We all know how difficult it is to live a fulfilling life, because there are always so many things to do and to care about. You might have a job which takes you 2/3 of your active time. Or perhaps you have a business and you struggle to make it grow. Or maybe your focus is to date more women. Or eventually to become the best guitar player in your city. Or who knows if your priority right now is not to develop a lean physique.

Whatever the goal is and whoever you are, ALL OF US only have 24 hours per day, so for most people it looks almost impossible to organize their lives and manage their time properly. What usually happens is that they fall in situations where they have plenty of certain things and too few of others. 

That is why I am going to give you what I consider to be the fifteen more important things you can add to your life, in order that you truly live it well and fully – not ending the day with that frustrating feeling that you have not attained anything special – but also that you keep in check your overall health and wellbeing.


1. Make money on a regular basis

Yes, this is the most important thing you can do and have. Why? Because money is the solution to all your problems! (I am already feeling the anger coming my way, after this sentence). If you are sick, it can pay your health. If you are tired of your daily routine and dead-end job, you can send everyone to hell and gain freedom. If you are frustrated with your life, it can “buy you the time” to find a more fulfilling endeavour.

If necessary, find a job at McDonald’s or go working in oil platforms, just find a way to put it in pocket. You can never start nor do anything without money, even if most of the people think otherwise – yes, even an online business, based on content, needs a computer and internet. And the last time I checked, that was not free either.

Note: Attention that saving money is as important as earning it. In the end of the day it is better to make 1000 and spend 500 than to earn 2000 and spend 2000. Because if you have the latter mindset, you will constantly rely on credit, a surefire way to have your life quickly and easily totally fucked up.

2. Save one hour per day to work on your side business

Talking about money, you want to make sure that you eventually find a way to earn money not solely relying on your lovely job. Why? Because it is a bad deal, as a job usually sucks up almost all your energy and time, leaving you with a dead brain and a sleeping body in the end.

Nowadays it makes no sense that you do not try to monetize things you like or are knowledgable about – or even things you do not even give a fuck about, but which you eventually spot a need in the market. The internet is there for everybody and it has never been easier to start something on your own.

Are you a specialist in stamps? Good, gather a lot of them and create a webpage. Are you a gaming geek? Fantastic, so start doing tutorial videos on your favorite First Person Shooter. Never think your hobbies or preferences are stupid because there are always hundreds of people like you, who have the same interests as you do.


3. Save ten hours per week to go to the gym
(including commuting and shower)

“What, ten hours per week, do you think I do not have a life or what?” Well, probably you don’t. Besides, if you are so worried about being an intellectual and just “developing” your brain, then you should know that a healthy brain needs a strong body supporting it. I could bring up here one thousand studies and articles supporting my claim, but I will just use common sense:

Exercise and heavy lifting increase your heart rate and consequently your blood circulation. And guess what your blood contains? Yes, the oxygen and the nutrients your brain needs to work properly! Besides, it improves your mood, it helps you sleeping better and it reduces stress and anxiety, all factors which have a direct impact in your cognitive capabilities.

So it seems that hitting the gym is much more than a “looking good activity”, as it shapes your body, it improves your general health and it clears up your mind. I have just released my free e-book on fitness, so from now on you have no more excuses saying that you do not know where to start. Just download it, get your ass off the couch and start lifting hard!


4. Allocate five hours per week to an extra activity
(such as dancing or learning a new language)

Life is brighter and cooler when you learn a new skill and even more interesting when you stick to it and improve it. Being as a beginner or a pro, regardless of the activity you want to perform, it usually leads to personal satisfaction, better self-confidence and a general well-being, while it can also help you socially in the future.

Meeting some girls from Germany while on holidays in Spain? Wow, suddenly you speak German, they get impressed and you have an advantage over the other guys around. And in the evening you meet them at the beach for a moonlight party and suddenly your guitar skills impress everyone. Or what to say when you go to a Latin club, where you reveal your super salsa skills, which not only make the girls around you smile but also allows you to have pure fun?


5. Reduce your phone use to four times per day

There are many problems with you being stuck the whole day on your phone but I tell you the more important ones: reality alienation, waste of time and procrastination. You may argue that you need to check your phone for the most convincing reasons, but I will give you this brain exercise to complete: think about all the conversations you usually have or the online material you watch, such as videos and useless news, and I can guarantee you that 99% is rubbish.

You may counter argue and claim that you want to be kept well-informed and so on but, before you keep cheating yourself (more than cheating others), see the technology for what it is: a big distraction machine to keep you glued and addicted, wasting most of your time and money.

So make a favour to yourself and only check your phone in the morning, after lunch, in the end of the afternoon and after dinner. Trust me, you will not miss out anything!


6. Cut entertainment or reduce it to a couple of times per week

I have just talked about smart phone, right? So let me present you to its twin brother, who can be even more harmful and destructive than the former: yes, entertainment, being in the form of series, films, stupid videos, online games or watching sports.

