This is a motivational video #18 (The Reason Why Most People Give Up)

You may think that your fire, purpose, and drive are enough to achieve your goals and become successful. However, most times we fail to realize that our own perspective (usually more positive) is rarely aligned with the world and that others may not be seeing the same thing as we are. And so, when the reality hits us, this is where we get truly disappointed. And also, where most people give up…  

7 Problems with Ukrainian Women and How to Overcome Them

Ukraine is one of the countries which changed my life some years ago. When I first landed there in 2011, more precisely in Kharkiv, I found a place that clearly still belonged to the real Eastern Europe: unfriendly faces, low or even no level of English and fucked-up streets. Basically, the typical shit hole you read about on the internet and you see in some movies of the 90s and 2000s. So what was I doing there? Yes, you’ve guessed it: because of women. And on this topic, I swear […]