Before we talk about the present, I believe it is important to go back in time and make a brief history of Deutschland, which is perhaps the European country which has been suffering more changes – politically, geographically and even culturally – throughout times.

Without going too back in time, we can point out the beginning of what it is today Germany: first with the end of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 caused by Napoleon and the French and curiously then with the beginning of the fall of the emperor in Europe – which had started in the year before when Napoleon retaliated and miserably failed in invading the motherland – with the defeat and retreat in the battle of Leipzig in 1813.

From the end of war with the French it arose the German Confederation – an association of 39 German states – by a treaty signed in the Congress of Vienna in 1815. This conglomeration of these German territories came to an end in 1866, with the Austrian-Prussian war, resulting in Prussia uniting with fifteen northern German states, establishing the North German Confederation while, on the other hand, Austria supported the South German States.

After a five year period of turmoil, disorder and uncertainty between the North German Federation and the southern German states, it finally came to an end with the unification of both sides and consequent proclamation of the German Empire in Versailles in 1871.

But what unification meant? Well in this case, not much…as Wikipedia states: The German Empire consisted of 27 constituent territories, with most being ruled by royal families. This included four kingdoms, six grand duchies, six duchies (five after 1876), seven principalities, three free Hanseatic cities, and one imperial territory.

But its “fragmentation” did not impede Germany of starting to be the homeland of creations and development in Europe (almost all the credit must be given to Otto von Bismarck, known as the “Iron Chancellor”, who did everything he could to keep the territory in peace, boosting on the other hand its industry and consequent economic growth).

Not coincidentally, it was during the German Empire that Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler invented the first automobile powered by an internal combustion engine. Or that Rudolf Diesel invented the type of engine to which he gave his own name. Or that Carl von Linde invented the first refrigerator in 1876. Or that Felix Hoffmann created the common Aspirin. Or that people like Bosch and Siemens lived during this time.

It was indeed an amazing period for the German people but, like almost everything good in life, ended in 1914 when Germany joined efforts with the Austro-Hungarian Empire to fight back the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, allegedly by the Serbs.

From the debris of war in 1918, it came out a destroyed, humiliated Germany, totally immersed in an economic depression and, perhaps more importantly, with its pride wounded (the treaty of Versailles signed in 1919 was very clear in shaming the country, by “forcing” Germany in accepting the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage during the war).

The Weimar Republic was therefore an already handicapped nation at its birth, by facing serious economical and identity problems among its people, who totally blamed the leaders of this republic for all the damage and harm caused for the situation Germans had fallen into.

Not surprisingly, it happened what usually happens whenever a country is in a deep financial crisis: a sentiment of uprising started to appear, leading to an exacerbated nationalism. The people were exhausted, the currency totally depreciated and a generally feeling of national disgrace lingered in the air.

Taking advantage of the state of things at that time, the recently released (from prison, after trying to seize power a couple of years before) Adolf Hitler started to gain popularity by strongly attacking the Treaty of Versailles and by blaming on one hand the international forces and capitalism – having the Jews as the maximum scapegoat – and on the other hand the communism for all the woes which were going on in Germany.

It was a decade in which the people started to have a new reason to live, through the words of a wicked genius who pulled the national pride from the catacombs of darkness and brought it up to the sparkling eyes of everybody.

We were then in 1933 and the Nazi Party had officially taken power, after Adolf Hitler had officially been appointed as the Chancellor of Germany on the 30th of January.

Without going into details on what was probably the most heinous period of contemporary history (so many things have already been told about the Nazi Germany, that I will skip all the details), the Third Reich changed all the background and mentality of a nation as whole and influenced the entire world, leaving a track in history which can never be erased.

1945: what had been before a country was now a motley owned by different countries, which began to only care about their own interests, instead of trying to unite a wrecked nation with deep wounds.

This conflict resulted in the division of the territory into two lands in 1949: The West Germany or Federal Republic of Germany – a more “open” state, supported by the western forces USA, France and United Kingdom – and the East Germany or German Democratic Republic – totally controlled by the Russian and “closed” to itself, based on the communist doctrines which would inherently prevent any reasonable development.

