If you are visiting this website, most likely you are someone who has somehow taken the red pill, the one which gives you clarity about life and basically removes the bright side of it. Yes, we no longer look at it with a stupid smile and believe in the beauty and kindness of the world (or, at least, so easily).

We have chosen to know about and to face the harsh truth, regardless of whether it will turn our lives better or worse. But first, let us talk about the former, the indisputable advantages which will you make your existence immensely better:

You realize that you have been indoctrinated your whole life and that most of the things you have heard and seen, through media and communication channels, the music and lyrics you have been exposed to in the last fifteen years, the Hollywood films you have been watching in the last 30 years and everything you have been taught, by your teachers and even by your parents, are a deep lie.

So you know that the world is neither a fair place nor a solid ground for a man seeking the truth and doing things differently (aka not what society tells you to), as you will face constant pitfalls and setbacks along the way. But because you are aware of all of this, you have prepared yourself more than ever to face the difficulties you know that will show up along the way.

Most of the parents still spend most of their savings in sending their children to a long path of schooling (having as the zenith the university) and stick to the old rules of “study hard so that you find a decent job and live a stable, happy life” as if traditional education would mean shit nowadays.

Meanwhile, the world is getting tougher and tougher and, instead of acquiring fundamental skills and getting things done your way, you are told that your diploma will solve all your problems.

In the end, unless you take a very technical course (medicine, engineering, or programming) or you want to have a fulfilling job, you are basically signing your sentence to become someone else’s “cubicle rat”.

So right now you should know that the only entity which can truly help you is the individual, meaning that you and only you can guarantee you a sustainable future.

Where before we had a generation of hard-working people who understood that they would need to be exceptional to succeed, nowadays the majority of youngsters want everything immediately and granted, with the minimum effort put in every matter.

And we all know where this leads to: a deep frustration and a constant unaccountability, expressed through regular posts in social media complaining about how the world is so unfair.

We, on the other hand, know that unless we have pussy and big tits, nothing will be offered to us, so we need to struggle, to fight with all our weapons and to work hard as hell until we start seeing some results which eventually will lead us to success.

In this new millennium, due to the dissemination of the internet and social media, to express an opinion or to show yourself to a vast audience is just one click away. While this, in theory, could be a good thing, the reality is that not only what is expressed or shown is useless but that we lose the majority of our time looking at these things which only stupefy you.

Worst: Many people – especially women – nowadays believe they are entitled to have almost everything for nothing due to the number of likes they have in their Facebook accounts or due to the number of followers they have on their Instagram.

In the end, to do something for real and with quality does not really matter, what matters is to show off. So if you think that just because you exist the world owes you something, then you are just one of them.

However, you are not like the majority, so you know that this vibe or trend is just temporary and that you must focus in developing strong and whole values, so that you create your goals from within and based on your merit, and not in some superfluous hype which will suddenly vanish and leave you with nothing.

If you have been raised in Western society, then you have been taught all your life that you must find a nice woman and marry her. That she will be the reason for your existence, someone who you must treat with full respect and love.

What they do not tell you is that women (talking about the ones who are at least slightly attractive, of course) are evil, cruel creatures who will always follow their ego to get what they want – even if that means stepping over a bunch of people or banging a couple of guys just to meet their best interests.

In this digital era, all the snowflakes and unicorns have been long buried and hopefully, the red pill has made you realize that women are tricky beings who you must handle with total caution, otherwise you will be selling your soul to the devil. It is always better to assume that all the girls are guilty (sluts), until proven innocent.

But like everything in life, there is also a downside for knowing so much and having the raw reality presented to you, unfiltered and ugly, totally ready to destroy all your dreams.

By now, you have already become a much more cautious and wary person, entering a spiral that you will no longer be able to leave unless you make an agreement with yourself to live in a lie. But considering you would not follow that path of denial, these are the inevitable consequences of swallowing the red pill:


You will constantly feel “out of place”
You look around and what do you see? Zombies and retards glued to their smartphones as these devices were the reality and everything around was just background. Everything looks fake and inauthentic but even worse is the fact that 75% of people seem not only not to have any awareness about this but actually to be proud of being so stuck in the system and living according to its terms.

You have a job which does not fulfill you (just for information, even if you find another one, it will be the same shit and it will never make you deeply satisfied with your life) and, worse, removes most of your positive attitude, energy and will to turn the world into a better place.

The music which plays everywhere, the films which are released in theaters or the products and new trends which everyone is using/sticking to look so ridiculous before your eyes, that you wonder how can the world consume such crap, while total ignoring what is worth and meaningful.

You have the drive to connect to people and believe that life is great, but deep down you know most of the human beings out there are just a bunch of formatted minds, always running after what big companies have to offer to them. In the end, most of the things you see and experience around make no sense at all and you simply feel you do not fit in this deceitful reality.


You will become too goal-oriented
When you swallow the red pill and realize that there is no other option than improving yourself, you simply stick to it as if nothing else mattered.

