I am not a millionaire.

You are not a millionaire.

And most likely every single person who has ever visited this website is not or will never be a millionaire either.

It is a sad fact but the raw truth: it is fucking hard to become one and only a very restricted group of individuals actually achieve such status.

Call them gifted, hard-working, lucky, go-getters, whatever you want – actually I call them resilient sons of the bitch who go after what they want, who hustle, resist and endure, and never give up until they reach every assigned goal – but the reality is that this status is what every person, admittedly or silently, wants to achieve.

However, do not get discouraged or unmotivated already. If you are an ambitious guy, who believes in himself or in something so hard that nothing will be able to stop him, then embrace this challenge and embark on this one-way trip.

Even if you eventually do not reach this final rich destination, at least you have tried it and surely you will be learning and developing yourself a lot along the way. As 50 Cent said, “get rich or die trying”.

Still, there is a thing which is called the moment and if we only base our life (and happiness) on what we want to become, most likely scenario is that we will be frustrated and miserable as hell. Your awakenings will be painful, your days will be pointless and your nights will be more sad than seeing a litter of puppies passing away.

That is why you have to start NOW to ingrain this mindset in your brain, as if you were rich already. And I mean, not rich, but SUPER RICH. Yes, as if you were a self-made millionaire.


Let the Charade begin!

In October 30th, 1938, the CBS Radio Network broadcast the “The War of the Worlds”, an adaptation of H. G Wells novel. Narrated by who would be one the greatest directors of all time, Orson Wells, this episode of the series of Mercury Theatre on the Air caused unexpected mass panic, as some people really believed that the world was being invaded by alien tripods.

Whether the impact was really that massive – according to Wikipedia, this CBS program had relatively few listeners – does not really matter. What matters, though, is that the conviction of a man made people believe on him, even when all the evidence behind it was clearly fictional.

We have plenty of stories of men who, with their fake stories and made-up characters, cheated dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people, based on the mastery of deceit.

And talking about a real master of deceit (actually J. Edgar Hoover wrote a book with this exact name in the plural form, however based on his own fears of communism), Frank Abagnale assumed various identities, tricking whomever came across him.

His natural deceiving abilities led him to prison serving, however, the FBI afterwards. His life’s story inspired the great film directed by Steven Spielberg, Catch Me If You Can.

Or what to say about Christophe Rocancourt, the “French Rockefeller”? Among his endless life achievements,

He sold a property he never owned in Paris for $1.4 million, he entered a big jewelry heist in Switzerland – being then caught and expelled out of the country;

He received tons of loans based on false returns he would promise to others, he convinced Jean-Claude Van Damme to produce a movie;

He got along with famous Hollywood people such as Mickey Rourke;

And, above all, he was always among the “high-rollers” of the city, including Hollywood celebrities and the like.

He is someone who has lived his lies so deeply that we can consider him an awesome actor of the real life, a master of disguise, a great story-teller who would impress and convince anyone who would stumble upon him.

Look, I am not saying here that you should become a worldwide impostor who will incur in illegal activities for personal gain. No, my point here is that you should use this way of acting, still in a legal way, to have a personal boost, which will give you social gains.

Basically, you totally have to change both your mindset and the way you see the world, turning the latter into a much more interesting place to be.

Hey, but how do I it?

You must be thinking right now that this concept looks great in theory but that you are very doubtful how can you apply in real life situations.

Well, let me tell you that it can be applied in every situation where people are involved (and even when you are home alone, just in case you need to have a boost of energy and self-confidence).

So imagine you leave home to do something. While most of the guys will have plenty of stuff in their heads, you will be relaxed. While the others will rush and walk fast because they always have to do something afterwards, you will walk slow and straight, making yourself big and noticeable.

Even if girls do not look at you, you do not give a fuck. Because you always get want you want and you have endless options to choose from.

Going out with friends? Imagine you have a mansion, a Lamborghini parked outside and one million dollars on your bank account. And whenever you pull out your wallet to pay something, do not be cheap.

Pay a round of drinks to the guys you are with and leave a good tip to the waiter. Attention that I am not saying you to waste all your money on one night but, whenever you are having fun, do it as if you were getting married on the day after.

The same applies when you go to a social event or even to a meeting. The people do not need to know the exact money you have, so just exude power and charisma, the most attractive traits a man can possess.