These two sides of the same coin had naturally a totally different faith. On one hand, the West Germany showed from the beginning that it wanted to recover and become a stable nation as soon as possible (it was one of the founding members of the European Coal and Steel Community, founded in 1951). Not only they quickly stabilized as a country but also had an amazing economic growth, becoming in only twenty years one of the richest and most sustainable countries in the world.

On the other hand, most people in East Germany rapidly understood that they would have to leave the country, in case they wanted better conditions of life or even freedom, since the Democratic in country’s name was everything but that. This wave of dissatisfaction and insurrection led to several responses from the Russian, by attacking the population by means of military action or through direct persecution, via the ruthless tactics of the Stasi Police.

This attempt to “keep the order” had its zenith through one of the most anti-achievements of modern Europe: the build of the Berlin Wall in 1961. After almost thirty years of uncertainty in Europe and in the world, with the cold war always in the background (which eventually led to the beginning of the so-called international terrorism), Germany finally freed itself from all the (physical) borders and united again in 1990, after the wall and communism had fallen one year before.

From then one, we have had a country which regained its stability and security but which, on the other hand, has totally lost its identity due to a feeling of guilt based on the course of the events which happened throughout the 20th century. And because of that, Germany is nowadays an extreme example of a country which fully rely on neo-liberalism policies, avoiding any type of nationalism and supporting mass immigration and multiculturalism.

Fast forward to 2016, let me present you the wonders of the land of the modern emperor of Europe, Angela Merkel. I know what you must be thinking right now: “hold on a minute…since when Germany is the USA of Europe? That is clearly the United Kingdom!”

It is true that the language and the American origin is (almost) the same as that of the land of the Queen, but instead of sticking to the obvious similarities of these two Anglo-Saxon countries – by the way, Angles and Saxons were two Germanic tribes – I would like to invite you in following my theory that Germany shares indeed many more common (bad) traits with the uncle Sam’s land, as one might expect in the first place:



Its territory is very fragmented, there is not a real German identity and people only unite when the topic is “tolerance” or “political correctness”

Just like the USA, the country is divided in states – more precisely sixteen – and these also detain some power regarding the implementation (or denial) of general federal laws, which means that all the regions work together towards the same goals but still protect their autonomy if necessary.

In practice, this is more a judiciary question than anything else but what one can really notice is the differences among the states.

Go to Bayern and will you listen to a German with dialect where people are really proud of their culture, whose beer festival and corresponding traditional costumes make them famous worldwide.

If we move west to the region of Baden-Württemberg, we will see a state with a powerful industry – especially the automobile one – in which people really care about their savings and finance, being one of the wealthiest regions in Germany and consequently in Europe itself.

Speaking about money, Hesse and its capital Frankfurt are surely known for being the financial center of Europe, where people are always in a rush, running around just for the sake of it.

And talking about people, what to say about the North-Rhine Westphalia, the most populated region of Germany with about eighteen million people living within its 34,000km2. Even if the state’s capital is Düsseldorf – known as the fashion/glamour city – the most famous city “in the block” is Cologne with its crazy carnival and cheerful people. In fact, the citizens of Köln are known among the rest of the Germans as too crazy, possessing a strange sense of humor.

To avoid referring all the different regions, I can still talk about the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, famous for its huge port – the third-largest in Europe – and its grey and discreet people and weather.

Last but not least, we could not leave out the capital of the country and perhaps the most important city of the XX century, since all its history was somehow related to Berlin. This place is an epicenter of different cultures, free art and expressiveness (sometimes too much, in my opinion), and still symbolizes and makes the bridge between the west and the east.

So but if we ask ourselves how the Germans are actually like, perhaps few or even none will know how to answer it. And worse: and what really brings all these different people together? What are the common traits of a country which has basically rebuilt itself after the Second World War? I would say that the most significant ones are politeness and tolerance.

Regarding the former, try to bump into someone in Munich, Berlin or Hannover and you will hear the same “Oh Entschuldigung”. Or make the experience of blocking someone in a public transport and you will see that most of the people will react passively and quietly, perhaps first releasing a “Entschulding” to get though to then finish with a “Vielen Dank”.

