Approximately six years ago, after landing in such a country as Germany and quickly realizing how its inhabitants were distant and cold, with a real “social deficiency”, I found myself looking for information on the internet on how to meet new people in such difficult contexts and scenarios.

In addition, it was the first time that I would be really on my own, without the mama and papa helping and supporting me in every move I would do. It was the time to finally become an adult.

Sooner than later, I realized the awkward state in which the world had been falling into, a reality which made me develop a sense of discontent, even anger, about how many things were already (bad) working back then.

So I knew that I had to become better, by improving my personal, physical and social skills, in order that I would not let myself collapse into a void of frustration and passivity.

I needed to resist, simply because I knew that going with the flow would only throw me into a dead-end, with all the doors closing behind me.

Back then, my main focus of attention was women. I had always been a natural with females and I had gotten too used to the easy, rewarding paradises of the past. However, the times had changed and for the first time in my life I felt real difficulties in attracting the opposite sex.

Therefore, I started looking for information on how to feel more comfortable and become more funny and interesting around women, in order that I would spark sexual attraction on them. Basically, I wanted to learn the rules of the game.

But that was not enough: I also wanted to find places and better situations to meet women, since the normal night life was already far from being the best scenario to do it so.

Consequently, instead of joining a fighting school – to train Capoeira and Karate, something which I had been doing the whole decade before – I decided to join a dancing school, in order that I would gain a fundamental life’s tool and also to have a social circle which would certainly give me more chances of interacting with girls.

But not everything was about women, far from that! I had already been training since I was 16 years old so lifting weights in the gym, theoretically, was nothing new for me. Nevertheless, I slowly realized that, yet being in shape and total lean, there was plenty of room to improve and to grow my muscles, as I had perhaps been performing not in the most optimal way.

Therefore, I also began searching for tips and hints on fitness, so that I could also become not only stronger but also a more confident man.

Finally, it is time to talk about having a job, a reality where most of the people fall into, either due to its immediate benefits, “security” and money, or simply because – and like I was all my twenties – they are too lazy and effortless to try otherwise.

Yes, why being happy when you can just be miserable, being imprisoned in soulless cubicles, a rat race where you are indeed an animal which feeds the system.

Trapped in this vicious cycle of having to look for a job, I decided to break that cycle and started finding a way out of this suffocation, an almost unbearable anguish which had kept distressing my brain and haunting my nights for so long.

Coincidentally, while looking for alternatives, I found people who, aside from being great on writing and on giving advice, had also an independent and autonomous life, something which I began to believe as possible, not just a tenuous dream numb in the back of my mind.

Putting everything together, I ended finding guys talking about things such as self-development, game, fitness or a healthy, but total alpha lifestyle. Fast forward six years, and nowadays there are some of them who are part of my life and have strongly shaped my personality and beliefs.

Not that before I was a tabula rasa in terms of character, rather that I have run into people who have shown me what my soul had always been trying to telling me: that there is nothing more important for a man to be real, authentic and proud of himself, always striving everyday to improve his skills and to become better.

So without further ado, these are the websites every man should read and follow, in order that masculinity keeps being a thing from the future and not just some shade memory of the past:

Roosh V ( / Return of Kings (

Sources: /

I could not start without talking about the man whom I first stumbled upon, one of my biggest inspirations, the guy who put the term “manosphere” on the map and even invented his own, the more specific “Neomasculinity”.

Tired of being a corporate rat, Roosh quit his job more than ten years ago and embarked in an one-way trip to find happiness and, above all, himself. In his endless trips throughout mostly Latin America and Eastern Europe, he has written not only various posts based on his full experience but also books which have given men the guidance and details which were missing until then:

Bang and Day Bang, general guides in how to approach and interact with women in different situations, as well as Bang Ukraine, Bank Poland, Bang Estonia, Bang Colombia, among others – which give a clear picture on what one must expect in terms of women, depending on the country – have become extremely popular, creating a new niche of guys talking about women.

That niche has been reflected exactly in his own forum, where hundreds of like-minded individuals talk, answer, comment and ask the community about information, data and results a guy can have in city X, Y or Z.

Are you planning a trip to Berlin, Tallinn, or even the furthest location you can think of in Russia or in Bolivia and you would like to know how women are there (physically, in terms of attitude, their language skills, etc) and what is the best strategy to get the “local flag”? Well, the Roosh V Forum has the answer!

Later he founded what is today the number one reference in the manosphere, the website Return of Kings, which gathers normal readers and authors, who base their writings on different topics which affect, directly or indirectly, men. With the ultimate goal of keeping masculinity alive, the articles usually come served with no embellishments, showing the raw facts and the harsh reality men face nowadays.

