If you landed on this website, something tells me you like women. Not just all women, not even the majority of women, but attractive women. Because there are two pairs of things that men use above any other thing: eyes and balls.

But while hot chicks are what every man wants, getting them is a whole different story. Because unless you are a famous actor or a local star, the most likely scenario is that you keep getting the chicks you can, not the chicks you really want.

And while many guys will tell you that game is the key to unlock pussy, I am here to tell you this very close to pure horseshit. Sure, game should be the foundation of every man and it will highly increase your chances of getting laid. It will also increase the chances of sleeping with more attractive women.

However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Because if you want to bed the 8+, you will need to become a strategist, a general, instead of just a warrior who runs tactical game.

That is why today I am going to tell you exactly what you need to do so that you stop being around average women and you start getting (some of) the ones you truly desire.

1. Live in a city/country filled with hot women
Group of women

Do you know why most men settle for average – many times even below the average – women? Because they lack options.

And while that may be related to their lifestyle, social circle, and the hobbies they have, the most likely scenario is that they live in a place where seeing hot women is the exception, not the rule.

Let’s say you want to earn 5,000€/month working for others. Will you look for a job in Bulgaria? In Latvia? In Slovakia? No, you will probably need to look for a job in Zurich, London, New York, or Dubai. Because that is the standard.

The same goes with women: you must live in a place where seeing a hot chick every 5 minutes should be the norm.

True, there are hot chicks everywhere. However, hot chicks everywhere does not mean A LOT of hot chicks everywhere. And that makes the whole difference. Because while you may be in the right place at the right time, that means you are simply leaving your dating life to chance.

For most of my life, I have lived in Western Europe and I have noticed a pattern: most of my friends have always dated average to ugly women.

But anytime I go to Eastern Europe, for instance, I have noticed that even the most average guy has a high likelihood of having, at least, a cute girlfriend. Is this guy special? Does he have more game than me or you? Obviously not. He was just lucky enough to be born in a country with a lot of hot chicks.

So if you are young and horny, this is the first piece of advice I can give you: MOVE to a city with a lot of hot chicks. And before you ask, I can already tell you that Belgrade, Riga, Warsaw, Prague, Bucharest, or Moscow will probably be a much better option than living in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Lisbon, or Athens.

Am I saying that there aren’t hot chicks in the latter cities? Of course not, THERE ARE. But there are also a lot of quality guys who usually outnumber hot women. So before any tactics or game, build your castle on solid ground. And that is to live in a city where seeing hot women becomes part of your routine.

And did you notice I said ‘move’ and not just go a couple of weeks to city A or B. Because while this strategy used to work many years ago, in 2021, in the times of Instagram and cheap flights everywhere, chicks will not be impressed anymore with your foreigner status – and, in most cases, it will even be a disadvantage, as it will show that you are there just to get laid.

(The only exception to this is if you take holiday on a summer destination where there are a lot of foreigners and tourists all looking for the same thing: “quick fun”)

2. Live like a local
Live like a local

Being a tourist will get you nowhere. But being a foreigner who speaks the language, understands the culture, and does the things locals do will take you everywhere.

If your main goal in life is to get laid with attractive women (it shouldn’t be, but that’s a topic for another article) you may be tempted to chase the next big thing.

‘Well, Poland is not bad, but I have heard Ukraine is way better!’.

And while in Ukraine, you will be tempted to check Belarus or Russia.

And that cycle never ends. Sounds familiar? I am sure it does, as this is basically what I did my whole 20s.

The result? I did not live in any of these Eastern European cities and, even if I got laid with some quality women, those results were never consistent. Simply because I insisted on going to these places as a tourist, always believing the fallacy of great results in a short period of time.

As I said before, they can and will happen in some cases, but for every 8 you bang you will have days and days of frustration where only the 6s will reply to your messages.

That is why you definitely should visit a city as a tourist and feel whether you connect with it and its people. And after you find a place you like, is big enough, and has enough hot women walking around, just stick to that just decision – and ditch the shiny object syndrome.

Found your city? Great. Now it is time to get a local telephone number and start an intensive language course. I don’t care what you are doing in this country or whether you’ve got “things to do”. These are all cheap excuses.

If you want to thrive and become successful anywhere – and not just in terms of women – just learn the local language, regardless of how hard it is.

In some cases, it may take you a couple of months to learn it, in other a couple of years, but I guarantee you that this will be one of the best investments you can ever make (after all, you are planning to live in this city for many years to come, right?).

3. Join activities and/or meet “cool” guys that will expose you to hot chicks.
Meet cool guys

One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was to join a salsa school when I first arrived in Germany, almost a decade ago.

Not only it has given me a tremendous passion for Latin rhythms such as Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, or Bachata, but it has also allowed me to meet a lot of women almost effortlessly – and sleep with some of them – not just from the schools I have been at but especially from all the salsa parties and festivals I have been going to.