As we will see later on this article, people are social formatted in such a degree that most of them have similar actions and behaviors but one can not deny the fact that the individuals are polite in almost every situation (try to go to any eastern country and see the contrast of what I am talking about).

Concerning the latter, the residents of Germany are indeed so tolerant to such an extent that it even jeopardizes their own sustainability as a stable European country and their survival as a people. And yes, I am talking to what has been happening the last two years, especially the last one, in which Mrs. Merkel has opened the country’s borders in such an unbridled way that one should question in the first place whether she is in good mental health.

Somehow there is this idea that, because of what happened 70 years ago, the Germans must accept everything freely and undisputedly in order not be called xenophobic or even Nazis.

But first, it should be a fact that there is and there will never be a way to compensate such atrocious acts. Then, 99% of the people who committed these crimes are no longer alive or have nothing to do with today’s Germany. Of course we have to learn with it and never forget what happened but on the other hand life goes on and we must simply put this dark past behind our backs.

But no, Angela and her cronies have decided that everyone must have the same rights and opportunities, not considering the fact that Europe has long ago insufficient resources and almost no space left. And it has not mattered either to her that bringing people – mainly young males – from a total different culture and background to a continent which has its own order and totally different rules has already brought and will bring physical and moral devastation at all levels.

Right now the German people are beginning to wake up and Merkel’s popularity is actually sinking but the reality is that this “welcome refugees” facade has just been another political move towards which the people not only have not opposed to but have even encouraged it, reacting passively and sometimes even blaming the white establishment, anytime there has been an incident or an attack involving “refugees”. The time will tell if it was not Passivity and Tolerance which threw Germany down the drain.



 Its culture has totally declined and degenerated

(I know there are different forms of art, but I will deliberately pick music as it exemplifies perfectly what Germany was and in what has become).

If we could name a country responsible for the best (classical) music ever made, that choice would undoubtedly be given to Germany. From the beginning of the 18th century until the very end of the 19th, this region gave to the world some of the purest art through the hands, ears and insight of super humans, who elevated mankind to a whole new level.

On the beginning of the 18th century Handel brought to us the modern oratorio – surely you know “The Messiah”, the greatest oratorio ever composed – while Bach – regarded by many as the greatest composer who has ever lived – wrote several masterpieces in every genre, including the Mass in b minor, which is considered by many as the greatest work of music of all time.

Later on that century, a man called Ludwig van Beethoven “showed up” and invented the Romantic music or some of the greatest classical works ever, such as the “5th Symphony” or the Moonlight Sonata”, leaving an eternal stamp in music and history (he fact that he was deaf the last 25 years of his life even enhances more his incredible achievements).

Fully living in the 19th century, we could not be without referring Robert Schumann – the quintessential Romantic composer who left us several masterpiece symphonies, which are still today admired for the true genius behind them – or the king of the operas, Richard Wagner, which is the same as saying that he was the crucial milestone in defining all the lively art which followed until our days.

Last but not least, Brahms was a superb fugue composer and creator of amazing works, which included Ein deutsches Requiem while Strauss, who already lived on the last century (he was unfortunate enough to go through two world wars), represents the late flowering of German Romanticism.

And what do we have nowadays? Before the answer, ask yourself, especially if you do not live in this country, which German bands do you really like or, even better question, which ones do you know? That it is right, aside from Rammstein, Scorpions or the painful Tokyo Hotel, the most likely is that you have not heard much about any (which is quite strange for a country of 80 million people, isn’t it?)!

I know that the Berlin Techno scene – obvious reference to the revolutionary predecessor Kraftwerk (actually they are from Düsseldorf), who planted the seed for all the electronic music which came afterwards – is a different world and is indeed the exception in a country which produces much in terms of quantity but too little in terms of quality.

I am not going even to refer the 90s, which brought us the lousy Euro dance and Synth pop whose stickiest representatives were bands such as Mr. President, Captain Jack or Alphaville, but to tell you that 90% of the current music made in the country of sausages is basically sappy rock, disposable pop and totally frivolous hip-hop and R&B.

