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Ukraine is one of the countries which changed my life some years ago. When I first landed there in 2011, more precisely in Kharkiv, I found a place that clearly still belonged to the real Eastern Europe: unfriendly faces, low or even no level of English and fucked-up streets.

Basically, the typical shit hole you read about on the internet and you see in some movies of the 90s and 2000s. So what was I doing there? Yes, you’ve guessed it: because of women.

And on this topic, I swear I have never been in a place (nor I will probably ever be in my life) where I have seen so many attractive and feminine females per square meter.

Hell, they were everywhere: walking on the street, coming out from a shop or from a supermarket, in any bus or van falling apart or even in the darkest corner. And if that was already true for the daytime, when going out, and in the right place, you would reach paradise.

2011 made me a very happy man in that country but, when I returned in 2013 and wandered between Kiev, Odessa, Yalta, and Dnipro, things were not so idyllic as they had been two years before. Still, it was a very cool experience to always be remembered.

Three years later, I decided to return to Ukraine, but this time only to hit a city for a 10-day period, so that I could increase my chances of getting lucky. But as I reported here, things had really changed. And as it usually happens, for the worse.

So this last June, because a friend of mine would be there for ten days, and because I wanted to have some holidays and enjoy a cheap place, I decided to return to Kiev for a week.

My expectations were low, not only due to what I had experienced in 2016 but especially because the world nowadays tends to head into the same destination:

A place where girls are addicted to social media, having thousands or millions of male followers all over the globe, and where traveling has never been so easy, bringing hordes of men looking for “easy” (nowadays better say “paid”) sex.

The results are obvious: women are no longer attracted to all these “princes coming from the West”, as being a foreigner is, in most cases, even seen as negative (Kiev is right now a 3 in my “Scale of Contamination”).

But instead of talking (only) about the obvious problems which exist nowadays, I want to give you the solutions to them. Because if you travel to Ukraine with the hope of getting lucky, you’ll struggle a lot.

But even if difficult, it won’t be impossible, so you just need to do the opposite to the masses and avoid the common pitfalls most guys fall into.

So below follow the 7 most common problems with Ukrainian women and the best way to handle them.


Women don’t speak English
Women do not speak English

Well, let’s see: the fact that English is spoken almost everywhere in the world nowadays doesn’t mean that it should be spoken actually EVERYWHERE.

English comes from England, which is a region in northwest Europe and so, if you expect it to be spread in every corner of our beautiful Earth, you have a perspective problem.

My recommendation:

Either learn Russian (or Ukrainian, but it will honestly be a waste of time) – something which will take you at least 1 year, considering you practice it and are exposed to it daily – or, in case you want quicker results, then I strongly recommend you to look for university or career women, as these will be the ones who most likely speak English.

And where can you find them? Well, regarding the former, go literally to the campus or find places, bars or clubs that these young ladies also attend. Concerning the latter, walk around the business districts and look for after-work or cocktail bars where these women usually go to have a drink.

Alternatively, you can also use Google translator and try to communicate with this cute girl who does not speak a word of English. But guess what? This is not 2009 anymore, so to meet a girl whom you can not communicate with, and still having her interested in you, it’s like trying to find a Ukrainian politician who is not corrupt.


Girls walking around with headphones and looking at their phones
Girls walking around with headphones and looking at their phones

Unfortunately, this is a global plague that seems to have no solution for the time being. Technology has arrived in Ukraine some years ago and girls are more addicted to it than ever, receiving constant attention in their Instagram and WhatsApp.

Being walking on the street, sitting somewhere or even when going out, women don’t lose a chance to go back to their phones and photographing themselves – sharing afterward their useless stories with the thousands of the thirsty followers they have.

And even if they are not actively using their phone, they will be for sure listening to the latest Spotify hit, a clever way to isolate themselves and to avoid that guys talk to them.

My recommendation:

When she’s walking on the street, understand that not all earphones are created equally. So if you realize a girl is looking at least to the front – not like a moron to her phone – just stop aka approach her.