And while this salsa world may not give you immediate results (e.g. taking a girl home the same night you meet her), it will still present you with a lot of opportunities.

You see, dancing is like a tool that you can use anytime, anywhere, and will immediately shoot your perceived value to the roof.

I mean, most important than doing an activity for the sake of meeting women is to actually enjoy performing it and getting progressively better at it.

But while being a Jujitsu or MMA will only increase your value among the people who do it, dancing is one of these things that will give you an edge, even among people (aka women) who don’t dance.

Let’s say you go on holiday and you find yourself in a bar that is playing Latin music. Are you an MMA champion? Cool, but probably nobody will ever be aware of that fact.

But if you start moving your feet and leading a couple of girls on the dance floor, I can promise that most women around will look at you with some “interested” eyes.

Dancing is what separates you from the pack, especially if you like to go out and base a lot of your game on night game. Again, it’s no guarantee of anything, but it’s a weapon that will probably be more powerful than anything else.

But while a skill is important, it is still very limited because it requires the perfect circumstances and environment (in this case, that you are in a bar that plays Latin music).

What if you increase your social status? What if you go to a certain restaurant, bar, or club and you know the bouncers or the people who work there? What if you get in and you greet that group of cool guys, the “local alphas” as if they were your best friends?

Now you would have an advantage over almost anyone else who is in that place. Moreover, if those guys are seen as cool and valuable, you can be pretty sure that they know a lot of girls. Not just in that specific club, but in their everyday life.

The type of guys who have a lot of different chicks texting them or inviting them to go to parties or events almost daily. So guess what? Those are exactly the people you should meet.

When you arrive in a city, instead of (just) approaching chicks in bar A or club B, start noticing who are the guys who kind of “own” the place. The guys who look more powerful or charismatic. And then, find a way to strike a conversation with them.

For instance, if one of these dudes goes to the bar or the toilet, just discreetly follow him and then comment something about him. It may be his cool shirt or his impressive physique (‘I can see you train bro. Which gym do you go to? I am new in town and I’m looking for one).

Because, unlike women, guys genuinely like to have this kind of small talk with other males. Maybe the guy won’t speak English – but you are learning the local language, remember? So soon this won’t be a problem – or maybe he will not be interested in talking to you.

But if you try this with many and often enough, I guarantee you that after a while you will have some new (male) numbers on your phone. From there, you can meet them at the gym or go for a sunset beer with them and, before you know it, these will be the guys you will be hanging out with.

4. Run the numbers game
Run the numbers game

So you thought that moving to a country, becoming a local, joining social activities, and meeting cool guys would be all?

If you did, you were wrong, my friend. You still need to honor your balls and behave like a man. In practical terms, that means trying to meet women in every possible situation you find yourself in (aka approaching a lot).

Are you going for a coffee outside to then work on your business the whole afternoon? Great, but while going to the coffee shop, sitting there and returning home, see that as an opportunity to talk to women.

It doesn’t matter whether you are not in the mood (easier said than done, I know, but you need to start embracing this mindset), whether you are not at your best today, or whether chicks are not looking at you. You need to get out of your comfort zone.

The same for when you go to the supermarket, to the gym, or whenever you are moving your legs outside. Stop thinking about day game sessions, and start implementing this 24/7 mindset of meeting women anytime, anywhere.

The advantage is that you will not need to “live for women” but simply include them in everything you do. You will also become much less stressed. Why?

When you are purposely day gaming, you are both putting too much pressure on meeting women in the specific time frame you set for yourself (one hour, two hours), and closing your mind in all the remaining hours in which you are just doing the “normal stuff”. So start using all that in-between time you have to meet women.

And because going out is still the best way to interact with women – as they are usually more open to meet new people when the moon is up and the party is on – always add a couple of nights to your weekly agenda.

Prioritize bars over clubs, women sitting down instead over women showing off on the dance floor, street game instead of trying to impress chicks in clubs with expensive bottles (unless you have a lot of money and that’s your thing), and you should be fine.

Finally, even if I am not into online dating, I know it is a valuable tool that many guys take advantage of nowadays. So just add a bunch of nice and cool pictures to your Instagram and Tinder accounts, and invest half an hour of your day on these platforms.

Because ultimately the same logic applies: if your profile shows that you live in the same city as these chicks, you will automatically increase your value and skyrocket your chances of getting some dates with the local top tier (or at least with a lot of 7s).

At the end of the day, if you follow the four steps I mentioned above, I can promise you that you will get life-changing results, especially if you have lived in a Western country your entire life.

As a said before, women should not be the reason for your existence, but they should be a part of your life. So even if you cannot control most of the factors that will lead to having a beautiful chick lying on your bed and smiling at you, just bet all your chips on maximizing all the things you can influence.



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