And talking about the latter, instead of following the legitimate, combative roots of the “old school”, the new hip hop trend just brings us such profound topics as having fun, sleeping with women or driving fancy cars. And guess what? It has gotten so spread among the youngsters and even young adults that it is no surprise that their minds and behaviors tend to be formatted and stupefied. Exactly as the young people in the United States of America.



Money is its religion

Let us be frank here: I am not so naive to think that other people and other countries do not think about money. But here – worse perhaps just in the US – they take it to a whole new level.

On a positive side, I must say beforehand that actually the Germans really know how to be sustainable and debt free, since they rely on the money they possess and never on credit. In addition, most of the people in this country do not live to impress the others – they have utilitarian cars, well-equipped but modest houses – rather to live according to their means.

On the down side, everything is about money, in a country which you must even pay to take a piss wherever you go! And actually Germany is a very tricky land, since the way the establishment (the city hall, the police, the government) takes your money is never done in a direct, rather in a stealthy way.

Situation 1: imagine you have no television, you have no landline telephone and you have no radio and you sign a contract to have your private internet provider. So in theory you choose not to have the first three simply because you don’t want to and also because you want to save some money. But guess what? Your meddlesome city hall decides that every three months you must pay more than 100€ regarding the maintenance of the cables and supply boxes of telephone, radio and television, and you cannot do anything else than accept it.

Situation 2: You have a job and you work for a private company, but the way your taxes are deducted is purely public. First, you have no other choice than having a private health insurance linked to your wage, which means than every month roughly 10% of your gross income is automatically put aside to your health, even if you do not go to any doctor.

Then, are you thinking about working some years in Germany to then return to your home country? Well basically all the money you deduct for the retirement will stay in the country, meaning that every month around 5% of your gross salary goes to this pension and you can only take advantage of it if you decide to spend the last years of your life in Deutschland (not recommended).

Another 5% are also immediately transferred to the famous social security fund, which is the same as saying that you are paying either for the majority of those guys who are simply lazy, do not want to work and live off the system (I have a very good friend who is enjoying this benefit, not referring the thousands of Turkish young males who do it and have very suspicious parallel activities) or for government’s mistakes.

As a recent update, now all the working force needs to deduct an extra 2% to help the “refugees”. It was not enough for Merkel to put the people’s lives in risk, now she also wants to charge for it! Last but not least, when signing your job contract, if you say you support a certain religion, then you will have the surprise of having some money discounted to the holy grace.

Situation 3: Be very careful when you sign any type of contract, because it is the easiest thing to do but the biggest hassle to terminate it. I remember when I arrived in Germany – and after realizing the boredom and difficulty I would have in socializing with other people, especially women – I took the very stupid decision of signing up for a for a national dating site (it was the first and the last time I used online game).

After two months, I had enough of it and wanted therefore to break up my contract. My first logic thought was: “a so “easy-to-use” online platform has for sure an option to cancel everything via the website.” Well, I could not be more wrong, as I would need to send a fax and the contract would only finish one month after the reception of my written request.

Since sending a fax was not easy at all, I simply sent an email to them saying that I wanted to cancel everything and closed my account online, truly believing that the whole situation would be sorted out. Again, I could not be more wrong.

The months which followed were a true nightmare, since I was receiving constant phone calls and threats per post and the amount I needed to pay was increasing month after month. Some time later, I moved and changed my telephone as well, so I thought that I would “be safe”. Wrong again!

They somehow found a receipt of my telephone account and bam, they took me more than 200€. I do not know whether what these collectors did was legal but since I had not proceeded correctly nor I had so much money at the time, I decided to dig this case, learning nevertheless a lesson for life: never leave a contract half cancelled!

But wait, there are more examples. Recently I tried to end a 24 month contract of my internet provider and another “surprise” came: I should have done it maximum three months before, so right now I just need to bear another year of a company I am totally not satisfied with.

Lastly, I suppose you have already more than understood how the money issues work out in this country but even so I could not finish this topic without referring which happened two weeks ago: Some guys from my company organised a football tournament with six teams, distributed by two groups whose champions of each would play the final against each other.

