This is a motivational video #18 (The Reason Why Most People Give Up)

You may think that your fire, purpose, and drive are enough to achieve your goals and become successful. However, most times we fail to realize that our own perspective (usually more positive) is rarely aligned with the world and that others may not be seeing the same thing as we are. And so, when the reality hits us, this is where we get truly disappointed. And also, where most people give up…  

This is a motivational video #17 (Should Money Be Your Biggest Priority in Life?)

This is one of the questions you and probably most of the people you know ask themselves everyday: Should I focus on making money, while putting everything else on the back burner? Well, like all important things, the answer is not that simple. So today I’m going to tell you what you really should focus on and place as top priority, in order that you live a more mindful life – and not think that you should be doing something else.  

5 Tips on How to Get a Better Job (than the One You Deserve)

A while ago I wrote an article about the 5 things you must do before quitting your job. And while this is surely very helpful for those looking to become their own bosses, the fact is that not everyone is on the same wavelength. Actually, right now you may be on the total opposite side of the spectrum, where you are looking for a new professional challenge or even desperately seeking a job, so that you can pay your bills and have some stability in your life. As I said […]

This is a motivational video #16 (5 Ways To Skyrocket Your Productivity)

The human brain has a natural tendency to lose concentration and to enter a state of “mind-wandering”. Add to the countless notifications which exist nowadays, all of which fighting for our attention, and we have the perfect recipe to live in a constant state of distraction, where we simply cannot focus on the tasks which bring us more money to the table. So in case you feel you are someone who urgently needs to be more efficient with his time, then just stay tuned for the 5 tips which will […]

The Nivea Ball

When I was young, there used to be a huge Nivea ball on every famous beach. This structure, which served obviously as a publicity to the personal-care brand, was also a meeting point for everybody. “Hey, let’s meet at the Nivea ball after lunch” used to be our most repeated sentence in those days. But it was not only used among friends: anytime there was a serious topic such as parents not knowing where their kids were, there it was the ball to guide the daily lives of everyone. Because before […]

This is a motivational video #15 (How To Give The Proper Help In The Gym)

At some point in life, you have surely asked for help or helped somebody in the gym. Because when you start challenging yourself and the weights get heavier, there is not other way than asking for it. And while this seems like common sense, the reality is that VERY FEW guys actually know how to do it properly. That’s why today I’m going to tell you exactly how you should help your bros in the gym, so that they can go that extra inch…which makes all the difference when it […]

8 Things Which Will Never Go Away (Even If You Try)

Life has many stages and phases. You can be a teenager who still has the whole life in front of him. Or maybe someone already in his 20s, who wants to try, experiment and discover as many things as he can. But as you grow older, you start understanding how things work. You start creating mind patterns and recognizing situations – based on the many times you have gone through them – with the final goal of doing things more efficiently and avoiding past errors. And so, the more experienced […]

The 5 Things You Must Do Before Quitting Your Job

Nowadays it seems that everyone needs to become an entrepreneur and that the “old way of making money” (aka to have a job) is simply for the morons who like to put their life and fate on the hands of others. First of all, let’s be clear here: to be self-made is not for everyone. Actually, I would say that it is only and indeed for a very selected group of people, who are willing to go through a long crossing in the desert and still manage to survive. Yes, […]

This is a motivational video #13 (To Be a High Achiever You Need to Start Doing This NOW)

In today’s ultra competitive world, there is something you must do that will get you way ahead of the game. Something which distinguishes the ones who actually achieve success from the ones who keep being average. Basically, the difference between people who want to have things done quickly and efficiently, because they value their time above anything else, and people who are just waiting for things to happen – which is the same to say “most people”.    

This is a motivational video #12 (The Best Exercise to Burn Fat and Get You in Shape)

Many people ask me how can I keep a muscular look, while also displaying low body fat. Regarding the former, I do what most guys do to grow muscle: I eat well and enough, I sleep better and I lift heavy and progressively. Concerning the latter, I just tell them that my secret is Tabata, which is basically doing an exercise for 20 seconds, while resting for 10 seconds between each. And in today’s video, I’m doing 5 cycles (each one lasts for 1 minute and 30 seconds) of the […]