This is a motivational video #14 (How to Seal the Deal with Women)

5 months ago, I released a video where I talked about the 5 Best Ways to Get You Laid. And even if this information was valuable for many guys, there were some who surely kept wondering how the hell they could go from: 0 – where they meet a complete new girl, or even “0,5” – when they already know her but have absolutely no idea how to take things further, to 1 – where they actually wake up with this hot chick on their side. That’s why today I am […]

The 5 Things You Must Do Before Quitting Your Job

Nowadays it seems that everyone needs to become an entrepreneur and that the “old way of making money” (aka to have a job) is simply for the morons who like to put their life and fate on the hands of others. First of all, let’s be clear here: to be self-made is not for everyone. Actually, I would say that it is only and indeed for a very selected group of people, who are willing to go through a long crossing in the desert and still manage to survive. Yes, […]

This is a motivational video #13 (To Be a High Achiever You Need to Start Doing This NOW)

In today’s ultra competitive world, there is something you must do that will get you way ahead of the game. Something which distinguishes the ones who actually achieve success from the ones who keep being average. Basically, the difference between people who want to have things done quickly and efficiently, because they value their time above anything else, and people who are just waiting for things to happen – which is the same to say “most people”.    

Why Las Fallas Are Much More Than Giant Sculptures

Today, I am going to do things a little bit differently. Instead of talking “only superficially” about the event which takes place between the 15th and the 19th of March every year in the Spanish city of Valencia, (like I did regarding the Brazilian carnival), I am going to dig deeper and tell you why “Las Fallas” are one of the best metaphors for our human nature.   The history and background The origins of this celebration are quite difficult to trace back. Some say that it dates back to […]