Just prove them wrong

The other day I found an email my father sent to a friend who works in a big company, which said somewhere “anytime my son visits me, instead of bringing the good news that he finally has a job, he brings a new girlfriend instead”. When I read this, I had a mixture of different feelings. But there was one which hit more than all the others: and that was a certain kind of anger and rage which suddenly grew within me. First of all, it is important to highlight […]

This is a motivational video #10 (The Truth You Don’t Want to Hear about Making Money Online)

Nowadays, it seems that everyone needs to become an entrepreneur and that making money online is the only way to go. Plus, most people or influencers just paint it as the easiest thing in the world. “Create an online course and start selling it to your audience, it is as simple as that!” “Just go to Aliexpress, set up an online store in Shopify and you are ready to go!” What they don’t tell you is the “unsexy truth”, basically all the hassle and difficulties you need to go through […]

5 top qualities a girl must have to be relationship material

After so many years of dating women from completely different backgrounds, I have realized that seducing and taking them to bed is just a very small part of the equation. As a matter of fact, this is where things really start, a launch pad to a possible relationship you would like to have with this person in the future. Because let’s face it: most guys only focus on the first step, which is conquering a woman and banging her. So but what if she is not just a One Night […]