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A couple of months ago Rivelino (@alpharivelino), a master at lecturing on how men and women should behave, and one of the most creative, innovative, and funniest guys I know, invited me for a great interview, which I’m glad to officially post on my blog.


1. Basic biographical info

Name: Andreas Pistol
Age: 35
Height: 1,81mt
Lifetime bangs: Difficult to say…but I estimate between 90 and 100
Current city: Hamburg, Germany


2. How would you rate yourself from 1-10?

An 8.


3. Three words to describe yourself at 17, and three words to describe yourself now.

At 17, I was an idealist, a dreamer (I had too abstract ideas and goals), and thin. Nowadays, I am (sometimes too) grounded, practical, and ripped.


4. From your blog, it sounds like you’ve traveled and lived in lots of cities around the world. I imagine you’ve dated women of many nationalities and ethnicities. Do you have a favorite type of woman?

You know, that’s an interesting question and something that has certainly marked my journey until now. When I first landed in Brazil in 2006, I immediately fell in love with women there and for a couple of years I really got obsessed with the “Brazilian asses”.

But then, in 2008, I discovered Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary, and suddenly that beauty almost made me forgot about Latins. And after that, it came the Balkans, then the Baltic countries, and finally Ukraine, which again would change my perception in terms of women, as I found a country filled with top-tier females.

Nowadays, I am a little bit more balanced, meaning that I TRULY believe you can find beauty almost everywhere (my current girlfriend is German, something that I would never expect some years ago). Still, If I could choose my two passions, they are certainly Latinas and Eastern European women, especially Russians.


5. Growing up, how good were you with girls? Did you have a strong male role model growing up, or were you more of a “natural”?

I certainly did not have a strong male role model, as my father has always been the typical beta guy. On the other hand, I’ve always been good with women, maybe because of the environment I grew in and the friends I had. I remember being 12 and having as a best friend my neighbor who was 14, who was also already quite “sick” about women, giving me some tips on how to get them, which obviously made me curious about them.

When I was 14/15 and started going out, I also started making out with the first girls. I then had my first girlfriend when I was 17, whom I lost my virginity with, and whom I stayed with for more than 3 years.

But when I was single again and had the luck to go to Brazil some months later, I found myself in paradise, making out with about 30 chicks in just 4 days (I “just” had sex with two, because I honestly did not have time for more). Then I did Erasmus in Prague in 2007/2008 and I was by far the guy who banged more. I could tell you more and more stories, but this only shows that I have always been a “natural” – I only stumbled upon game and guys giving advice about dating and etc in 2012.


6. You’re an entrepreneur. Can you tell me more about what you do?

I (fitness) coach some people locally here in Germany and I also started an e-commerce store almost 2 years ago. I used to have a job until May 2018.


7. Why did you choose to live in Germany?

I was tired of living in Portugal, a country I saw as too small and boring for me. Since until some years ago my reality for making a living was to work for others, I knew Germany would be a much better place to find a much better job. Moreover, living abroad has always seduced me, and having the opportunity to meet more people (aka women) was what in the end gave me that final push to leave my home country.


8. This post has convinced me to start taking salsa classes. Why is dancing so powerful, and why don’t more men do it?

When I lived in Portugal, I used to joke about salsa and all ballroom dances and how silly they seemed (I practiced Karate & Capoeira for about 10 years while being there). But when I moved to Germany and realized how distant and cold people were, and also how nightlife was packed with men, and women were really stuck-up, I remember thinking: “fuck, I cannot practice Karate, as it is an activity packed with dudes”. So I came up with the idea of looking for a salsa school dance so that I could meet women more easily

In the beginning, it was just that and I had certainly taken the right decision on that matter. But some months later, I realized how I was really starting to like the dance.

Nowadays, I realize how important my decision was and how this dance has improved every single area of my life. It is a healthy activity in every sense, as you will sweat, not intoxicate yourself with alcohol, be social, have fun and, of course, have easy access to plenty of women. I’m not saying they will be easy and that you will fuck them all – no, far from that – but if you are slightly attractive and you do things right, you will have more women around than most of the guys in their lifetime.