It is better that you dress up and have a suit but, in case you are wearing a t-shirt and sneakers, really own the place and be proud of how and who you are. Make people wonder how the hell a guy like you can have such confidence.


Entertain and impress the most important person: YOU

According to the previous examples, you may have gotten the idea that I am recommending you to impress others, becoming somehow a shadow of yourself. First of all, understand that you are and will become what your actions and mindset are and will be.

So if you want to be that shy, average guy who just lives normally just like any other person, that’s fine. Just make sure that it is what you really want and that it is not some kind of frustrated or resigned mechanism your mind and body are coming with.

But if not, and in order that you really ingrain this abundance mentality, you must take small steps and actions to make your brain believe that you are really there and that you are not a fake version of yourself.

Sure, you are not rich and you do not want to waste money in a stupid way but that is why, more than impress others, you must start impressing yourself.

What I mean by this is that you must also take “real” actions which you will set you apart from this average, mediocre reality and put you closer to this millionaire path.

Do you usually fly low-cost or economy everywhere? From now on, just reduce the number of trips you do every year and fly once in business or even first class. Feel the exclusivity on your feet, flying thousand of feet above the average.

Or maybe you like to go out eating to such trendy restaurants as McDonald’s, KFC or even that familiar Döner Kebab? Well, first begin to be healthier, go to the supermarket and cook most of your meals, based on raw ingredients which are not filled with bullshit.

But in case you go to a restaurant, choose a fancy one – one of these which you sadly believed that you could never afford – and just enjoy the amazing atmosphere and the even better food.

What to say about your clothes? You have always dreamed to have an Armani suit, but you keep buying most of your clothes, many times per year, in Primark and H&M.

You can obviously keep acquiring some things there but, instead of buying twenty pieces of clothing which will go to the garbage can within one year time, literally suit up and invest in that majestic garment which you will make you feel more confident than ever.

You will rent a car to have that one week trip along the coast, where you will stop in cheap hotels where you will feel absolutely crappy.

So I have two solutions for you: either you will really go into the wild, by riding a bike and sleeping in a tent, camping whenever the nature allows you to. Or will you rent a Lamborghini for three days and sleep at a 5 star hotel.

All of the previous examples may look like a lunacy but trust me: it is better to go intense and supreme, than to stay in this never-ending average of empty emotions.


And in the end, put everything together and serve the best version of yourself

The objective of this “game” is to mix a certain way of playing a role, even acting, with a change of mindset, appearance and choices you will base your life in. It is not enough that you pretend and talk to others as if you were a millionaire: you also have to look like one!

You went out but returned home alone? Who cares, at least you had fun in the table with your friends, where everyone noticed your presence and you were just proud about it.

In addition, anytime you went to the toilet or to the dance floor, you flirted with women fearlessly and boldly and, if even not taking anyone home, you just know you have this abundance mentality which will always put you food on the table.

You approached girls on the street but none of them responded positively? They are the ones who lose, since they will not have the privilege to be with this guy who is so well-groomed, cool and attracts the girls he wants.

Even if it is totally false according to your current life circumstances, you really have to see the ten, twenty or more girls who are craving to be with you, whenever you give them the chance to.

You go to a job interview or go to a business meeting but you are rejected? Just say “next”! You presented the best version of yourself, in terms of both clothing and confidence, putting all your thoughts and opinions on a certain matter on the table, showing no remorse or fear whatsoever for doing it so.

You knew that these ideas could go against what the other people wanted or were expecting from you. Nevertheless, you risked not to reach an agreement or to stay with the job you were applying to, knowing in any case that, for the ten times you will fail, there will be this one time you will stand out and reach a level which nobody “normal “ will.

Whatever the situation is, just make sure you are prepared internally and externally to face it, making everyone believing (including yourself) that you are indeed this unbeatable and unshakable guy who can do what the hell he wants, goes after what he wants and he is so fun and addictive to be around.

The bottom line is that you really have to LIVE this role you create.

Become delusional, fake it until you make it or simply live to impress. Whatever you want to call it, just apply it and you will see that not only the relationships (even if casual) you have with other people will improve but also that you will feel much better with yourself.

It is not that you will become a fake version of yourself, rather a true vision of what you want to become in the near future.



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