Perfect balanced life

We all know how difficult it is to live a balanced life that will lead to a more fulfilling, and why not say it happier existence.

You might have a job that takes 2/3 of your active time. A business you struggle to grow. Women who fight for your attention. Ambitions that fill you with hope and fear at the same time. Priorities like having a lean physique that require 24/7 dedication.

Whatever the goal is and whoever you are, ALL OF US only have 24 hours per day, so for most people it looks almost impossible to organize their lives and manage their time properly. 

That is why today I am going to give you what I consider to be the fifteen more important things you can add to your life, in order that you both truly live it to the fullest – not ending the day with that frustrating feeling that you have not attained anything special – but also keep in check your mental and physical health.


1. Making money on a regular basis

Yes, this is the most important thing you can start with Why? Because money is the solution to all your problems (I am already feeling the anger coming my way)!

If you are sick, it can pay your health.

If you are tired of your daily routine and dead-end job, you can send everyone to hell and claim freedom.

If you are frustrated with your life, it can “buy” you the time to find a more fulfilling endeavour.

So regardless of whether you are investing in the stock market/crypto, buying real estate, having an online business, or hibernating on offshore oil platforms for half a year, just make sure you find sustanaible ways to put money in your pokect.

Because whether you like or not, you will never be able to start nor do anything properly without money, even if most people think otherwise.

And yes, even such “free” things as growing your personal brand, based on content and social media, still require a computer and internet. And the last time I’ve checked, that was not free either.

Also pay close attention to saving some cash. At the end of the day it is better to make 1000 and spend 500 than to earn 2000 and spend 2000. If you follow the latter mindset and constantly rely on bad credit, sooner than later your life will become an irreversible mess.

2. Save one hour per day to work on a side hustle

Talking about money, you want to make sure you find ways to earn money out of your lovely job. Why? Because you must!

A job is not only a bad deal, as it exchanges most of your time for limited money (while also leaving you numb and exhausted at the end of each day) but it is also not secure anymore.

In these times of uncertainty, relying solely on your employer is not only stupid. It’s suicide.

That is why you must monetize things you like or you are knowledgable about – or even things you do not even give a fuck about, but which the market is asking for. The internet is there for everybody and it has never been easier to start something on your own.

Are you a specialist in stamps? Good, gather a lot of them, create a webpage, and sell them (alternatively you can also do it in the form of NFTs). Are you a gaming geek? Fantastic, so start doing tutorial videos on your favorite First Person Shooter. Can you code? Amazing, then just start offering your services to SMEs.

Never see your hobbies or preferences as something stupid as there will always be people like you willing to pay for some form of added value around the activity they truly love.


3. Allocate some hours per week to work out

‘What, time to work out, do you think I do not have a life or what?’ Well, probably you don’t.

Besides, if you are so worried about being an intellectual and “developing” your brain, then you should know that a healthy brain needs a strong body supporting it. I could bring up one thousand studies and articles demonstrating my claim, but I will just use common sense.

Exercise and heavy lifting increase your heart rate and consequently your blood circulation. And guess what your blood contains? Yes, the oxygen and the nutrients your brain needs to work properly!

In addition, it improves your mood, it helps you sleep better, and it reduces stress and anxiety, all factors that have a direct impact in your cognitive capabilities.

So it seems that working out is much more than a ‘looking good activity’, as it shapes your body, it improves your general health. and it clears up your mind.

And in case you don’t know where and how to start, just download my fitness e-book. It’s free.


4. Allocate also some hours per week to an extra activity
(such as dancing or learning a new language)

Life is brighter and cooler when you learn a new skill. And even more interesting when you stick to it and improve it as time goes by.

Being as a beginner or a pro, performing any activity always leads to personal satisfaction, more self-confidence, and general well-being, and it may also help you socially in the future.

Meeting some girls from Germany while on holiday in Spain? By speaking German you will suddenly have an advantage over most guys.

Later, you meet them at the beach for a moonlight party, and guess what will impress them and everyone around? Your guitar skills.

And what to say when the day after you go to a Latin club and you reveal your salsa skills, making you the center of female attention?

Learning and mastering a skill may have the downside of time invesment, but it will have only benefits on the flip side.


5. Reduce your phone use to four times per day

There are many problems with you being the whole day on your phone but I tell you the more important ones: reality alienation, waste of time, and procrastination.

You may argue that you need to check your phone for the most convincing reasons, but I will tell you this as food for thought: think about all the conversations you usually have or the online material you watch, such as videos and useless news, and I can guarantee you that 99% is rubbish.

You may argue back and claim that you want to be kept well-informed and so on but, before you keep fooling yourself (more than fooling others), see technology for what it is: a TOOL, not a big distraction machine to keep you glued and addicted.

So make yourself a favour and only check your phone in the morning, after lunch, in the end of the afternoon, and after dinner. Trust me, you will not miss out on anything.


6. Cut entertainment or reduce it to a couple of times per week

I have just talked about smartphones, right? So let me present you to its twin brother, who can be even more harmful and destructive than the former: entertainment.