In case she is sitting somewhere, just check whether she has her headphones plugged. If not, and even if she’s messing around on her phone (if she’s alone, trust me, she will be), just ask her something random and watch her reaction.

In 2019, and if she is at least slightly attractive, you will need to count that a phone, headphones or both will always be on your way.


Nightlife is full of pros and semi-pros
Nightlife is full of pros and semi-pros

Unless you want to pay for sex, or worse, to pay these girls cocktails and Kalyan and still have no sex, just avoid going out from Sunday until Thursday in this country. Why? Because it’s basically full of women who are looking for that dumb tourist or foreign to sponsor their night, week or even life.

And this shouldn’t come as a surprise: in a country where the minimum salary is about 130€, how could a normal girl afford to go out during the week? She will probably be in bed so that she goes either to the university or to her job the next day.

My recommendation:

Bet all your chips on Friday and Saturday evening, as this is the period where everyone goes out, including “normal” girls who are out to relax from their workweek and have some fun. Alternatively, focus on day game, as you will likely run into women who are commuting from work to home or just doing some shopping.


The country is full of scams
The country is full of scams

You thought the nightlife was the problem, right? So just wait until you start using dating apps such as Tinder! This little new wonder of technology may increase the odds of wetting your dick, but also the chances of running into pros or semi-pros.

Still, regardless of whether you met this girl online or anywhere during the night, there will always be a high probability of ending up in some kind of scam or scheme, in case you want to meet her.

My recommendation:

Simply don’t be naive and trust your gut. Also, put yourself in situations that YOU can control. For instance, always prefer bars instead of restaurants. And always be the one choosing the place.

Because if it is the other way around, you may risk ending up somewhere in some shady part of the city, where you’ll be relying on “luck”.

As a rule of thumb, the easier it will be to meet her, the more likely it will be that she is only interested in ripping you off.

Hot tip: if you somehow get caught in being tricked by some girls, who just want to use you and order all the sushi they want, just pretend you need to make an urgent call to someone, go outside and…just run away.

Be careful to check whether you won’t be followed by anyone but, if you do it successfully, just laugh at imagining her getting scammed by their own scam.


Women are very materialistic
Women are very materialistic

Totally related to the last point is the fact that most women – and obviously referring the ones who are, at least, slightly attractive – talk, dream, love and focus their existence on expensive items and brands.

Louis Vitton, Chanel or the latest iPhone are all very known in their vocabulary and the funny thing is that they usually put hands on such articles, even when they cannot even afford the strap of their new purse.

Why? Because they are used to have a man, boyfriend or sponsor who pays for whatever they want.

My recommendation:

Unless you have lots of money and you don’t mind supporting a girl as if she were your daughter, then I recommend you to stay away from such women.

How to spot them? Well, if they have this conceited look, the typical duck face with silicone on their lips and carry with them a lot of expensive items (Chanel purse, fancy dress, and shoes, stylish sunglasses), then it should be a no brainer: she’s a spoiled “bitch” who is used to be treated like a queen.

“Hey Andreas, but aren’t all of the women in Ukraine like this? Isn’t it part of their culture?” Well, even if you may think otherwise, there are still some who are not only looking for the money you have in your bank account.

Of course that ALL women in this country are used to men paying for everything, but that doesn’t make all of them are gold diggers. You just need to be experienced enough to both understand the nuances and know how to spot “normal girls”.


Forget the easy bang or the one night stand
Forget the easy bang or the one night stand



I’m not saying it can’t happen, but the odds will be against you. Because women know the value of their beauty, they will do everything they can to avoid going home with you, especially if you are a foreign just visiting for some days.

Besides, and in a general way, it’s still seen as “cultural wrong” for a woman in this country to leave the bar or the club with a guy she has just met.

My recommendation:

If you want to score in Ukraine, you have to come here without any time pressure. That’s why taking holidays for a week or two might be the worst option if you’re looking for old school fun aka debauchery.

Instead, and if you are really serious about dating Ukrainian women, you need to move here or, at least, to spend a season (minimum one month) in this land of dreams.