Back to the author, Roosh V is now a mature writer, who has switched his focus from traveling and running after foreign women to a more insightful, deep search of what is the role of a man in this world and whether the meaning of life is not much simpler – based on mundane things such as personal satisfaction and comfort – than many people think. The answer to all his restlessness and concerns, though, lies in a place which he has not been able to find yet.

Whether you like him or not, you have to give full credit to a man who fights fearlessly for his own beliefs, maintaining a firm position even when countries’ officials have banned him and others have threatened him with death.

Bold and Determined (


Think about that image of the real alpha guy, that man who really does not care a dime about what others think of him. A man who follows deeply what he believes, leaving most of the social conventions and limiting beliefs aside, forging without asking any kind of permission his own way (as he wisely said “Winners don’t follow the rules because we don’t have to. The rules are for the meek and the weak”).

Moreover, he is someone who matches his internal force with his outside image, showing that a strong mind also needs a strong body supporting it.

I run into Victor Pride’s blog for the first time just in 2016, but it seems that this guy had been already been “there” for a long time. He is a true role model in terms of masculinity and his two books, Body of a Spartan and 30 Days of Discipline, are true pillars which have been guiding thousands of men in reaching a better life.

But do not think that he only writes about topics surrounding our male existence. No, he goes way beyond that and digs into the depths of the mind, with clarity and simplicity.

For every young man who is lost in this world and does not know what to do with his life, Victor has the answer. For every guy who immerses himself in procrastination, masturbation or any other useless activity ending in “ation”, Victor has the answer. For any fellow who comes up with endless excuses, complaining of how life is hard and that even after all the sacrifices he has zero success, Victor has the answer.

Whenever you wonder how, Victor nips all the bullshit in the bud and throws a harsh reality right in your face. His truth is simple but hard, so do not expect any shortcuts along the road

“Get inspired, get fired up, do the work. Repeat”

Masculine Development (


Do not let yourself be fooled by the age of this young man – I believe he is still under 25 – as he has more “field experience” than most of the older fellows who are out there.

I found Jon Anthony among the many writers of Return of Kings and I immediately spotted not only a very interesting and interested writer but especially someone with the inner belief that every man can – and should – improve himself to attain things and reach levels he had never thought as possible.

Being talking about trendy things such as SARMs (androgen receptor to build more muscle), cryptocurrencies and paleo diet or classic topics such as lifting hard in the gym or being a real alpha male, who attracts women, this talented young man is an all-around player who never runs out of things to say.

Moreover, and it is certainly more a personality’s trait than an age thing, it seems he has this endless energy and this will to always keep producing.

Aside from writing regular articles every week, he has already launched two books (7 Strategies to Develop your Masculinity, to truly change your mindset and beliefs and turn you into a full, confident man, and Body of an Alpha, which gives you detailed advice in how to reach a strong, powerful physique), several extras such as The Art of Tinder and he has just launched an exhaustive online course in cryptocurrencies, in which he explains in-depth how you can earn money for real!

He is what I wished I was ten years ago: instead of using that young energy just to have fun and sleeping with girls, he uses his time to turn many men’s lives better. In such an age where your hormones make you think about pussy all the time, we should give him props for being stronger than that, choosing a difficult path which only a very restricted group has the willpower and the discipline to go through.

How to Beast (


Want to meet the guy who makes the coolest videos in this masculine world? Great, then let me introduce to David de Las Morenas, who is also a specialist in nutrition and fitness. He is an author whom I could immediately spot as an assertive, direct writer with quality tips, way above the average of what you can find online.

David usually goes straight to the point, bringing up topics which are in 99% of the cases useful to any man eager to improve his style, body, confidence and inner game. And the reality is that he keeps growing his audience, captivating readers and followers in such an easy way, that only a fool cannot admit that he clearly has an edge on not only marketing but also motivating skills.

In addition to his blog, he has already written four books and curiously enough, only one is based in fitness (Secrets of the Super Fit). The other three books are guides on how to be more productive and successful (Mindset Mastery), on how to tame such negative feelings such as stress and anxiety (Cool, Calm, Collected) and on how to write an e-book and monetize it (the title is self-explanatory, Write Book, Make Money).

But if I said readers, I must also say watchers, as David really excels himself when talking to people in front of camera. I do not know whether he feels more comfortable when recording himself, but the reality is that he gains an extra flame which has already convinced more than 300,000 subscribers in his Youtube channel.

In addition, the edition of his videos is remarkable, showing that doing something, just for the sake of it, might not be enough, whereas putting quality in everything you do might give you that extra inch which will speed up your way to success.