Yes, all those series, films, cat videos, online games, and sports (the ones you watch, not the ones you play) that will keep you on the sofa for hours.

Do you know what all these things add to your life aside from a more squared ass? Just some good-feeling, instant gratification, and a couple of extra pounds in your lazy body.

I am not saying you can not relax once in a while and watch your Netflix exclusive sprawled out on the sofa.

Just remember that by doing that you will be both filling up someone’s pockets and wasting away the most important resource every human being will ever have in life: time.


7. Buy clothes maximum three times per year

The word “need” is probably the most used verb when it comes to buying clothes. But is it something you actually need? Sure, you do not want to look like a beggar with torn clothes but there is a universe between that and the guy who goes shopping every month.

The reality is that clothing is directly related to our style and appearance, making it therefore a very valid reason for someone to spend a lot of his income on it.

On the other hand, most of our purchases are usually impulsive which leads us to the question: ‘when do we really need clothes?’

My advice here is quite simple: instead of being someone who goes with the flow (aka following commercials and being marketing brainwashed), start rationalizing things.

Meaning that if you have more than twenty shirts and more than ten jeans in your closet, it is time to slow down or even halt that shopping. Because you don’t ‘need it’.

So are two, maximum three times per year that little to purchase some new clothes? No, it’s more than enough, especially if you invest in stylish items with good quality.

Less is usually more, so stop being a consumerism victim and only buy things when you really need them.


8. Live in a big – but not huge – city with options

This is a topic that usually divides many. On one hand, you have those people who prefer the tranquility of the country side or, at least, the peace of a small city, where they can easily park their car or take just ten minutes to reach their workplace.

On the other hand, there are those who enjoy the thrill of many things happening at the same time, with plenty of possibilities and alternatives to choose from.

Want to go dinner somewhere? Great, tonight you can choose either Thai, Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamise food…and that’s just taking into account the restaurants in your neighborhood.

Well, even if I like to ease once in a while, I am clearly a person who follows the latter, as for me it is crucial to have options around the things I like to do (sport activities, vibrant dating scene, parks and nice places to see/go for a walk, lots of culture, cool nightlife).

That basically means to live in a city that is big enough to provide me different options on a daily basis, but which still has most things within reach of a short taxi ride (huge cities have terrible logistics, as most of your time will be used commuting between places.).

So I would say the sweetspot are all those cities with a population between 1 and 2 million people.


9. Make fewer, but longer trips

It took me more than ten years to realize that traveling is, in many instances, not the positive activity that 90% of the world cheers on.

On the surface, it opens your mind, it gives you a broader perspective on things, and it allows to experience different moments, while also distressing you from your routine life and recharging batteries for what’s about to come.

But digging deeper? Traveling is, in most cases, a waste of time and money, especially taking into account how the world is and how people approach traveling and life these days (everything is about recording moments, not necessarily about enjoying the moment).

Just think about our world today, and how things look similar everywhere. Try to hit the city center of every European capital and it will feel like you are exactly in the same place.

Sure, the monuments are still quite different (fortunately they can’t alter the past) but if we consider the people, the atmosphere, and what you can do not that much changes.

Moreover, traveling is also one of the easiest ways to spend a lot of money in a short period of time.

Therefore, unless you are visiting great, natural places, and/or having a trip of at least a couple of weeks, so that you truly enjoy the experience, just remember that most travels add little or nothing to your life, while adding a lot to your expenses.


10. Limit your alcohol consumption

Admitting that you are not a party animal (in case you are, more on that just afterwards), then I strongly recommend you to limit your alcohol intake to two times per week. Ideally one.

First of all, it is addictive, so you should start putting limits on yourself.

Otherwise, anytime you will be meeting colleagues after work, having dinner with friends, or doing any other social activtiy (even while being alone at home) you will have the tendency to consume it.

And as you are already tired of knowing, alcohol will simply fuck you up in the long run.

Yes, you can come with the argument that drinking beer and wine can be beneficial to your health, but we all know that you are just trying to foolish yourself.

No need to be a alcohol dictator, as life is also meant to be fun, but just try to keep those glasses reserved for situations in which it will really make sense, like going out on a Saturday night or being at a nice rooftop with some friends.


11. Go out maximum once per week

We all love to go out. The sun goes down, the alcohol levels goes up and everyone pretends they are very happy about their lives. Well, whatever the reasons are, going out includes usually two things: alcohol – no need to talk more about that, see the point before – and a lot of time and money wasted.

Yes, going out can be fun but, unless you are a teenager or a single guy desperately looking to score, it will not add anything new to your life.

It is plain and simple just a fucking waste of time, with the extra of also wrecking the day after, especially if you drink more than you should.

So instead of hitting bars and nightclubs every friday and saturday – basically activities you are just doing shit – start using this time to rest properly and be productive.

And in case you do not know what the hell I am talking about, then go back to point number 2 and “sacrifice” some nights per month by staying at home working on your side hustle.