The fields had been reserved from 5 until 7 pm and the final started late at 6:50 pm, meaning that promptly at 7 pm there was the responsible of the place asking us to finish the game. After a discussion of around five minutes, with us almost begging us to let us finish the game, the guy apparently showed some “human comprehension” and allowed us to do so. But of course everything had just been a “favor”: In the end, he charged us the corresponding 15 minutes we had been playing! What a nice German soul!



They eat terribly

Even if you have never come here, I suppose you have already heard how great the German food is. A kind of greatness which turns its consumers into huge fat containers, ready to assimilate as many unnecessary nutrients as they can.

I know that I am exaggerating a bit – and of course there are people who try to maintain healthy ingestion habits – but the raw truth is that I have seen most the most loathsome, disgusting people in this country. You can call me basic, a heartless being or even an animal, but the fact is that my eyes and brain will never tolerate such an ignominious show and lack of respect towards the human body.

But before putting the blame simply on the people, it is important to show the real culprits behind it. And these are not only the large food corporations but also and the government, which regulates (or not) the products which are allowed to be sold on these big commercial surfaces.

I know this is a country which has almost no sea and therefore can not offer fresh fish everyday in your local grocery store or supermarket, but does it really make sense that 99% of it is commercialized frozen in a box?

Regarding the meat, the situation gets a little bit better, since the offer range is much broader. And it makes sense: since Germans are pure carnivorous by nature (but are strangely very apathetic as people), it is only natural that, wherever you go, for every other type of food, you will have five times more of meat.

Not coincidentally, when you think about Bratwurst or Schnitzel, the first country which pops up in your mind is obviously Germany, and this is because it is really rooted in the food culture of the country. Nothing wrong about that weren’t the fact that both sausages and breaded meats are everything but a healthy thing.

Last but not least, we can talk about the needless products which exist just to give an immediate pleasure to the human body: soft drinks and candies. Regarding the former, if you go to any supermarket you will see how you will be tempted to buy any bottle of soda, since they are not only everywhere but mainly because they are quite cheap. In addition, it seems that in this country these have even more adherence, since Germans are crazy about carbonated beverages.

With regard to the latter, we can include all the things such as candies themselves, chocolates and ice-creams. And even for a very disciplined person as I am, I can tell you how difficult it is to stay away from this disguised poison: they are simply everywhere, are cheap and are promoted above all the other products (the target is clear: children and young people).

But what should be something which every adult and parent would make an effort to stay away from or even abstain from buying it, it is actually a type of goods which is even more consumed by these grown up people.

In the end, by checking the terrible habits of the population, it seems that all the (ir)responsible entities play their role on it: both the adults of this country and the government not only do not refrain no one to be unhealthily but even encourage it.

Basically, most of the adults of this country are big children who have never acquired the ability of selecting what they put in their mouth.

And concerning the government, one can only conclude that it benefits much more – financially of course – if it keeps the producers and suppliers of candies and fatty food satisfied. Only that can explain the fact that one of the fattest countries of the world does not take any significant measures to stop this epidemic of modern times.



Women rule

The group of people who has more rights, privileges and benefits in this country is by far the one consisting of women, followed by the group of pets, with the biggest share given to the species of the Canis familiaris, more known among us as dogs.

While the latter is usually controlled by a more evolved species known as the Homo Sapiens Sapiens and therefore makes no sense to develop this topic – aside from the fact that Germany is a country which not only allows but also encourages people to take their beloved pets everywhere, including stores and even restaurants – let us focus on the former.

Most of the women around here have missed their fashion classes and simply do not know how to dress. They just wander around, being way too practical and having no idea (or simply not caring about it) on how to be feminine and to be attractive to men.

This girl power has totally blinded women, making them believe that every behavior they adopt – including the language they use, the way they dress or even the way they mutilate their bodies – must be accepted. If there is a country in which women have the same or more rights than men and are ultra protected, that one is called Deutschland.

Not coincidentally, the German Chancellor is exactly a woman and, even that does not make such a big difference in empowering women – because if there were a man on her seat, he would be following exactly the same mindset and political agenda – it surely strengthens it even more.

But this situation has not arisen with Angela Merkel, so we have to go back forty years in time to understand how things have reached a state in which you almost have to be apologetic for being a man.

