I remember these glory days in which I did not lose a second thinking about my testosterone: I would eat all the possible shit, would not care a dime about vitamins or minerals and would drink and go out as much as I could that there was not really any major threat. During my twenties, I could keep this lifestyle that on the day after my body (and mind) would be exactly at the same point, not feeling any considerable drop in my libido, sexual desire or “drive”.

But then the thirties came and, just like a machine timed to crash, everything started to work differently. The will and joy I used to have suddenly began to show up in a much more moderate way. The energy I used to have every morning somehow started to vanish. Moreover, there were some things which appeared out of nowhere and have decided to stay since then, asking no authorization to the owner: some white hairs or uncomfortable wrinkles are an everyday reminder how life is ephemeral and how all of us are on this irreversible path of running into the same finale.

But since the scope of this article is not to ponder on the destiny of existence, I will rather present you what you must do to keep your testosterone levels high, in order that you keep living with the same balance, energy and inner will you had when the only preoccupations in your life were to have both a good result in your Algebra exam and some money to go to college parties:


Lift hard in the gym
Life is hard and so is the way you must go through to have a strong, defined physique. In any case, you have to bear in mind that going to the gym is much more than having some muscles to show off.

First of all, by lifting hard, you are basically exercising aerobic and anaerobically, and that is one of most effective ways to burn fat. And by burning fat you will achieve a much better hormonal balance, since excess fat can be deregulator of your thyroid gland, which produces hormones that regulate your body’s metabolic rate and other crucial functions.

In addition, perhaps you did not know it but having less fat and consequently less weight in your body also means that your levels of energy – because you basically use it less since you have fewer pounds on you – and even your mood will skyrocket, as dopamine and endorphins are released during strenuous activities.

Last but 100% sure not least, weight and fat loss are directly linked to high testosterone levels and increased libido and there is also a direct correlation between it and a better sexual performance, since you will have more blood flowing to your buddy down there.

So more important than being proud of showing yourself on the beach or in the bedroom, to the sexy lady you are about to get intimate with, is the fact that lifting weights is a life-saver and a fundamental tool to every man’s wellbeing. Just make sure you do not extend your trainings for more than one hour, otherwise cortisol you will take over your body and all this extended hard lifting will have the opposite of the desired effect!


Sleep well/Avoid too much work and stress
I know I have been bringing this point in many of my articles but it is never too much to refer that lacking a good night of sleep will simply interfere with all the things you will do on that day.

Poor sleep or even lack of it have been recognized by science as an “endocrine disruptor”, which is the same to say that you will be interfering with your whole hormonal balance (it is not only your libido and drive which will be affected by the lack of testosterone rather all the vital functions in your body). And if you take it a broader perspective, in case you do it regularly and neglect your rest constantly, then you are also jeopardizing your life.

Add to this a stressful lifestyle, with an overload of work and lots of problems in your head, and you will have the perfect recipe to tear apart your testosterone. And do not even think that caffeine will be your saver and your energy booster, because in the end the cure will be worse than the disease.


Consume a lot of avocado, nuts, eggs, fish such as salmon and biological red meat
If the world was running out of resources (well, it is already but let’s pretend it would be on an extreme level) and you could only choose five types of food, then these ones would be the ones which would not only keep you alive but also in good health and in optimal shape.

I do not know how this “green stuff made it”, but it has so many advantages – among them, it is highly nutritive, is loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids and fibers and prevents cancer and high cholesterol – that just you would be just silly not to consume avocado.

Regarding nuts, it is the best super food you can get, as it is tasty, will give you plenty of energy and it is filled with the best fat a person can get, the monounsaturated one. Just make sure you avoid eating the ones coming with either salt or sweet additives.

Eggs used to be seen (wrongly) as the biggest threat to health but fortunately this idea has been gradually buried throughout the years, as these “never-will-be-chickens” have various benefits such as high concentration of protein and essential vitamins, maintenance of the normal functioning of the thyroid and help in decreasing the “bad” cholesterol (LDL).

If there is a fish “stronger” than the others, that one is called salmon. Rich in omega-3, vitamins and protein, this one is the best friend you can put on your plate, which also helps in preventing cell damage and heart diseases.

Lastly, red meats are still seen as something scary and harmful to your health, but nothing could be further from the truth. If we are talking a good steak from a bovine bred in natural conditions, then you will have the right intake of zinc, protein and…creatine. Needless to say that these three together give you the testosterone boost every man should be running after.


