I want to introduce myself. I know you do not give a shit and that the internet is full of people like me. But I still want to introduce myself. Not that I am needing more friends or looking for attention, but just because I want it. The world is getting more and more disconnected and packed with individuals who do not know what they really want.

Actually, the first thing you will know about me is that I have the opposite problem: it is difficult for me to know what I do not want, since I have been trying, doing, and experimenting all sort of things my entire life. From sports to languages, from musical instruments to activities, from places to visit to cities to live in, I have filled my head with countless possibilities and paths.

The advantage of having “invented” so much, especially now that I have reached the tricky age of 30 – which always brings the half empty/half full glass question attached to it: “Am I already 30?” or “Am I still 30?” – is that I am finally getting sure about what I really want and, more important, about what I can reach and which directions I must follow.

At this point I suppose you are asking yourself again, “Who cares about what you want man”? Well nobody, but I am still here. If there is something I have learned throughout these years is that no one really cares about you (aside from your mother, of course).

That is why you must do what your instinct says and follow it blindly, almost as if this were the only religion you could ever believe on. Somehow life has brought me to this point in which there was no other option than open myself to the world. Maybe because I have spent too much time consuming what others think. Or simply because I have felt the urge to share my emotions, my thoughts, my adventures, my stories, my achievements, my disappointments. Whichever the reason was, I have ended up here, in this limitless space of writing a blog.

Nevertheless, do not worry, I am aware of the risk it contains: most likely, I will be sending out thoughts to the limbo, spitting words and states of mind which will totally mean nothing to most of the curious souls who will show up to load the pistol. But again, the outcome does not really matter to me…in the limit, every one of us will always be on his or her own and no one else will be there to give a damn. So let me be selfish here, just because I want it.


Your new something,

Andreas Pistol




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