Do you know what it adds to your life? Nothing, absolutely nothing! Only some instant gratification, a more squared ass and a couple of extra pounds in your lazy body.

I am not saying you can not relax once in a while and watch your Netflix exclusive sprawled out on the sofa. Just remember that you will be filling up someone’s pockets and wasting away the two most important resources – time and money – which should instead be used to invest in yourself.


7. Go shopping clothes two times per year

The word “need” is usually hyperbolized and magnified when it comes to buying clothes. What is actually something you really need? Sure, you do not want to look like a beggar but there is a universe between that and the guy who goes shopping at least once per month.

The reality is that clothing is directly related to our style and appearance, which turns it in one of the most relative topics you can think of. But, instead of being someone who goes with the flow (aka following commercials and being marketing brainwashed), you can actually start rationalizing things. So if you have more than twenty shirts and more than ten jeans in your closet, it is time to slow down or even halt that shopping!

So two times per year, is it little? No, it’s not, it is actually more than enough if you spend some money (wisely) and renew your clothes. So stop being a consumerism victim and buy it only when you really need it. But when you do it, make sure you invest in good things, with style and quality.


8. Live in a big city with options

This is a topic which usually divides many. On one hand, you have those people who prefer the tranquility of the country side or, at least, the peace of a small city, where they can park their car easily, where they take only ten minutes to reach their workplace and where they can still hear the birds singing.

On the other hand, you have those who enjoy the thrill of many things happening at the same time, where you usually have plenty of possibilities and alternatives to choose from. Want to go dinner somewhere? Great, tonight you can choose between the Thai, the Chinese, the Japanese and the Vietnamise restaurant…and that taking into account only your neighborhood!

Well, even if I like to ease once in a while, I am clearly a person who follows the latter. For me it is crucial to have options and to be able to do the things I want – gym, dating, culture, dancing, nightlife, among others – within reach of a taxi ride (or using any other means of transportation).

Sure, the traffic and the rent prices suck, as well as the pollution levels, but the pros clearly outweigh the cons, in my honest opinion. On the flip side, you should not go for huge cities, as the logistics is terrible and most of your time will be used commuting between places.


9. Make two big trips per year
(and eventually take two more long weekends abroad)

It took me more than ten years to realize that travelling is, in many instances, not the positive activity which 99% of the world cheers on. Sure, it opens your mind, it gives you a broader perspective on things and it also provides you different moments.

At a first glance it is undoubtedly a complete package which allows you, for instance, to distress from your routine life and to recharge batteries for new challenges. Nonetheless, in many times, it does not add much to what you have already experienced before.

But if everything were just about the experience or the lack of fulfilment which travelling may eventually bring, then I would not be talking about it, would I? Yes, because travelling may cause much more impact in your bank account than giving you positive emotions or head orgasms. So the next time will you be planning a trip to somewhere, remember that it will not only fuck a lot of your income but also add little or even nothing to your life – unless you visit great, natural places and put the party and girls aside.


10. Limit your alcohol consumption to two times per week

Admitting that you are not a party animal (in case you are, more on that just afterwards), then I strongly recommend you to limit your alcohol intake to two times per week.

First of all, it is addictive, so you should start putting limits on yourself. Consequently and otherwise, anytime you will be somewhere, being drinking with colleagues after work or having dinner with friends, you will have the tendency to consume it. In addition, as you are already tired of knowing, alcohol will simply fuck you up in the long run.

Yes, you can come with the argument that drinking beer and wine can be beneficial to your health, but I do not see you talking about the advantages of drinking water or healthy juices. So just keep those glasses reserved for situations which really make sense, like going out on a Saturday night or being at a nice pool party – but, as said before, also do not exaggerate on these gatherings!


11. Go out maximum two nights per week

We all love to go out, don’t we? The sun goes down, the alcohol levels goes up and everyone pretends that he or she is very crazy and happy about life. Well, whatever the reasons are, going out includes usually two things: alcohol – no need to talk more about that, see the point before – and a lot of time spent.

Yes, going out can be fun but, unless you are a teenager or someone who has just entered the university, it will not add anything new to your life (ok, in 10% of the cases maybe it will). It is just a fucking waste of time, plain and simple – with the extra of also wrecking the day after, especially if you drink more than you should.

So instead of being constantly going to bars, nightclubs or even sunset parties – basically activities you are doing shit, just having fun – use this time to do something which will add more value to yourself and to your life. And in case you do not know what the hell I am talking about, then go back to point number 2 and “sacrifice” some nights per month by staying at home working on your business.


12. Eat and sleep well

This topic would require a whole podcast or even a book about it but without dwelling too much on the topic, make sure that you sleep the sufficient time (for most of the people, between 7 and 9 hours) and that you cut all the shit from your diet – I also give an extensive list of the food you can and should eat in my new free e-book, so no more excuses on this matter.