9. Everything you know about women, can you distill it down to five key points?

Don’t try to understand women, as not even them will understand themselves. Therefore, follow patterns and base your judgment and decision on your experience (you will be wrong some times but, the more experienced you are, the more your “gut” will be right).

Women are like dogs who can sense everything. So always be stronger than them (the typical “hold your frame”), otherwise, they will humiliate you and “eat you alive”.

Women will always crave the busy, almost unattainable man, who doesn’t reveal most of his life details. So even if she says “you talk to little” or “you are too cold”, she secretly likes it, so always keep yourself mysterious.

Women are the most selfish and practical beings on the face of the earth (yes, we men are the real romantic, not them), who will use every possible tool at their disposal to get what they want. There is only an exception to this: when they fall in love with a guy.

Women are conquered in the bedroom with epic sex and kept afterward with a strong frame – by also being an independent man who is willing to leave her at any second and show her that he has options – and, of course, with more epic sex.


10. What are some common mistakes you see younger guys making, both in life and with women?

I would say focusing too much, first, on picking up women, and second, on asking advice on superficial things. Regarding the former, great that you love women (we all do right?), but you don’t need to show them that. Instead, be the guy who has plenty of things going on in his life, where women are just a (nice) part of it.

Concerning the latter, what most guys do is basically to start building a structure on shaky ground. Instead of caring about the basics, meaning taking care of their own life and becoming really confident, they just want to know how you open her, how do you attract her or how you escalate on her.

Moreover, they want to have everything offered to them on a silver plate. They want tips to avoid rejection or having her saying yes every fucking time. That shit doesn’t exist. If you want to get better at anything, including women, you need to put yourself out there and fail miserably. To feel the embarrassment and getting angry enough to start building a comeback from that pain point. Experience brings experience and confidence breathes confidence, so one needs to go through the process, instead of only looking for the results.

11. I love this tweet:

“Sleeping around with different women may seem empty, hollow, immature, and superficial. However, it’s the only way you will understand women on a deeper level, and become experienced enough to spot the red flags & filter out the “bad ones”.

In your estimate, how many girls does a man need to sleep with in order to gain this knowledge?

There’s not a certain number. You may be lucky enough to sleep with very different 5 girls, who all teach you something in a way, or to sleep with 20 women with similar patterns who will teach you nothing.

It also depends on your perspective and on your age. From 2006 until 2010 I must have slept with around 30 women and I didn’t learn much (aside from “how to pick them up”). I was more interested in the flesh itself than in what was underneath. Only later in life, I started drawing some (deep) conclusions.

I guess experience plays a big role in everything, and SURELY that women are a great example of this. So sleep with as many women as you can, have fun, and learn from it. Because the more you do, the more you will grow as a man and a better vision of the world you will have.

(PS: but answering your question “more directly”, I would say that before sleeping with at least 20 women, you are still a teenager who doesn’t know shit)


12. I love this tweet too:

“If the sex between you two isn’t great, then the love will never be great either. Actually, there will never be love from her side. And soon you’ll be dumped.”

Can you give some tips on how to have great sex?

First of all, guys need to understand that sex is a physical activity, so you need to be good physically. That means, to have an epic sex life in the long run (this is greater in importance as the years go by and your testosterone starts naturally decreasing), you need to have a healthy lifestyle. That includes the three basics: sleep well, exercise, and eat healthy (including as less alcohol and drugs as you can).

Then, ALL women love to be treated like whores/pornstars in bed. So the dirtier you are, the more she will crave you. For many guys, this may sound degenerate and some will argue: “I don’t want my girl to behave like a slut”. Well, unfortunately, their subconscious minds, filled with 50 shades of gray and the like, are stronger than your conscious thoughts so, if that’s not you spanking her ass, grabbing her hair, slapping her cheeks and facefucking her, it will be the next guy.

Women are led by emotions, you read it all the time right? Well, there is no other activity that brings our emotions outside as strongly as having sex, so make sure you use it as your preferred tool.