It was in 1977 that there were major legislative changes, which consisted, for instance, in giving gender equality in marriage and turning divorces into no-fault, when previously existed the fault based ones. These were basically the seeds sowed for a society which would give more and more power to women. It was also in 1977 that Alice Schwarzer, the most famous feminist of that time, founded the magazine EMMA.

And to conclude the feminastic 70s, I could not disregard that it was also in this decade that the anti-patriarchy terrorist group Rote Zora was founded and spread terror for about twenty years in the country.

From here until our times, it was a highway of a supposed evolution and development which has basically put women looking and behaving like men, leaving these latter in a situation of confusion and indistinguishability which would make legendary men like Barbarossa or Frederick the Great to turn in their grave.

The way the system and the German political agenda have supported such a scheme is indeed harmful and even heinous and the effects are long here. Germany is right now the European country with the lowest birth rate and perhaps already the number one worldwide (fighting for the first place with Japan, a country so immersed in its technology and lack of space).

The reasons behind that? Well first of all because women have been changing their priorities, with the system fully supporting it, switching their focus from being nurturing mothers to career insane addicts. The result is a forced competition between men and women, where these leave behind what should be their main purpose of existence: to bring offspring into this world.

The number two reason is that the state should immediately get out of the way, to what childbirth concerns. Nowadays it is amazing how social security in Germany works, meaning that if you have more children, the less you will get when you reach the retirement age.

Another factor is the one that a low birth rate means a lower working force for the future and by consequence that less money will be taxed to social security. And again, the German state instead of creating (at least economical) incentives, just watches the entire decline of the population with a damnable apprehension.

The third factor is the current state of the world, not only economically but also politically. If we think about both the crash of 2008, in which the world immersed in a deep financial crisis, and the recent migration flux, which dumped thousands of “refugees” in Europe and have created new problems which did not exist before, then we would have two very solid reasons for females not wanting to procreate.

But the truth is that regarding the former, Germany knew and could very well get over it and quickly gained its stability; concerning the latter, this immigration crisis started roughly two years ago, when indeed this decline in the birth rate had already started way before, so this third factor is indeed a fallacy, just used by fake economic specialists to give a reason for something which has no reason at all.

Basically, there is this idea in the air that raising a child is not only too costly (indeed a reality, but too overrated) but also because it is not so safe to bring a new being into this world, especially if the times are so difficult.

Last, but surely not least, it is due to the anti-dating culture which exists in this country. First let me give you the biggest warning you can get: think two, three or million times in your friend down there if you are thinking about doing some holidays or even start a life in Germany. I have been in many places and I promise that I have never seen such a frigid one in terms of sexual attraction and flirting (in which other place, aside perhaps from the Nordic countries, is there this embedded habit of splitting all the checks?).

It seems that not only women have little or even no interest at all in sex – forget about the cliche of German girls beings totally nasty and perverted (even if that is true, it applies just to a very small portion of them) – but also they avoid or even deny interactions and to be seduced by the opposite sex.

This produces by consequence totally emasculated men, who pedestalize women limitless and who do everything they can to sleep with them, even if that means waiting months and months without even getting a single kiss. On the other hand, you have these Turkish guys who even boost more the women’s ego because, even if they are neither shy nor reserved as their fellow natives, they surely demonstrate and never lose an opportunity to complement or show pure thirstiness when looking, approaching or communicating with women.

The result is a society made of desperate men running after totally average women, who think their pussy is made of gold and that they deserve to have the most enchanted prince. As someone said, Germany is the only country in the world where a 5 thinks she is a 10!



