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A couple of weeks ago KingFit (@jackedboysummer) invited me for an interview to talk about such things as training, diet, masculinity and, of course, women, which ended up being a perfect summary of my basic principles, the kind of “life advice” I wish someone had given me 20 years ago.

Q: How did you discover this twitter subculture and who were the first people you become a fan of?

Curiously and unlike most people, I started completely the other way around: first with a book, then with a blog and only then with Twitter – after having had a consultation with Dylan Madden who recommended me to start using this platform to put more eyeballs on my blog.

Since in the beginning I was more focused on growing my online presence than anything else, I was not following that many people, but guys like Dylan Madden (@Moneybaglives) himself, Alex Cortes and Ed Latimore were obvious follows.

Q: How did you get into game? And after how long did you find your personal gaming style in case you aren’t a “natural”?

I have always had regular results with women, way before I learned anything about game, so I can say I am kind of a natural.

However, looking at some of my old messages and interactions with women, I had many beta traits (typical from a guy who grows up in the West and does not have those strong masculine references), so in the last ten years I have been shaping my style, based on some principles of game from other guys (Roosh, RSV, Jason Capital, etc) but mostly on my experience, on trial and error and on observing the world – and women’s behavior and results – around me.

Q: Why has masculinity today turned into rocket science?

Since the 70s, there has been a wicked attempt to destroy masculinity in every sense (rise of feminism, destruction of family values and the father as the head of it, globalism, liberalism, and multi-culturalism) and that has had a direct impact on men, who have found themselves lost without any role models to follow or to look at.

Q: What do you wish you knew sooner when it comes to training and nutrition?

On that matter I have always been quite informed and aware how to build a strong, healthy body since I have practiced sports my entire life – and have worked out for twenty years. In any case, I wish I understood the importance of sleep, creatine, protein, and heavy lifting when it comes to building muscle.

Q: What you wish you knew sooner when it comes to life and women.

That you should never put women as your priority and that money is the solution to 99% of your problems.

Q: Favorite training split and favorite training tip you’ve received/come across.

If you train 2-3x/week, train every muscle in every training. If you train 4-5x/week always split your training in upper body and in lower body (legs). Moreover, understand that progressive overload is not just about increasing the weight on the bar, but also about increasing things that seem minor but actually make all the difference: time under tension, number of reps, rest between sets and frequency of training.

Q: Could you share a challenge you’ve faced and shaped your perspective?

I could share many, but I will stick to two:

In 2014, when I found myself completely broke after a 3-month trip between Brazil and USA and I’ve understood not only the importance of having and making money, but also how I had been an immature, spoiled brat until then (I was almost 30 years old).

And in 2018, when I quit my job to start a business, and understood for the first time what struggling really means and what life is really about. Until then I had been playing on easy mode, but these last four years have made me a man, who understands that if you don’t take full responsibility for your actions, life will eat you alive.

Q: Favourite books

Difficult to say, as different books marked different stages of my life, but I would say Sophie’s World when I was a teenager, which opened my mind to deep thinking, Crime and Punishment in my early twenties, which showed me the cruelty and real nature of human beings, The Millionaire Fastlane, which opened my eyes to everything surrounding money, and The War of Art, which reminded that our biggest enemy is within.

Q: Why do guys tend to misinterpret the “be the prize” mindset when it comes to dating?

Most guys think that they just need to “be” and women will automatically come to them. On top of that, they assume they are already good enough, completely neglecting that they are mostly likely lacking a universe of things, and that there is a lot of room to improve.

Sure, you should trust and love yourself, and only reward the women who put some effort to get you, but before that you must realize you must have something to offer. In today’s world, where women have endless options and guys to choose from, you must stand out. Not because of women, but because you strive to become the best person/guy you possibly can.

And when you are on that track, totally focused on yourself and on your mission, that’s curiously when you start having more and better chances with better and more attractive women. That’s when you can finally claim you are the prize.

Q: Why do you think gym bros and (some) entrepreneurs seem to be the only sane people left?

Yeah man, unfortunately, the world has gone full retard. Until Covid struck, I used to have a lot of faith in humanity, in “most people”, but after seeing what has happened in the last two years, and what the world has turned into (of course this did not start in 2020, but 50 years ago, with some of the movements I mentioned in a previous point) I truly believe hanging out with like-minded people, and focusing on tribes, small communities, whatever you want to call it, is the only way.

Otherwise, if we just follow the mainstream and what society and these sick politicians propose, we are on a highway to hell. AC/DC knew it.

Q: How do you deal with the no joke obsessed chicks?

I mean, having a girl obsessed over you should be the goal of every man. After all, in a world where women have the upper hand, having her submitting to you is a prove that you can counter the status quo, simply because you acted like a MAN (it is good to know that biology still plays a role, and that female nature will always reward true masculinity).

On the other hand, you will want to avoid girls who get too possessive/obsessed, those crazy who call you every hour and fill your phone with texts. In this case, you only have two options: to dump her and cut any contact with her, or to keep her as a side chick, setting clear boundaries of what she can and cannot do.

In my experience, when she’s too crazy, the former option will always be preferable, otherwise you will end up getting real trouble down the road.

Q: Quick dating tips for guys in their 20s and guys in their 30s

Guys in their 20s: focus on yourself, on developing real skills, on learning and on making fucking money. Even if your hormones are telling you otherwise, women can wait (having said that, don’t become a nerd either, so always allocate some time to be around women and have fun).

Guys in their 30s, don’t follow what society tells you, but what your GUT is telling you – aka don’t get married and raise a family if you don’t feel a) that’s exactly what you want and b) that the girl next to you is the right one for that. Otherwise, just keep dating all those younger chicks, as life is too short not to enjoy them.

KingFit is an ex-pro runner, whose ultimate goal is to make you healthy and jacked. Go follow him on Twitter, and subscribe to his newsletter.

You can check the original interview here.



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