Avoid all soy and cow milk derivatives
Since you were a child, I suppose you have been listening over and over again the benefits of drinking milk. It has calcium, it is rich in protein and basically makes your bones stronger and your health better. What they usually do not tell you is that you are basically consuming something totally anti-natural to your body – even if the milk we drink goes through a process of pasteurization, we are the only mammals who keep drinking it after the first years of life. What you are doing to yourself is injecting extra hormones and, as these come from the female (cow), guess what? Well they are naturally feminine and therefore have a tremendous impact in your hormonal balance, especially in your testosterone. In addition, milk and its derivatives, like cheese, just add the extra saturated fat you do not need in your diet.

So but let us say you are intolerant to cow milk, so you just go for the obvious alternative choice called soy. Had as the super food with endless benefits for almost twenty years, it is no more than a poison to every man who wants to keep his masculinity alive and thriving. The soybeans contain compounds called isoflavones which act as phytoestrogens (plant-produced estrogens) which, putting things simple, are recognized in your body as estrogen, the principal female hormone. So what you are doing is simply putting your gender in risk, as you may even incur in physical modifications such as gynecomastia.


Also avoid refined sugar, trans-fat and alcohol
And after talking about the natural stuff you should not ingest, it is time to talk about the artificial poison which the world in general consumes, as if people liked to kill themselves slowly.

Starting with the number one enhancer of diabetes, refined sugar is one of the worst things you can put in your body: it is a carbohydrate which digests abnormally, it overloads your liver with large amounts of fructose, it is highly addictive (due to a massive dopamine release) – and therefore you will tend to have an extra intake of unnecessary calories – and, last but not least, it raises your LDL cholesterol. So think twice the next time you want to eat that fresh ice-cream, that tasty bar of chocolate or that can of energetic soda.

But if sugar is already too bad, what to say about the even worse trans-saturated fatty acids, commonly known as trans-fat? Present in cookies, biscuit, crackers or chips (basically, in all the packaged products which last for weeks without going stale), this “trans configuration of hydrogen atoms” has the unique characteristic of not being digested/metabolized correctly by your body, being directly accumulated as fat in your organism and consequently elevating your “bad” LDL cholesterol. 

As referred in my article about getting in shape, alcohol is a selfish son-of-a-bitch who likes to be consumed before the other nutrients, which basically means you will accumulate extra fat in your body. Then, it interrupts normal sleep patterns (and we all know how this affects one’s overall energy and mood). But wait, there is much more: it seems that alcohol consumption reduces testosterone levels because it produces testicular opioids, which cause damage in its cells and in other bodily tissues, which leads to a natural reduction of testosterone in “your balls” and consequently in blood circulation. And lastly, surprise surprise, even beer can be one unlikely enemy: it contains phytoestrogen and prolactin which, as the names suggest, are two chemicals that can increase estrogen and therefore decrease testosterone.


Take supplements of zinc, magnesium and Ashwagandha and also vitamins B, C and D
I remember the old times in which I did not care a dime about taking minerals and vitamins: the sweet teenager years and later the twenties in which you would even make fun of your mother for taking so many unnecessary pills. But then the thirties came and with it the awareness about the existence of things…which you had not been aware before. Why? Because getting older is not all about getting the first wrinkles or white hairs but also about a general drop in your hormonal levels and, consequently, in your overall energy. So that is why I strongly recommend you to take the following supplements, in order that your body (and mind) reaches again a powerful state of equilibrium, instead of just be fading relentlessly.

Starting with zinc, this metal is much more than a help in treating a cold. Aside from the commonly referred effects such as preventing Alzheimer and Cancer and improving cardiovascular health, zinc is a savior for every active man who needs that extra boost of masculinity, as it improves strength, boosts athletic and sexual performance and helps you sleep and rest better.

So but if zinc is the big brother who gives you energy and power, magnesium is the big sister who silently supports it. Most of the basic body processes such as energy creation, protein formation or even the simple movements of your muscles, need magnesium to work properly. Have you ever wondered why doctors recommend to take a banana after a strenuous training? Well, simply because it contains magnesium and this has a crucial role in normalizing your body functions and tissues.

Now talking about the most complicated name of this point, what if there were a herb which would lower your cortisol, balance your thyroid and increase your testosterone, and that in addition would enhance your stamina and give you more energy? Well there is and in comes with the simple name of Ashwagandha, also known as the Indian ginseng.

Moving now to the vitamins, let us start with the most complex one which is the B, a mixture of the eight B vitamins! I am not going to go through all the benefits of each one, rather to tell you that by taking the Vitamin B complex, you will be boosting your immune system, increasing your overall energy and mood, improving your memory and protecting your skin (including hair scalp).