People stick too much to the rules


If there is a country which abides by the rules almost blindly, that one is the land of the Bratwurst. Do you know when people ask why things happen or exist for a reason? Well here they don’t. So let me just give you a handful of stupid examples, just for you to understand the state of things:

  • I am not going even to talk about the fact that there are no public recycling containers and that these only exist in the form of private smaller ones, always attached to one building (so if you leave in the house 18 of the Street ABC, your building will have its own set of private containers which no one else can touch or use). What fills my head with question marks is the fact that many people lock these containers! I mean, just for the record, every plastic bottle is worth 25 cents, but people usually keep them at home to then exchange them in the supermarket so I wonder why do they want to keep they valuable plastic waste so well protected;

  • Sunday, the day of the dead…literally, because there might be people who indeed die of boredom because there is absolutely nothing you can do! You only find time to go shopping or to the supermarket on this specific day? Forget it, everything is closed. You take the Sunday off to take care of your place, vacuum cleaning and washing it and doing the laundry as well? Forget it, you must be silent the entire time. So that also deters you of doing a barbecue outside, with some cool music in background. Then it should not be a surprise then one of the official recommendations of what to do in a Sunday is to go into the middle of the woods and explore the nature.;

  • As I have already referred before, you pay for everything in this country and that makes me wonder how they do not charge you for pissing in your own toilet. Speaking about pissing, that is right: you must pay for it whenever you go, not mattering whether you are in a gas station, in a mall, in a restaurant or even in a club! And when not obligatory, you have these poor cleaning ladies out of the toiler just waiting for you to put your 50 cents. You pay your own internet provider, you have no TV and listen to no radio? It does not matter, you must pay the local authority a quarterly fee for cables and service. You have a job? Prepare to deduct a third for your retirement, health insurance, social security and even for religion, if you were dumb enough to choose one when signing your contract. The fact here is that for most of these scenarios there is an alternative and usually a clever way to save some money, but people simply do not stop to think what they are wasting their money on, just because “it is a fact that these things must be paid”;

  • People usually use the same expressions, have the same reactions and have the same kinds of conversations. If there are people easy to predict, these are the Germans. Day after day I come across the same words or faces, as If I were in some kind film in which the characters are programmed beings with no self-awareness, just following the herd. For instance, if you say something slightly out of the ordinary or basically something which the German in front of you was not expecting for, prepare yourself to hear a “ach so”. This annoying interjection comes in every situation, including trivial ones such as asking for directions or the time. Another expression very commonly used is the “oder” (in English “or”), which usually comes after a yes or no question. So imagine, “excuse me, that big thing up there is the moon, oder??” In this case, we have not only another formatted word but also the extra of adding uncertainty to every speech, which only show how assertive and self-assured the Germans are. And the best for the end: Have you heard the cliché that Germans are cold people but love to talk about the weather? Guess what? It is really true! If you find yourself among Deutsche, especially if you are in a closed space such as an elevator, 200% of the present will say something like “hey, today the sun is shining, cool…oder???”



Smartphone addiction and stupidity live happily together

When someone invented the most famous gadget of the millennium, he or she was perhaps far from imagining that it would fit like a glove to the German people: they have found the toy which suits better their anti-social skills, allowing them to isolate themselves from the world and not “to be disturbed”.

First of all, unless they (mostly guys) are drunk somewhere in any beer festival, the Germans are in general quite boring and tend to discuss “hot topics” such as the weather or football and only among acquaintances or friends because, when in the presence of someone new, the maximum they can use is a bitte or a Entschuldigung, proper of their social formatted education.

Contrary to the Americans, who are indeed quite social people and take every opportunity to initiate a conversation (even if it is the dumbest one), the Germans are only happy when starting an interaction with someone they know.

But it is funny and curious how such opposite poles eventually converge in a common point: the use of smartphone, especially because everyone around can not take his or her hands off the poisonous instrument.

So on any public transport, in the middle of the park and even walking in the middle of street, while jogging outside or exercising in the gym, the Deutsche will always have their best friend on their hand, with the plus of having the headphones always plugged into their ear canal (how they love music – totally pun intended – but totally do not know how to move their body!)

And the worse is that people and society already sees it as if that were indeed the normal behavior. This fact has reached such ridiculous dimensions, that you can even spot old people and even retarded guys with their headphones connected to their brain (this a typical case of social influence: one looks to the side and sees everybody else wired to their phones, so they take it as the norm).

Basically, for every moment they could be having a healthy interaction with another human being, they just prefer to follow the herd and just dive into a universe of indistinctness. And I wish that all of this social atrophy would be limited just to this smartphone addiction but of course not, the phenomenon and stupidity are broad and applicable to every fragment of society.

