Going out to meet women during the day is eventually the most difficult situation a guy can get himself in. It is hard, really hard, that is why most of the guys do not do it.

While going out at night and approaching women in bars and clubs is already seen as normal (with very few rewards though), start a conversation out of nowhere with someone when the sun is up is somehow still seen as socially awkward.

As I said in one of my previous podcasts, the key to get laid is to find a strong social circle. Nevertheless, day game should be a complement of your game, especially because it makes you bolder and braver. That is why I am going to tell you the mindset you must have, how you should do it and also talking about different scenarios.

First of all, you need two things when you go for a day game session: time and a positive mindset. The former is quite obvious: you should leave home without having the pressure of rushing or needing to be somewhere, thinking for instance that you need to take a bus in fifteen minutes (of course that if you are on your way to work and you spot a cute girl, go for it, do not let the opportunity pass by).

Because you must be available to talk to any girl you see and also to give some time for things to happen. You should basically increase the odds and put them on your side. Moreover, if you walk around for one hour, you will have more chances of spotting cuties then if you just do it for 20 minutes.

Then, and more importantly, you need to be relaxed and to have a positive mindset. Meaning that when you approach someone, this person needs to feel that you have a cool aura and you are in a relaxed state, which is the only way your interaction can eventually flow.

If you are nervous or thinking that all the girls are bitches, then you will transmit this feeling to the person you are talking to, even if you do not realize it.

Before everything, I want you to understand that day game is all about momentum. So if you wake up, eat something and then start approaching immediately, most likely is that you will be rusty as hell unless you are already a pro or approach is your middle name.

Therefore, you should make sure that you start with small interactions with people, even if that means asking an ugly girl or an old lady for directions. Whenever you feel the words are already coming from your mouth smoothly, then it is the time to go for the real deal.

Then, and moving to more practical advice, you should focus first on the easy targets. By this, I mean that you should look for girls who are alone instead of the ones who are moving in groups (if you are with a wingman, then consider the easy target as girls who are paired).

In addition, a moving target will always create more stress in your brain, so if a girl is sitting down – or even walking at a very slow pace – that will be a much better option to approach.

Finally, if the girl is lightly smiling and looking around, then you can trust me that it will be your best bet, instead of the ones who are glued to their phones or walking around with the annoying headphones plugged in their ears.

Nevertheless, and this is eventually the most important piece of advice that I can give you in this article, you must stop caring whether a girl is showing interest, like making eye with you.

Of course, if she gives you Indicators of Interest, the better, but do not rely on others to take action. That is what most of the guys do until they eventually reach a state of analysis paralysis.


Day Game Scenarios

My favorite situation is to stop girls in the middle of the street, especially if they are alone. Here I like to drop an “excuse me, can I ask you something?”, towards which she will most likely answer: “yes”, and then you say: Actually I just wanted to talk to you. Hello, I am Andreas”.

If she looks at you still with this suspicious look, just open the game and say: “hey, I really like your style, most of the girls do not dress like that”. Usually, this works but if not, just abandon the interaction politely.

If the girl is, however, with a friend or more, then I recommend you to ask them something to check in which mood they are. When girls are together, they tend to be more bitchy – unless ALL OF THEM are in a party mode.

From then, assess whether you can escalate on the conversation but remember, never extend it for more than 5 minutes and try to leave on a high state (saying something: so well, now I have to leave but would be really fun to meet you another time, let’s exchange numbers).

Another situation is when a girl is sitting in a coffee shop during the day. If she is alone and sitting next to you, you can be direct and ask “why is a girl like you sitting here alone? I thought I was the only one who liked to be on his own”.

In such cases, you usually get a very direct answer. If she is interested, she will probably be playful and give a similar answer. Otherwise, she will just say that she is waiting for a friend. In this latter case, you can try to push the interaction but it will usually lead nowhere.

If she is sitting next to you but with more friends, preferably just another one, then ask a general question like: “I can see you girls are from around here. Can you recommend me something interesting to do in this town?”

A final scenario is when you spot a cute girl who is not sitting next to you. In this case, and this requires some balls, just pay your bill and when you stand up to leave, just go to her and tell her exactly that: “Hey, I am about to leave, but I spotted you and like your style. Was wondering whether we can exchange contacts to meet another time?” Purely direct, pure risk, and most likely she will politely refuse. But, if not, then you will have a solid contact to work on.

Rising in difficulty, there are these situations in which you spot a cutie while you are doing your groceries or in any shop. Here, since the environment will already be a little “social limited”, I recommend you to go a little bit indirect.

If, for instance, you are in the supermarket, and imagining you are not on your home country, you can ask her to help you “whether this is butter or margarine” (or anything else regarding ingredients/products).

Or if you are in a book store, check the section where she is checking the books and ask her opinion on a book to offer a good friend. You will be surprised how most of the girls will start talking as if they were your friends for a long time.

Last but not least, it is time to talk about the most difficult scenario of them all: the public transport, being inside one or just in the stop waiting for the bus or metro to come.

I say it is hard because you have many people around and, even if you do not give a fuck whether other people with hear you (if you are already on this stage, well done, that is the right mindset which is very difficult to achieve), the girl will CARE.

Yes, for her it will matter that other people will understand that you are approaching her and therefore does not want to be seen as an easy girl who just talks randomly to strangers on the street.

So I recommend you to proceed with some caution and eventually release a comment which sounds natural to you (“oh I like those shoes, where have you bought them?”).

On the other hand, if you want to go all in, just simply be direct and tell her how you like her style and see where the conversation leads.

The bottom line, regardless of the situation you find yourself in, is: never ask for the number if it doesn’t feel like the natural thing to do. Actually, talk ALWAYS first that you should meet another time and see her reaction. Only from then go for the number.


Ok, first you really need to put your ego aside and not give a dime about what others think. And this is the most difficult part of day game, because more often than not we tend to take things personally!

That is why I recommend you to think that all those chicks who have a stuck-up behavior, would probably have it anyway with any other guy who would dare to approach them.

Then, they do not know you and the most likely scenario is that they will blow off the interaction. Hey, but who cares? You just did your part and put all the cards on the table, but the other player did not proceed with the game.

And finally, as said above, do not give a fuck about what others think, not only the girl you are talking to but also the people around. We naturally think based on our perspective but the reality is that people only mind their own business and do not really give a damn about you.

A good trick to use is the following: when you approach a girl, do it as if you were “leaving your body” and seeing the scene from the outside. And also pretend that this guy is a superstar, with lots of fans and that all the girls want to sleep with him.

And that he is just giving the girl an opportunity to meet him. So all the pressure is on her! That is why, whatever the outcome of the interaction is, this guy’s life will be exactly as it was before, since he is a person with so many options and someone with an endless value.

The bottom line is that you do day game because you like girls but, more importantly, you do it to feel good and to have fun.

So if in the end you come home with no numbers and only rejections (eventually assess whether are some things you can change or improve the next time), think that you left home to spend a good time with yourself, and that meeting new girls shall always be a complement of and not the main reason of your life.

When you go playing football with friends, you will have fun during the match, even if in the end your team loses. Sure, you might be slightly upset with the result, but deep down you spent a good time.

Well, that’s the same regarding approaching women during the day: enjoy the chase, put your soul into it and fight for the victory. But if you lose, always remember that everything is nothing more than just a game.


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