Want to get better with women and take all of them home? Well sometimes a guy gets so obsessed with striking as much as he can, only caring about numbers and laids, that he ends up forgetting about enjoying the thrill of the whole process;

Want to get stronger and leaner in the gym? Then you simply forget about the rest, you buy all the supplements you can, you start eating well and resting even better and you begin to lift hard as if Arnold were your idol since ever. You become so goal-oriented that you forget to have fun while you are exercising, only thinking about the results and how you will look with your t-shirt off;

Want to quit your job and become an entrepreneur? You know that nothing comes for free, so you commit with yourself to work as disciplined and hard as you can. You cut your sleep, avoid any social moments with your friends, and use any extra time slot to produce.

In the end, whatever the endeavor is, you will get so into it that you will only see the results in front of you – money, a successful life, and women everywhere – and forget that trying to achieve something and eventually succeed is all about the process you take in between.


You will objectify women and not have the patience for most of them

Right now, you are a master of the game and you can have access to an endless supply of women since you know all the tricks to meet them and to spark their attraction. But strangely, you do not do it.

Sometimes you even avoid meeting new women, because you already know what you will go through: the tricky games, the wait for replying to a text message, all the same bullshit conversation and problems that every woman offers. And you do not have the patience for that!

To be experienced and proficient with women is great because you know how to behave and which buttons to push and which strategies to use. However, the more women you are with, the most you realize that all of them are the same – just with physical differences (that is why, deep down, we keep chasing after new ones) – so in the end, your gut tells you that the effort is not worth.

You also know that most of them have been riding the cock carousel and are so both trustworthy as a website without “https” and emotionally unstable as my niece who is two and a half years old.

That is why in the end you will tend to objectify them and use them just for fun, forgetting that on the other side may be a person who is not equal to the ten others you banged before.

You will neither believe nor trust any woman
Taking into consideration the last point, let us say that you have made an effort to slow down your sexual machine gun and you eventually decide to settle down with one woman (or maybe to reduce your sexual partners to a couple of them).

You like the sex, but you also like to be and to do things with this girl. Even so, there is a part of you that does not believe a word she tells you, even if her actions clearly show that she likes you and she is not sleeping with anyone else. It can be a little bit like a sales call, in which this representative tries to sell you something and the only thing you are thinking inside is “what a piece of bullshit”.

Your life and especially the stories you hear about the others have taught you not to trust any woman, not because you do not want to but simply because you can not! Somehow, it feels like their words do not match their actions.

And even if that only happens 10% of the time – while the other remaining 90% what they say is coherent with what they do – it is more than enough to make you frown and not to believe anything which comes out of her mouth.

Because you already know the formula: an attractive girl will not only constantly be testing you – to check whether you are strong enough to keep and to protect her – but also be tempted by other guys 24/7, 360°, which means that if you fail somehow – in bed, becoming too needy or, on the other hand, giving her too much space and freedom – she will depart to another stop.

But in the end, you will not give a fuck if she leaves. While most men have little or no experience at all with women, you will face exactly the opposite: too much knowledge about them which will, consequently, make you skeptical or even loath to enter any serious relationship.


Everything will become grayer
To know the truth is great, but attached to it there is also a lot of hassle and even frustration. When you swallow the red pill, there is no turning back. I remember when ten years ago I would sometimes suffer and have a lot of setbacks but then, since I would not really give it any serious consideration or not really see the reason behind it, I would simply accept the reality and move forward.

But then, about five years ago, due to a mixture of curiosity and disappointment, I eventually discovered what already many guys had been writing and commenting about: the manosphere, which has been giving me the knowledge to support what I had already been feeling and facing for all the previous years, but towards which I could not find a reasonable explanation about

(I knew already that women were complicated, that the system was somehow bullshiting us, and that most of the things were not easy, but everything was looked upon in a very superficial level).

And since then, everything has become grayer. Awareness gives you the experience but also the removal of all your innocence and ingenuity. When before I would look at something with joy or even astonishment, right now I already think beforehand and assume the not-so-exciting-outcome which will come from any specific situation.

The problem is that when you are red-pilled and you go through the harsh reality, then that assumption is seldom based on an optimistic perspective, rather on a dull confirmation that the world is simply like that.

So where do we stand?

So now you ask me: “what it is better, to swallow the red pill or simply to live life like the majority?”. Well, if you are still reading these lines, you have already taken the path opposite of the herd. Yes, these who live on the surface of things, always thinking that life might not be great and that it has its tough moments but that it always reaches a state of equilibrium and fairness.

Besides, by taking the rough path, you will become a much grumpier, bitter being who will tend to see things with skepticism and start almost always from a negative assumption. In theory, it would eventually be better to be ignorant – ignorance is bliss, is not that a popular saying of wisdom? – and to live just like everyone else.

But then a guy like you or me knows that there was never really another alternative, even if you try to trick yourself and to pretend you would like to live differently. No, we sought the truth for a reason, and right now here we are, dazed and confused, but with the certainty that we did it because our gut told us to do so.

It may hurt, it may give us very few reasons to smile or it may make us live with dissatisfaction, but never with regret. Because in the end, we are the complete captains of our souls, responsible and accountable for everything we do. And even if life might not be as joyful as it could be, at least it is real. And with a ray of hope in the background, we keep moving.




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  1. And I thank you back sir!

    It’s surely not an easy topic to talk about – and it is even harder to have others understanding your message – so I am glad that it has resonated with you.


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