13. Your thoughts on “good girls” vs sluts?

Ah man, this one is tricky…I used to think much more black and white than I do now. Of course there some signs that will clearly tell whether she is a slut (you can check my two articles on this matter: &, but in the end, it will be very difficult to say.

Sometimes it will be much easier to sleep with a quiet girl who seems like an innocent chick – but then sucks your cock like a queen and let you fuck her in the ass immediately – than that tattooed girl who seems like a whore but who in the end is just showing off and actually doesn’t sleep around with those many guys.

I am a believer that, under the right/wrong circumstances, every woman can become a pure slut. For instance, there are many “innocent and respectable” women who secretly dream about being gangbanged by a bunch of guys. They just don’t do it because they are too afraid of being judged or shamed.

But going back and talking about “girls being good or sluts”, experience will give you the eyes to spot them – and sometimes, if not in most times, it’s not about external features but about how she behaves. How she is open in showing you her phone – and not hiding it. How you know she is nice to other people, but doesn’t allow guys to advance on her and therefore cuts any chance for them to flirt with her – whereas many other girls don’t put barriers, allowing guys to get closer to them.

In the end, a good girl is that one who ALWAYS does the right thing (especially when you are not around), takes wise decisions, and is discreet and elegant- not the typical “I’m here, please look at me” show off bitch.


14. Your thoughts on love? Are you in love now?

There is a part of me who is. I really like the girl I am with, whom I really connect in many aspects and ways with. On the other hand, and that’s a negative aspect of being a “player”, I realized how being exposed to many women my whole life has made me cold like ice and a little bit cynical. How I have the tendency to recognize patterns and believing that “all women are the same”.

I guess for guys who have been into seducing and game, there will never be 100% love (Blind love is bullshit – blind passion is more accurate). I will always look and have the will to bang other chicks, regardless of whoever I meet in my life (trust me, I’ve met all sorts of women in all kinds of situations). But I believe there is a moment where the respect and the natural connections you have with your partner impedes you to do more. Having the desire but taking a deep decision of not doing it – isn’t that what true love is all about?


15. Your thoughts on having children?

To procreate is the reason for our existence, right? Moreover, a strong family is the basis of any strong society, so I surely want to have my first child in the next 3-4 years.


16. What are some quotes/concepts that have helped guide you through life?

Regarding women, it will help you much more to think that “all girls are sluts”, until proven otherwise, than “all girls are good” and then to become disappointed with every single one of them.

Also, and this can also be applied to success in general, it is better to be delusional than realistic. Meaning that crazy ambition and insane thoughts (“every single woman in this room wants me”) will always beat rational thinking (“I guess all of these girls are only being nice and interested in talking to everyone, including me”).

Concerning life in itself, there are so many concepts that have guided me through life. But if there is one that stands above the rest is this one of “be comfortable being uncomfortable”. If you think about it, that applies to everything in life.

When you work out and you want to get in shape, you know that you need to endure pain to achieve that goal. Or when you want to meet women, and sleep with “girls out of your league”, you just need to put yourself out there in embarrassing situations. To be rejected hard but understanding that is the only way to get better.

Or when you decide to start a business, and the whole world seems to be against you, you just need to trust your gut and your hard work and just keep going, even when there are currently no results at all to look at and to guide you.


17. The best thing about women is how they can understand you without saying a word, how they can take care of you without judging you, and how they are there to please you and give you pleasure, without “demanding” that you do the same in return.


18. The worst thing about women is when they want to be and behave the same way as men. Fuck that shit. Our biology isn’t the same, so girl be PROUD of that nice ass that you have, of that long hair you have, of those sexy lips you have, and of everything else that makes a REAL woman.

There is nothing better than a woman who is feminine and is not afraid to show it. Unfortunately, and this is the second-worst thing about women, most of them don’t understand this thin red line between being feminine and just being easy – ending up giving your femininity to your everybody. Femininity should be like a VIP club, something very exclusive that everyone wants but only very few have access to, and not a normal nightclub where everyone can get it in.



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