The Art of Manliness (


Think about any topic – and I mean ANY – related to anything…related to men’s issues. Done? Great, because most likely The Art of Manliness has it!

The mechanics of the man hug? How to break down a door? And talking about doors, what about the ins and outs of opening a door for women? Hey, and what to say when they even teach you how to walk like a ninja? And watch out, you can always learn how to shave like your grandpa! Oh and sorry, I was forgetting about one, which I needed to leave for last: how to poop like a samurai!

Right now you must be wondering that these guys are a bunch of comedians who only release funny material. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Since 2008, Brett McKay and his wife Kate – among many other contributors who joined next, such as Jeremy Anderberg and John Corcoran – have pleased the men’s community and interests by spreading “a masculine message” in a way that no one else has, if we take into consideration independent magazines and publications.

Because they write about every possible topic you can imagine. For instance, regarding relationships, do not think that Brett and his troupe narrow their writings just on women and dating advice, hell no! They tell you how you can take care of your baby, the things you should let your kids do and even the role grandparents should have in educating them.

And while this is true for relationships, imagine what they have to say about health and sports, money and career or even style and grooming. Basically, if you need help in something, you name it and AOM has it. That is a 100% guarantee!

Not convinced yet? Just check the best video version ever of the “Brad Pitt Rule” ( and I can assure you that you will be checking these guys’ website regularly.

Load the Pistol (


Last but surely not least, there is this guy who has been spreading a powerful message about the current state of the world, but who has not yet reached the place where he deserves to be. Nevertheless, he does not care and keeps spitting his own ideas and deep thoughts as if his life were dependent on it.

Andreas Pistol may still be a complete stranger to you – perhaps just a name which you will associate weapons to – but trust me, the power of his words and the accuracy of his aim are more calibrated than a professional sniper in Bagdad.

At a first glance, yes, he writes a lot about women. Not that he is obsessed about them – just a life-lasting love which will never fade away – only that he has already experienced and lived a lot around them. Actually, all his twenties revolved around two main things: women and travelling…to places where women would be nicer, more feminine and more attractive!

This was what made him write his first book, released in 2015, No More Bullshit about Getting Laid, since he had realised he could mix all his experiences and adventures with the opposite sex, with a sense of reality which was missing on the market – as most of the guides out there were (and still are) based on some theoretical rules, forgetting that the world has changed and that it has never been so difficult to be a masculine man who likes women.

But this female seed also unbuttoned other realities which had somehow been asleep for a long time. Namely, the acknowledgment that a man without his independence and autonomy is just a modern slave, a sheep among the herd programmed to serve the big corporations and the greedy governments. Therefore, there is only one way out, and that is the one of self-development, growth and the will to be different.

But a stimulated mind also needs the support of a strong body, in order that the two systems work together in a perfect symbiosis provided by the mother nature. And among all the advice he has already given to keep you healthy and strong (based on real food, dancing and, of course, lifting heavy weights), it is worth mentioning the launch of his most recent book, totally free, which you will put you on the right track To Get in Shape and Never Get Sick!

Summing things up, he bases his texts not only on external, more superficial matters, but especially in questions of the mind which certainly preoccupy and cause discomfort in many guys but whose majority just keeps it for themselves, as most of these topics are still seen as social awkward or even offensive.

What the future reserves? He can not answer. But one thing he can assure you: you will keep seeing Andreas Pistol writing in his unique, straight-forward style, with the ultimate intent of sharing what he but also what certainly many other guys feel.



Look, I do not know in which stage you are currently at. Or which kind of guy are you.

Maybe you are someone who has never heard about masculinity and self-development and you are still living the life like anyone else.

Or perhaps you are a hater who claims that PUAs – all their derivatives – manosphere, red-pill and the like, are all tarred with the same brush.

Or eventually you are a man who has discovered this world already a long time ago and is totally familiar with the names I mentioned here.

Whatever category you fall into, just put the conventions aside and start following these people. I know that we all have the tendency to think that we already know a lot and that no one can teach us anything new.

Well, sometimes it is not a question of reinventing the wheel, rather a matter of adding small details and going deeper into topics which most of the people just analyse superficially.

Because I can assure you one thing: whatever your struggle is, being related to poor results with women, a skinny body you would like to grow, financial problems, confidence issues and even a lack of meaning in your life, these websites, not having all the answers, will surely guide you and make your life better. So and if that is the case, why don’t you take this one way journey and give it a try?



Jump into this point of no return, where I share with you my latest posts, hints and tips. Knock out conventions and start living the life you have always wanted!

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