Don’t Let Your Fire Go Out

Experience is one of the greatest assets you can acquire in life. But it can also become the heaviest burden on your whole existence. When you are young, everything seems easy and possible. You try this, you try that, and even if you fail, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because tomorrow

Are You Living Or Just Surving?

‘Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy.’ ― Robert Anthony. Think about a moment when you felt happy. Truly happy. A moment when you were fully focused on yourself, not on the environment around you or on what others were thinking. One of those rare

The Importance of Timing

Many say that money is what matters. Others claim that if you are confident enough, you will get anything you want from life. And there are also the ones who affirm vehemently that if you have the right attitude, then sooner or later you will win big. Couldn’t agree more: