This page is not about me.

It is about you.

Let me guess what has brought you here: you were searching the internet for some topics to help you in your mission as a man.

Or perhaps you were just looking how to become better in general. Not only physically, in terms of appearance and style, but especially in the way you “interpret and digest“ the world.

Nowadays, even with all the safety and welfare existent in the West, you need to constantly be challenging, adapting and developing yourself, otherwise you will simply vanish among the herd.

All my life I have been running after my better me, just to lose myself many times in the whole process. That is why I have started this blog in January 2016, to share with others everything I know, in order that whoever shows up around here can not only improve his life but take it to a whole new level.

If you are here, you probably share all or many of the same interests as I do, such things as travelling, women, dancing and sports, as well as having a broader vision of the world, where you permanently question yourself and wonder whether you are not totally out of place.

Yes, because we live in a society which favors the now over the future, the fast over the patient, the publicity over the hard work, the noise over the merit and, why not say it bluntly, women over men.

If you wonder who the hell am I, my name is Andreas, born and raised in Europe, but whose curiosity and will to „conquer“ the world started quite early in life, especially when, being 20 years old, I landed in Brazil to spend the carnival there.

What was about to be just a fun trip, simply changed my life. After four days where I had an overdose of party and women, I could no longer look at Europe in the same way.

After all, there was more, MUCH MORE.

And so the seed of travelling, looking for feminine women who would still enjoy to be courted by real men, started.

The year after, I did Erasmus in Czech Republic and I discovered the wonders of Eastern Europe, a region which was almost the totally opposite of the Western Europe I had always been used to.

Instead of the boring and unaccessible, there were actually girls who would look you directly in the eyes, appreciating you as a man and not just pretending that you did not exist (something I had constantly back home).

Fuck, I could no longer go back. I could no longer go back to my country, or any to other similar Western hole, where the rewards were so low for the high investment (also literally, in terms of money) I was putting in.

However, as we all know, what is good does not last forever, and sooner than later I realized that something had changed. After so many trips around, especially to Latin America and Eastern Europe, I started noticing different patterns and behaviours from women. They no longer looked at me with that same stare of desire, which I had felt so many times before. Their deep interest had somehow vanished.

That is why, especially after having spent three months in Brazil in the summer of 2014, where I experienced a dramatic change compared to 2006, I decided that I would write a book. If was I confused and disappointed, I imagined how many other guys would be, especially the ones who had stayed most of their times in their (Western) home countries.

“There must be a way…there must be a way to attract women constantly and not living in scarcity“, I thought. So I put all my almost ten years of experience in a book which, far from being perfect, was written from the bottom of my soul, with no frills, no flowery words nor bullshit, only with the raw truth. Because yes, the world has become a tough place for a masculine man to live, so the old „just be yourself“ can not be applied if you really want to succeed.

In the meantime, being in Spain, in Germany, in Ukraine, in Poland, in Brazil or in Colombia, one of the things I have been doing my whole life, on a regular basis, has been to practise sports. From martial arts – I practised capoiera and karate for almost ten years – to dancing, from soccer to fitness, sport and physical activity has always been part of my life.

Concerning the former, after arriving in Germany in the fall of 2012, I immediately realized that the country was not only too safe – so eventually the fighting skills I had already acquired for so many years would be more than enough – but especially extremely anti-social.

That idea of the Germans, cold people with an almost „robotic behaviour“, was actually not that further from the truth. Therefore, because I knew that would also be very hard to meet new women using the „normal“ ways (I would have to struggle with plenty of men during the night and with smartphones and earplugs during the day time), I decided to enrol in a salsa school.

Six years later, I can tell you that it has been one of the best decisions of my life, as it kept me, more than physically, mentally healthy, as well as providing me a constant supply of women – whom I would have never had access to, following the „normal path“.

Regarding the latter, the more than 18 years I have been hitting the gym have allowed me to, honestly, know almost everything what exists and is out there about fitness. I have tried all the possible training variatons, methods and techniques, as well as keeping and growing a deep interest in the two key elements which actually make you grow and have a shredded physique: sleep and diet.

For many years, I have done not only my personal plan, in terms of both training and nutrition but especially helped many others in achieving efficiently their fitness goals. So you think you would need to meet me personally to know all my tips and tricks to keep a lean, strong body throughout the whole year (yes, and I mean ALL the 365 days)?

No need pal, I have just summed up almost twenty years of knowledge in a book which will help you achieving your fitness goals without any gimmicks, complicated schemes or trendy diets (for me, there is neither bulk and cuts nor ketogenic diets, just regular, progressive training, accompanied by eating and sleeping properly). All you need is electricity, internet, a gym membership and real commitment, because the rest is free.

Last but not least, this year I took the decision which I could no longer postpone: to quit my job and finally embrace that difficult – but with endless possibilities – path called entrepreneurship. That is why this blog is also filled with articles which defy the current state of things.

To hit you where it hurts. To make you wonder what the hell you are doing with your life and remind you that there are alternative ways. Many people are holding themselves back, just because they base everything, or almost, on what society, parents, relatives, teachers and others tell them to do, not on what they really want.

But it hurts. It hurts to see people’s lives wasted in vain. It hurts to see people surviving, or living happy just two days out of seven, where they could be living to the fullest the whole week.

Hey, but get no illusions here: forget about the idea of sipping mojitos on the beach, doing nothing, while you earn passive income. That is bullshit. Actually you have to sacrifice yourself, like you have never done before, and to really work your ass off, even when all this effort is a guarantee of nothing.

The only difference is that, while trying and failing, you will be improving yourself to a much larger extent than if you were held to your 9-to-5 job. And even if you fail miserably and many times, you will keep going, until you start living your life on your own terms.

I believe you have had enough of my story, now it is time to tell me yours. I can be wrong but, if you are still reading this, then you are interested in what I have to say.

You may also have some or many of the difficulties and obstacles I have encountered during my whole life. That is why I want to meet you, to know what your challenges are and, most important, whom you want to become.

So if you want to start changing your life today, just schedule below a 30 minutes Skype call with me, that I promise to give you that little incentive you are needing to finally put you on the right track.

Ps: And don’t worry, the first call is totally free. Just see it as a nice conversation between two like-minded guys. 

Andreas Pistol,

November 2018

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