This is a motivational video #12 (The Best Exercise to Burn Fat and Get You in Shape)

Many people ask me how can I keep a muscular look, while also displaying low body fat. Regarding the former, I do what most guys do to grow muscle: I eat well and enough, I sleep better and I lift heavy and progressively. Concerning the latter, I just tell them that my secret is Tabata, which is basically doing an exercise for 20 seconds, while resting for 10 seconds between each. And in today’s video, I’m doing 5 cycles (each one lasts for 1 minute and 30 seconds) of the […]

Why the typical bulk and cut is bullshit

(and how to keep a shredded physique throughout the whole year) Hopefully you are a guy who trains and likes to be in shape. For you, hitting the gym and lifting weights is not even a sport anymore: it is a habit so crucial to your survival as it is to eat or to sleep. And throughout this never-ending journey, there will be moments in which you will hit a plateau or not see the results you desire. However, due to our natural body limitations, there is not really much […]

This is a motivational video #11 (This Is The Number One Reason Why You Keep Being Average)

Do you know why you keep being average? No, it’s neither due to your family background nor because you weren’t born rich. It’s also not because you haven’t been lucky enough or you haven’t had the right timing when grabbing opportunities. And it’s definitely not because of not having tried hard. As a matter of fact, no one can blame you on that, since you are constantly looking for ways to improve yourself and always willing to work your ass off. No, the real reason is actually much simpler than […]

Just prove them wrong

The other day I found an email my father sent to a friend who works in a big company, which said somewhere “anytime my son visits me, instead of bringing the good news that he finally has a job, he brings a new girlfriend instead”. When I read this, I had a mixture of different feelings. But there was one which hit more than all the others: and that was a certain kind of anger and rage which suddenly grew within me. First of all, it is important to highlight […]

This is a motivational video #10 (The Truth You Don’t Want to Hear about Making Money Online)

Nowadays, it seems that everyone needs to become an entrepreneur and that making money online is the only way to go. Plus, most people or influencers just paint it as the easiest thing in the world. “Create an online course and start selling it to your audience, it is as simple as that!” “Just go to Aliexpress, set up an online store in Shopify and you are ready to go!” What they don’t tell you is the “unsexy truth”, basically all the hassle and difficulties you need to go through […]

5 top qualities a girl must have to be relationship material

After so many years of dating women from completely different backgrounds, I have realized that seducing and taking them to bed is just a very small part of the equation. As a matter of fact, this is where things really start, a launch pad to a possible relationship you would like to have with this person in the future. Because let’s face it: most guys only focus on the first step, which is conquering a woman and banging her. So but what if she is not just a One Night […]

This is a motivational video #9 (6 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes People Make)

Whenever the topic is food, there are so many theories and different information on the internet, that it seems almost necessary to take one week off just to filter and understand what a person should actually eat. Well, not anymore… Today, I am going to tell you the 6 biggest nutrition people make and why you should avoid/abandon them as soon as possible, so that you can have a healthy life ALL YEAR LONG.    

Internet addiction is real

When one thinks about addiction, the first things which pop up in mind are sex (porn), alcohol, cigarette and drugs. Regarding sex, usually it is seen as a good thing, unless you are a man and you practise it alone (aka masturbation). While women praise and even encourage such behaviour among themselves, men somehow condemn such activity, especially if we take into account the more “masculine circles”. And in general, it makes total sense, as masturbation not only decreases our testosterone levels but also increases our levels of frustration, social anxiety and […]

This is a motivational video #8 (The 3 Types of Gym Gloves you Need)

When most guys hit the gym, the last thing they think about is the pair of gloves they are using. So today I will talk about the three types of gloves you need, in case you are doing all kinds of training (resistance, strength and cross fit). And don’t think it is only a matter of having the perfect grip. Actually, to wear the proper gloves, is much more important than it may appear at first sight.    

The 10 things I learned in three years of blogging

I have started this blog exactly three years ago, after having spent most of 2015 writing my first book No More Bullshit about Getting Laid. Even if the latter might not have neither been a masterpiece nor become a commercial success, it planted the first seed of writing and exposing myself to the world, creating this habit of sharing what I know, what I experience and what I have learned throughout all these years. In the beginning, my goal was just to do things whenever I felt up to. Heck, […]