Commonly known as vitamin C, the Ascorbic Acid has been, from the moment all of us were little kids, recommended widely and in an undeniable way. And this has surely happened for a reason (or many): aside from the obvious prevention and treatment of the common colds, this powerful anti-oxidant gathers a number of benefits such as increasing bone density, lowering hypertension and preventing cardiovascular diseases. And taking into consideration this last point, it has been recently proved by science that vitamin C has a decisive role in protecting against high blood pressure and endothelial dysfunction (which usually precedes heart diseases) and therefore is a critical supplement in improving your cardiac health and in avoiding degenerative diseases.

Finally, what to say about the “sunshine vitamin”, commonly known as vitamin D? Well, if you live in a place “because of your job”, most likely you will lack it as you will not be getting enough sunlight. And studies have shown how important it is, especially for a man, to get energy directly from the sun, in order that his mood, energy and testosterone levels are kept on a high level. Therefore, it is mandatory that you start taking vitamin D (choose the D3), not only due to the referred factors but also because it helps in getting stronger bones, in reducing the risk of cancer and diabetes and in improving muscle functions.


Do not masturbate
I do not even know where to start from regarding this topic, but maybe I will create a very clear picture on your head: when you think about a guy watching porn and jerking off in front of his screen, do you imagine a masculine, decisive man with options in his life or do you rather see a fat, frustrated guy compensating the intercourse he simply does not have/has very scarcely with (minimally) attractive women? I do not know about you, but I am pretty sure that most of us think about the latter type of guy.

And why is that, “if after all masturbating is also having sex? Should that not increase your testosterone naturally?” The answer is a flat no. Unless you are a teenager, with your hormones on fire and touching yourself thinking about everything which has a pussy, then you what you are doing to yourself is to reduce your libido drastically.

First, and obviously, by jerking off you are expelling sperm, which contains a lot of testosterone.

Then, and contrary to what happens when you have sex with someone, you are not releasing any hormones such as oxytocin or endorphins, which basically skyrocket your mood, libido and testosterone.

Last but surely not least, because you have zero work in “capturing the female” – because basically when you just turn on youporn, you do not need to talk, convince, seduce or escalate on any girl – you will be simply messing up your primal being as it will lack the sense of risk and excitement which, again, would naturally and strongly increase your testosterone.


Interact with different women and eventually sleep with some of them
I know how all of us advocate traditional values, so that we can find a pure woman, marry her and have as many children as we can. On the other hand, we are still hunters and, unless you are lying to yourself, there is no bigger pleasure than conquering a new female and being able to have sex with her. I do not know about you and maybe I have a very serious problem or disease but, every time I spend a lot of time with the same woman, I have this “escape tendency” of starting looking for other girls. It is a total primal, animal instinct but it is the reality, so it is much better to accept it than to turn our back on our masculine nature.

The raw truth is that a real man needs to feel that he can eventually seduce other women, and that is only possible if he meets new ones regularly.

But there is an important detail: even if I believe that the hormonal boost you have going through the whole process – from meeting her until sealing the deal – is matchless, actually you do not need to take her to bed. You just have to make sure that once in a while you interact with a new woman and you game her, until you reach that point which you know that there is sexual tension between you too. If you then want to take it to the “last consequences”, it is a decision which is only up to you.




Some say it is the water, other the plastics in which we store our food and there are even some who claim that it has to do with the air particles. Whatever the real reasons are, the truth is that western men have been facing a significant drop in testosterone levels in the last forty years, if we compare those the ones of our grandfathers and even fathers.

In addition, it might be surprising for most of us, but did you know that we indeed start ageing in our mid-20s? Actually, even before, our lungs capacity starts slowing down and our brain cells begin to decrease already at 20. So age is a timeless topic which will always be discussed, being now, 500 years ago or in a distant future, but the unquestionable fact is that it never goes back.

But instead of just following the normal cycle of life, start seeing it as a new couch. When you buy it (let us say when you are 16), it shines, looks good and has this inherent characteristic smell which makes everyone who seats on it to feel good. But then, as the time goes by, all of this starts to suddenly fade away until it eventually gets old and dispensable.

But here is where it lies the whole difference: while there are people who simply do not care about their sofa, there are others who keep postponing its aging…they clean it weekly, they make sure to vacuum clean the dust, they apply products which keep its vivacity or they even use a protective layer which impedes the couch to quickly get shabby.

So the same can be applied to you and to your health and well-being. And this what the tips I have shared with you can hopefully do to your life, allowing you to live better, stronger and with more energy, in order that you keep postponing your inevitable destiny: yes, that one of getting old and ultimately perishing.




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