guys hit the gym, the last thing they think about is the pair of gloves they are using. So today I will talk about the three types of gloves you need, in case you are doing all kinds of training (resistance, strength and cross fit). And don’t think it is only¬†a matter of having the perfect grip. Actually, to wear the proper gloves, is much more important than it may appear at first sight.    

The 10 things I learned in three years of blogging

I have started this blog exactly three years ago, after having spent most of 2015 writing my first book No More Bullshit about Getting Laid. Even if the latter might not have neither been a masterpiece nor become a commercial success, it planted the first seed of writing and exposing myself to the world, creating this habit of sharing what I know, what I experience and what I have learned throughout all these years. In the beginning, my goal was just to do things whenever I felt up to. Heck, […]