What about the cool trend which of course the entire horde must follow, which is the knee cut jeans? Girls just walk around showing off their knees, just because some fashion diva or pop singer told them that they just had to use them, otherwise they would be displaced from the modern, evolved times. Maybe these divas also told girls that they must have a continuous bitch face, even in cases where they are whales with ass faces?

Is it just me or people are just stupid and they are proud of it? They do not read, they have no culture at all and the only activity they do proactively is to consume and to spend resources. They care neither about themselves nor about the world rather about immediate satisfaction and aiming just at what is on sight.



The bottom line

When I first started writing this article, my intention was just to make a superficial, perhaps funny comparison between the USA and Germany. But then, as I was typing more and more, it has popped up this urge of digging dip and revealing the current state of things in the most populated country of the European Union.

Obviously that the comparison would already be somehow critical or even derogatory in the first place – if you follow me regularly, then you are already familiar with my critical approach towards the Uncle Sam’s land, which symbolizes, in my honest opinion, simply and clearly the decadence of the west – but believe me when I say that I have tried to support all my statements on facts.

And after bringing these topics all together, I can just offer you the following words, which are harsh but nothing more than the truth: Hyperbolizing, if we could blame a people responsible for the slow extinction of the human race, that one would be the German.

First of all, it is a country which does not have a real identity. Their people just go with the flow and follow their political leaders in a unchallenged way, even if that means putting in stake the existence of their own nation.

The young generations, instead of being subversive and fight for their own rights (pun intended, they only fight for the wrongs), only care about walking around with their headphones plugged to their ears, listening to the trashiest, most unnecessary music ever been made in history. But since they still have the enough money to be considered a first world country, they either just give it away for free to the state (again, without any dispute) or spend it on useless items, services or products.

Ask a German who has Netflix and you will most likely receive a “Yes” in 100% of the cases. And useless products also mean thousands of euros yearly wasted in the most toxic food you can think of, from fatty meat to sweets with industrial amounts of sugars.

The Germans are indeed polite but that does not make them a social people, since they cut from scratch every social interaction and are even proud of their coldness (ask any non-German to describe the Germans in one word and you will see what I mean).

Women, the masters in keeping things distant, are simply too busy minding their own business (aka career) and presenting themselves to the world in practical clothing, with no interest (or idea) whatsoever on how to attract the opposite sex.

The culture of seduction is almost non-existent and it is not a surprise that the breeding rate is one of the lowest in the world (it seems that a baby is just another “inevitable expense”, so let us keep it short!). Girls are usually boring, drink little and therefore party in a very moderate way. The only advantage here, since most of them are so soulless and not so sexual, is that they tend to be faithful in their relationships and usually do not behave as whores

Even so, I want to be as unbiased as possible and claim that Germany surely has its own advantages, especially if you think about living and working here. But if it used to be one the safest places on earth, with regard to social matters, jobs and most of the economical dimensions, what one can say nowadays in an Europe on the brink of the abyss, about to tear apart and totally lose its stability?

And internally the things are not getting better: we all are aware how the German financial system is on the edge of collapsing, having as the tip of the iceberg the Deutsche Bank. In any case, a financial breakdown would still be reparable, but Germany and Mrs. Merkel have really gone all-in and wanted to check until where they could go with their lunacy (to which they answer with the words tolerance and human rights, the typical demagogic arguments).

So they have decided to accept thousands (millions?) of “refugees”, as if such measure could compensate something which can never be repaired – and by the way something which happened more than 70 years ago, meaning that there is almost no relationship between the people of those times and the ones living now.

In addition, this was also the biggest migrant wave since the end of exactly the Second World War, which has the “interesting” feature of bringing people with a total different background, education and values from what is set in Europe. Many people can call me extremist and claim that I am totally wrong that I can live fine with that.

What I can not live with, or putting things the other way around, what makes me die slowly, is to be in a country in self-destruction with, let us be honest, almost no reasons at all to give a normal human being a reason to feel happy and to live with joy. Therefore, let them coming in, that I am leaving soon. Auf (kein) Wiedersehen!




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