So many things have been written about game. But to shake things a little bit up, I am not going to talk about the game itself, rather than to mention how I have used it my entire life.

I mean, 15 years ago (2000/2001) – when I started kissing the first girls when going out at night – I had absolutely no idea what game was.

Neither 10 years ago, when I started taking women over 30 to bed.

Nor even 8 years ago, when I did Erasmus in Prague, in the Czech Republic, and I was by far the guy who had more “interactions” with the opposite sex (yes, we used to have a counter for all the single guys in the campus).

Regardless of which era I pick when I look back into my life, the fact is that I have always been successful with women.

Not that I only picked up hot girls (far from that: on the first years of my sexual activity, for every attractive girl I banged, there were three who I can say only their dogs would dare to look straight in their faces), but I do not remember going through “drought” for a long period of time.

Contrary to most of pick-up gurus` stories of life – who tell you how they used to be lousy with women until they discovered game, something that completely changed their life as they could finally engage in conversations with many females and bed some of them – I consider myself a natural. Believe me that I am not saying it with vanity or pretension, but just because the facts support it.

In addition, I have also been subversive, somehow against the system, my entire life. Not in the way of “there are no rules, fuck everybody”, but because I have always questioned things and swum against the tide.

Somehow, long before having stumbled upon game or the raw truth, my mind was already telling me that something was not right. That the system, the news, and all the information you get since you are a young child is somehow distorted, corrupted, or even false. As my sister always says, “you are not nice, you do not care, you are bitter!”

Until recently ago, I used to be upset with these accusations. Right now, it just puts a big smile on my face, when I truly realize that my inborn being has always been stronger than that “acquired” part of me – that one who is “programmed” to be educated, nice and cordial.

(Thank you mother, for having created me with great educational standards, but giving me the freedom of thinking that has always allowed me to see beyond the curtain).


So but learning game has not changed anything in your life?

Well, I have always been a player but that does not mean that I have not done my mistakes.

For instance, when I had a serious relationship and I trusted this girl and her devotion for me 100% (ups, but in the end, it seems that there were other guys in between).

Or when I fell for a girl blindly and tended to pedestalize her (funny fact: She became fat a couple of years later).

Or even when I had a passion for a girl and I got so insistent and honest, letting her know about my feelings and how I liked to be with her, just to see her getting back to the “asshole”, who had dumped her months before, a couple of weeks later.

But fortunately, all of this happened before I was 20 years old. It may sound strange, but most of my strongest emotional moments happen ten years ago or at earlier times. Many say that I have become traumatized, cold, bitter, or defensive since then. I reply to them: I have just become cleverer and more aware.

Whether I have run into game due to life events or due to my innate ability to assess things, it does not really matter. In my personal opinion, game has just explained and smoothed out what I had not understood before. Basically, it has put a theory behind the entire practice I had already been applying.

So I am natural who has acquired game. What then? Well…then it came the real deal, the inconvenient truth, the one-way ticket: about four years ago I discovered the red pill and everything started to “click”.

Not that I have changed or have joined any kind of secret cult, rather that my actions, thoughts, desires, and convictions had indeed an explanation, and that many other guys were feeling the same thing.

It hasn’t been just a matter of getting girls, but of fully reprogramming my inner being. All the false dreams and vain illusions started to fade away, and the harsh truth began timidly showing up, until I could no longer ignore it.


But now I am confused: everyone talks about game and now you are telling me about the red pill truth?

I mean, you should, in any case, learn game, but keep in mind that it is just the tip of the iceberg. It is like having a beautiful house (game) built on quicksand. To support it, you will have to have this invisible but strong structure placed on firm ground (red pill).

To sum things up, game is the form and red pill the content.

Game is fragile and volatile, the red pill is more solid than a rock.

Game is learnable, the red pill must be felt.

Game is for all and is fun, the red pill is for the few who are willing to endure pain.

Game is temporary, the red pill is forever.

Fast forward to 2016: here I am, being 30, on the prime of my life, and on the climax of my seductive skills. Not only I have shaped to the fullest my physical appearance but also I have deeply understood which attitude I should take in life, especially towards women.

Basically, I have reached the optimal point in terms of attracting the opposite sex.

But now you ask yourself: “for a guy who is a natural, who has been through different situations, who has learned game (or learned a name for what he had already been doing for a long time) and has taken the red pill, what are the techniques or tricks you use to get women?” 

“It is great that you have always been a player, that you are a natural and so on but honestly, this is something that I do not really care about”.

Since this is not an article about game itself but more about a “career” of a player, I am not going to be here talking about techniques*. In any case, if there were only one tip I could give you right now, it would be exactly this: Do not care, do not give a fuck.

Until not long ago, I used to care. I used to think “oh she is not answering my message, what is going on?” or “what if in the end it does not work with this girl? I would then be losing my time!”.  

Perhaps because I have already been through all kinds of situations – with their inherent disappointments and frustrations – or just because the red pill has made me skeptical, nowadays I do not really care whether I will lose (or get) a girl. 

And guess what? Since their primitive limbic system is totally wired to this I-do-not-care-attitude, which simply “drives them crazy”, guys who own it have in the end a competitive advantage over the others. But guess also what? It not just wanting it, you have to acquire it from experience.

If there is one thing which the age of 30 has given me was to reach a point in which I have almost full control of my body and emotions, being now able to command much better my sexual life (nothing to do with the fact that I can get every woman, far from that), something that would be impossible ten or even five years ago.

Nevertheless, to become a good player, you have to always be playing the game – so always start playing it, regardless of whatever life situation you are at or regardless you currently suck with women. It will not be easy, it will not be comfortable and it will not be pleasant, at all.

But if you are brave and resilient enough, and you have this inherent sexual drive towards women – actually you do not need to be a natural, that is something that just helps, like being very tall when playing volleyball – you will go through a full growth process, a wonderful journey that only the ones who want more than what it is given to them will be able to take.

Because trust me, all your efforts and time invested will be, sooner or later, rewarded: at the end of the road lies a world according to your own terms, where you will say out loud “Do not hate the player, hate the game”.

*if you want a detailed, bullshit-free guide in how to be successful with women, take a look at my book No More Bullshit about Getting Laid.



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