Regarding the former, it should be a no-brainer but it seems that people and the modern society come up with all the tricks and ways to cheat something which should be put as a top priority. Caffeine, red bull and all the magic formulas to keep you awake, forgetting that nothing surpasses your body natural abilities to control when it will be the best time to go sleeping.

Concerning the latter, “you are what you eat” and, in case you also think that this is a cliché you can store in the back of your mind, then do not complain if in the future all your health will eventually collapse like a sand house – or that you will keep being a skinny fat, without understanding the reason why.


13. Take half an hour of sun per day

Nowadays people tend to forgo and to almost ignore the importance of the great star. Before all the gadgets, fast cars and buildings, it was already there for a long time and it was part of people’s lives. If life happens in earth, it is mostly due to a perfect distance towards the sun, which allows all the species in our planet to exist in balance. So not only start giving it the importance it deserves but also enjoy the benefits of absorbing its rays.

First, you will look much better than the average Joe, that pallid guy who only burns his brains at his soul-killing job. Then, by getting vitamin D, you will not only increase your testosterone levels naturally but also have more energy and will to face the day.

You can take sun up to thirty minutes per day, which is also the safe maximum your skin can take without the need of applying harmful chemicals on it (of course that you want to avoid the period from 12 pm to 4 pm). Ever wondered how our ancestors survived without applying any sunscreen?

Note: In case you live in a place where you do not see the sunlight regularly, then make sure you take a pill of vitamin D 4.000 IU daily and that you do not rely on carcinogenic sunbeds which will only harm your skin in the long run.


14. Don’t waste time dating girls who are not into you

I have written a whole article about this topic, so it is a good start if you are somehow helpless in spotting women who are not worth your time.

Yes, because maybe you are one of these guys who goes the “extra mile” just to please this girl, who does not give a dime about you. You keep writing her messages, even when she keeps answering a couple of uninterested words every time. Or you keep trying to invite her for doing something, when it is clearly obvious that she is not interested in you. Or, worst of them all, you surprise her at her workplace or when she is arriving home.

Well my friend, to save you some time, the formula is quite simple: if you do not kiss her in the first night or date and/or if she does not write you regularly after you meet her, she is not that interested and therefore she is not worth your time. I get flabbergasted on how most of the guys insist, persist and fight around girls who clearly do not give a fuck about them – and I wonder if that they used that energy and willpower to create a business and thrive, whether they would not be millionaires already.


15. Control the time you spend with women

Time is the most important asset you can ever have in your life. It does not matter whether you are a bum or a millionaire, a king or a nobody: it has the same cruel distribution for everyone. Plus, in never goes back, so it is impossible to replace it, buy it or negotiate it. Still, most of us still waste most of it in the most useless, fruitless activities one can think of.

And being with women means exactly that: that you will never be productive and you will be wasting your time. So do not try to schedule dates or to be with women the whole time (if you live in a big city with options, foreigners and tourists, then this can become really addictive, so watch out).

Reserve two, maximum three days per week to do it, and keep the rest of the week to work and develop yourself. Otherwise, you may fall into the “Don Juan trap”, becoming that “natural, cool” guy, who basically revolves his life around women.

Ps: And in case you have a girlfriend, you are married or you live with someone, then make sure you choose a partner who does not suck up all your energy, by demanding to do a million of activities which will lead to nowhere.



I know we all have different perspectives, preferences and tastes and that in the end this list should be used just an example. However, due to the many mistakes I have committed in my life, and also according to the experience I have acquired, I can say it out loud that if you follow this advice you will live a better, more fulfilled life.

Of course that balance can also be dangerous aka the weapon of the average. Why? Because people who keep balance in everything they do, are usually balanced people who never struggle to achieve anything special or magnificent, staying forever in this quiet sea of mediocrity. Yes, you know whom I am talking about. The guy who never works too much or puts too much effort on his work, living and receiving just the sufficient to have a nice life. Or the guy who hits the gym just a couple of times per week, being more focused on this phone than in his training.

No, there will be times in which you will need to be total unbalanced! Yes, when you are trying to launch your business and nothing else matters. You will forget about going out, hitting the gym or dating that girl because, if you do not give everything (all the available time) you have, the market will respond with nothing.

Or when you want to get better with women and you see nothing else in front of you: you starting study all the online material and watching “in-field” videos, to then hit the streets, the beach, the libraries and all the possible night clubs, so that you approach as many women as you can. And until you start banging them regularly, you will not care about anything else which is currently happening in your life.

But excluding these moments – and considering you want to keep not only many of those things at a top-level (business, money, body, women) but especially your mental sanity – then the 15 pieces of advice I have just given you will perhaps be the best indicator you can grab yourself to. Because trust me, if you start neglecting a couple of these factors or eventually let yourself go with the flow, then in the future you will regret and think how you should have been disciplined and responsible about your time, exactly like Mr. Pistol had warned you in September 2018.



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