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Last weekend I talked about FREEDOM.

I guess my timing couldn’t have been more appropriate.

In case you have been hiding in some cave, or you’ve been busy trying to climb Mount Everest and you don’t know what I am talking about, let’s just say that a group of (very clever) guys decided to join efforts and “short-squeeze” some of the richest guys on earth, after finding out that GameStop was one of their easy income sources.

And in my book, they did pretty well.

Basically, they screwed the big guys at their own game, and I honestly cannot think of a more brilliant way than making all these Wall Street guys taste their own medicine.

In a perfect world, that would have just been the end of the story: the big guys lose (a huge sum of money), while the common people like you and I win.

But this is not a perfect world, and in reality most people ended up losing a lot of their hard-earned money (lesson for the go: when it is too good to be true, it probably is, so don’t try to outsmart any market or opportunity).

And why? Because Robinhood decided to steal from the poor to give to the rich (pun intended). In case I am talking Chinese, Robinhood is one of the world’s largest trading and investing platforms.

So when all these hedge fund guys realized they were about to lose BILLIONS of dollars, they just did what they CAN do best: to save their ass.

In this case that meant suspending all tradings, leaving thousands, perhaps millions of common people with their money on hold. And since these hedge funds have access to pre- and post-market, and can trade after-hours, they quickly found a way to plunge the stock price.

This to say what?

That freedom is a FALLACY.

You don’t need too much of a brain to fathom how this game is completely rigged (I could also not think of a bigger irony than having this company named as Game…STOP), and how people like us are just small fry in an immense polluted ocean.

Now, before you lose the good energy that is left in you, let me tell you that what happened this week might actually be the beginning of something GREAT. Not for the usual winners, but for the rest of us.

You may think that this did not make that much of a difference…but it did. For the first time in a long time, the top 0,1% realized that they don’t have 100% of the power.

Maybe they have 98%, 99%, but not 100%. And that changes everything. Because right now we have 1% to fight for.

To have access to the money they don’t want us to have. All of this because the internet, even with all its flaws and downsides, gave power to the PEOPLE.

However, like EVERYTHING in life, things will never be given to you on a silver platter (unless you are a hot girl), meaning you will need to swim against a tide that will want to drown you at every second, and still find the strength to keep going.

So anytime you are lying on your sofa, always ask yourself: “Am I where and what I TRULY want to be?”

Be 200% honest, don’t bullshit yourself.

Because if the answer is no, then you must stand up. NOW. Because Netflix won’t do shit for your life.

Stop giving your power (by being happy with that average life you have) to these fucking criminals, and start fighting for your life. For a GREAT Life.

So instead of using the internet for fun, start using it for research.

Instead of using social media for mindless scrolling, use it to meet guys that may help you leverage your life or your business.

Instead of using YouTube to watch stupid cat videos, use it to learn something you currently neither know nor master.

All with the final purpose of arming you with the right tools to build your own escape room, instead of being trapped in a maze with no way out.

Because unlike some years ago, where the power was fully centralized, now you have A CHANCE. So go grab it.



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