Many people ask me how can I keep a muscular look, while also displaying low body fat.

Regarding the former, I do what most guys do to grow muscle: I eat well and enough, I sleep better and I lift heavy and progressively.

Concerning the latter, I just tell them that my secret is Tabata, which is basically doing an exercise for 20 seconds, while resting for 10 seconds between each.

And in today’s video, I’m doing 5 cycles (each one lasts for 1 minute and 30 seconds) of the method I use, based on the 3 following exercises:

1st exercise: Full Burpee;

2nd exercise: High Knees;

3rd exercise: Mountain Climbers.

Obviously the more cycles you’ll do, the tougher it will get, so make sure you perform it based on your current fitness level:

Beginner: 1 cycle;

Intermediate: 2 cycles;

Advanced: 3 cycles;

Pro: 4 cycles;

Master: 5 cycles.




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4 thoughts on “This is a motivational video #12 (The Best Exercise to Burn Fat and Get You in Shape)”

  1. “Please show some respect for the producers of this world”

    Bro…was trying to open multiple pages up in different tabs. I’ll move on though and let you “produce”…

    1. Hello Jason, how are you?

      I had this already for a while to prevent any Copy cats (as I had a couple of people copying my content in the past).

      But well, you are probably right, so I have deactivated it.

      Thank you for your message.

  2. Andreas,

    Thanks for checking out my comment and updating it. I do a lot of right clicking to open up new tabs for different pages and to google different things within the articles.

    I’ve subscribed and will check out your site.

    If you do run into anybody copying your content just file a DCMA with Google, their registrar, and hosting.

    Recently read about another site that had that issue and this is what they did:

    “This was quite the saga of figuring out how to shut them down. In the end, what worked was (1) We had to get definitive proof to show that we were the ones writing the original content. So, we slipped in the sentence “This content was originally written on 78. If it appears on 152, then it is copyright infringement” into one of the middle of our articles so they wouldn’t catch it. Sure enough, they republished the whole article without catching it.

    (2) Then we filed DMCA takedown notices with Google, their domain registrar, and their host. Google doesn’t super care and will just write back and say they need a court order, but it’s still worth doing because Google does take that into account for SEO. We had to battle their domain registrar a bit, but on the second notice where we had OBVIOUS evidence that it was infringing on us, they shut them down.

    We tried hiring an attorney to help us, but the guy was a total hack. We ended up doing it ourselves.

    The site has been down for over 24 hours, and I’m thrilled.”

    The other site is still down.

    1. Thanks a lot Jason, that is surely very useful and something which I’ll keep in mind, in case I’m copied again.

      PS: I’m glad you’ve subscribed my website.

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