12. Eat and sleep well

This topic would require a whole podcast or even a book to talk about it but without dwelling too much on it, make sure you sleep enough time, which for most people means somewhere between 7 and 9 hours.

Moreover, also pay very close attention to your diet, as eating a lot of junk will not only – and most likely – make you fat but also drain your energy in the long run.

Regarding the former, it should be a no-brainer but it seems that msot poeple like to come up with all the tricks and magic formulas (caffeine, Red Bull, etc) to keep themselves awake, forgetting that sleeping is actually the best – and cheapest – way to recover our body, strenghten our mind, and boost our productivity.

Concerning the latter, you are what you eat and if you eat shit, you will feel like shit, so in the end it will be your body and health paying for it.

Therefore, if you do not want your health to collapse like a sand house, just eat better.


13. Get half an hour of sun per day

Nowadays people tend to forgo and almost ignore the importance of the great star. Before all the gadgets, fast cars and buildings, the sun was already there for a long time and it was part of people’s lives.

If life happens in earth, it is mostly due to the right distance between the earth and the sun, something that allows all the species in our planet to exist in perfect balance.

So start giving the sun the importance it deserves by enjoying the benefits of absorbing its rays.

First, you will look much better than the average Joe, that pallid guy whose neurons at his soul-killing job are the only thing he burns. Then, by getting vitamin D, you will not only naturally increase your testosterone levels but also have more energy to face each day.

And before you talk about its risks, you can get sun up to thirty minutes per day, even up to an hour without the need of applying any harmful chemicals to it. Just make sure you avoid the hottest hours (11:00 am – 3:00 pm).

Note: In case you live in a place where you do not see the sunlight regularly, then go ahead and take a pill of vitamin D 5.000 IU daily. Better that than relying on carcinogenic sunbeds that will only harm your skin in the long run.


14. Don’t waste time dating girls who are not into you

I have written a whole article about this topic, so just start there in case you need help in spotting women who are not worth your time.

Yes, because maybe you are one of these guys who goes the “extra mile” just to please this girl, who does not give a dime about you. You keep texting her, even when she keeps replying back with a couple of uninterested texts.

You keep trying to invite her for doing something when it is clearly obvious that she is trying to avoid you.

Well my friend, to save you some time, the signs are pretty clear:

If you find yourself texting more than she is, she’s not into you.

If you do not kiss her in the first night or date, she’s probably just using you as support.

If she does not text you regularly and proactively after you meet her, she is not that interested.

I get flabbergasted on how most of the guys insist, persist and fight for girls who clearly do not give a fuck about them – and I wonder if that they used that energy and willpower to create a business and thrive, whether they would not be millionaires already.


15. Control the time you spend with women

Time is the most important asset you can ever have in your life. It does not matter whether you are a bum or a millionaire, a king or a nobody: it has the same cruel distribution for everyone.

It is also impossible to replace it, buy it or negotiate it, that’s why it is so valuable. Still, humans have this strange capacity to waste most of it in the most useless, fruitless activities one can think of.

And being with women usually means wasting your time and not being produtive (aren’t both the same thing?).

I know being with women can become addictive, especially when you live in a city that has plenty of options and you start seeing some results. However, always set a limit on the time you spend with them.

As a rule of thumb, work during the day and book all those chicks you have on your phone for the evening, to make sure your MIT (most important tasks) always come first.

You can also do it by days, and reserve two, maximum three days per week to be with them, while blocking the rest of the week to work on your priorities.

Otherwise, you may fall into the “Don Juan trap”, becoming that guy whose life basically revolves around women.

And in case you have a girlfriend, you are married or you live with someone, then make sure you choose a partner who does not suck up all your energy, by demanding to do a million of activities that will lead nowhere.

And again, always make sure you set some boundaries and allocate some time to be completely alone.


I know we all have different perspectives, preferences and tastes, and therefore this list should be used just as guidance. However, due to the many mistakes I have made in my life, and also according to the experience I have acquired, I can say it out loud that if you follow this advice you will definitely live better.

Now, let’s be clear: to be balanced is not always the best option. People with “too much balance” are usually the ones who end up not achieving anything special or magnificent, staying forever in this balanced sea of mediocrity.

Yes, you know whom I am talking about: the guy who never works too much or puts too much effort into his work, just enough to live a nice, comfortable life.

Or the guy who hits the gym just a couple of times per week (and while there he is more focused on this phone than he is on his training) because working out “never feels” good.

No, there will be times in which you will need to be total unbalanced! Yes, when you are trying to launch your business or to become a Karate world champion and nothing else should matter.

Those times when you must put everything on the back burner and allocate all your energy to the cause. Because if you do not give everything you’ve got, you will be presented with nothing.

So if you want to keep whatever you are trying to achieve (business, money, sport or life achievements, women) at a top-level, the 15 pieces of advice I have just given you may be the best commandments for a better life.

Because trust me, if you start neglecting “the basics” and letting yourself go with the flow, then in the future you will regretfully think how you should have done things differently in the past.

So if you want to avoid that unbearable, painful feeling, just start today.



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