Girls here are unreliable and flakey as fuck
Girls here are unreliable and flakey as fuck

It’s something that would not happen five or six years ago, but nowadays it is becoming the norm. When meeting a girl, it’s more likely that she flakes on you or cancels it last minute (most common scenario) than having her actually showing up for the date.

My recommendation:

Make “overbooking”. Don’t be “correct” by scheduling just one date with one girl, as her grandmother can unexpectedly and suddenly die (funny, they seem to die every month), leaving you there in the coffee shop like an abandoned child.

Ukrainian women also take a lot of time to answer, with most of them ending up “ghosting” you. That’s why you should always try the instant date, even if you ask her for her number – but never warm her up through messages (WhatsApp, Instagram, etc).

Try to schedule a date for as soon as possible and if she shows no availability, stop writing her for 3/4 days. Try a second time after that time and if she still has no time for you, delete her number;

Lastly, when on a date, always avoid the dinner date or a place where she can eat a lot (even more important if the place looks expensive). Instead, keep it informal with just a couple of drinks, or you’ll risk being ripped off.

As a rule of thumb, if you switch locations, the second place should be a glass of wine at your place. Otherwise, you’ll spend even more money, while the odds of taking her home won’t get higher.


Let’s start with the negatives: unless you are a local legend or a guy with lots of money – who consequently will book tables at clubs, pay everyone’s drinks and attract a lot of women – you will leave Kiev (or let’s say Ukraine in general) very disappointed, especially if you come here for a week or two, expecting to bang 8s and 9s (or even 7s).

It won’t matter whether you’re a master at approaching, whether you have a tight game, whether you have amazing social skills, whether you’re good looking or whether you score like a king back home (sure, all these factors CAN help you, but they won’t make the difference you think they make).

Because here women are more than vaccinated to deal with guys like you or me. They know their value and clearly know why Western guys come to Ukraine (hint: it’s not to buy cheap cigarettes and vodka, although that may be a good excuse to give to your friends or mother).

So yes, most women here at materialistic as fuck and, even if she seems to like you a lot, the moment you cannot support her needs, desires, and lifestyle (and trust me, the more beautiful she is, she more she will be used to a high standard of living) is the moment where she will look for another “love”.

In a general way, of course that all women on the planet are like this, but in such countries as Ukraine, if you cannot provide, you can’t be a provider, and so you’ll become useless in her eyes.

Lastly, if you’re expecting to come to Ukraine to find that a snowflake, a pure girl untouched by any man, you can now wake up and come back to reality. I don’t know where that myth has started – that Eastern European women, especially Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian, are the best wife material on Earth – but I can quickly demystify that.

Not only they are everything but innocent (and know quite well how to use the power of their beauty) but also this region has one of the highest divorce rates in the world. So in case you are thinking about taking one of these unicorns to the altar, let me remind you that these animals don’t exist.

Now, you’re probably asking: “what the hell, everyone tells me that Ukraine is great, and what I hear from you is just the opposite!” Well pal, if you read my blog for a while, you should know that I hide no information.

On the other hand, I can tell you that rarely I’ve been in a place where, if you hit the right place on a Friday or Saturday evening, you will see so many beautiful women around. Plus, it’s still a very cheap country which is also safe – just make sure you follow the steps I’ve told you and also that you are not naive to avoid running into any problems or scams.

So is Ukraine, especially Kiev, still worth a visit?

Surely it is! You may return home empty-handed. You may return home frustrated. You may return home feeling that you must start learning Russian ASAP.

But the experience of being in such a place, where attractive women, in their tight dresses and high heels, live side by side with drunk “Dimitris” and holes everywhere on the street, is something which every man needs to go through, at least once in his lifetime.




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  1. I can make some logical conculsions/assumptions on how the total goat rodeo Ukraine war situation has/will affect the relationship dynamic there. Even less available men, economy sliding backwards, women getting slapped down by reality. Whats the opinions of a person whos been there?

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