I know how difficult it is to find a quality woman nowadays. The sexual market is getting so unbalanced to their side, in terms of options and possibilities, that most of the guys simply stick to the average, to what is given to them or just to what “they can get”. In order to get their dick wet, they almost lose their self-love and respect.

In case you are one of these guys, let me tell you that it is exactly now, more than ever, that a man must show the world – and especially himself – that he is someone with value who expects and even demands the best for him (if this true for every point of one man’s life, it is even truer when dealing with the opposite sex).

In my case, if a girl does not treat me as the last coke in the desert, I will show her the middle finger and tell her to get the hell out of my life. Just in case you are wondering, I do not believe in snowflakes anymore, but I still believe in women who can, during a certain period of time, be devoted to just one man. I do not care whether she is the hottest girl on the block, a pure bomb shell, a perfect 10 or a unicorn: if she does not crave to use every possible minute of her time to see me, I will simply dump her. And so should you!

Of course I am not talking about real sluts or girls whom you just have casual fun with but, in case she is actually someone you find yourself with, either in a real relationship or in a friendship with benefits, then she must have eyes only for you. And in case you are not sure whether she has, these are the signs which undoubtedly tell you that a woman is worth of neither your time nor your attention:

  1. When you are on her presence, she does not find a way to always be close to you or to touch you: Whether you are alone or together with more people, there is this “invisible force” which impedes her to be close to you. What this basically means is that her subconscious does not want to be near you and this is one of the worst signals you can receive from a woman. But worse than that, instead of accepting that she is not that interested in you, is trying to force her to be, which will only lead to pure neediness and her controlling the whole relationship.
  2. When you enter a place she is already at, she does not have eyes only for you: Imagine you come into any place you know she is already at. Naturally you are expecting a warm reaction from her side but when she sees you, she throws at best a timid smile at you. Or worse: throughout that night or at a certain moment, you look at her but you never see her looking at you, since she is always more interested in what other people have to say/are doing.
  3. She does not write you at least once every two days: this simply means that she has no idea what you are up to and does not want to find it out either. Women are curious beings by nature and if she does not write you on a regular basis (everyday should be the norm, in case she is really into you), it is because her head and thoughts are anywhere else than on you.
  4. Anytime she writes you, it is basically very short texts or such answers as “yes” or “ok”, without question anything back: look, women are programmed to speak more and therefore to write more. If you find yourself having difficulties to make a conversation via text or if it never flows (you get constantly this strange feeling of not having topics to talk about with her), it is because something is not right.
  5. She receives lots of messages from other guys and, even worse, she answers to them in front of you: This only means one thing and that is she likes to be teased, courted and to leave her options open. And a girl who keeps flirting with other guys deserves a direct red card, especially if she does it in front you, showing no kind of regret or respect whatsoever.
  6. She dyes her hair in other colors than the natural black, brown, blond or red: nothing to do with you (hopefully), only a sign that she is already mentally damaged and there is nothing you can do about it, aside from leaving her.
  7. She does not cook for you or, even worse, she does not cook at all: a woman who does not cook is a person who will never have a feminine role (just feminist) in the relationship and therefore is someone who will never take care of you. The western societies have made up this concept of the “strong, independent women” who can do everything on their own, except from cooking and taking care of the household – basically traditional and crucial characteristics every (honest) man looks for.
  8. If you get sick, she does not make herself immediately available to help you with whichever you need: Aside from the obvious physical traits, the one great thing which distinguishes a woman from a man is her nature for nurturing and taking care of someone. If a person whom, supposedly, she cares about gets ill or down, the first thing she shall do is to run to help him, exactly as your mother would do.
  9. She tattoos herself: ok, I can admit that a girl makes one or two small ones with a meaning (unless she writes the name of some dude she banged before or makes some sexual references), but damaging and polluting the skin with unnecessary rubbish – oh sorry, with some art – only makes a woman look crappy.
  10. She drinks and parties a lot…without you: First, unless she is just a girl you are having some fun with, you should disapprove her behavior if she has the tendency to go out a lot (by the way, in case she already has this “night seed” within her, you will never be able to eliminate it). Then, you must question yourself why she keeps going out so much with her friends, not inviting you to come along. But I can give you the answer already: she is a slut who should be dumped, only to be used for casual fun.
  11. She is very social and knows a lot of guys: unless she is physical unattractive, believe me that all of those guys are so friendly because they want to bang her. And if she keeps giving them hope, it is because deep down she also desires that and wants to keep her options open.
  12. When you are going out with her or within a group of friends, and a random guy approaches her, she does not nip it in the bud and allows the conversation to flow: this is a pure sign of lack of respect which must be punished at all costs. A girl who is “officially” with you but allows other guys to talk to her in front of you, deserves no further consideration and must be dumped immediately.
  13. She takes a lot of selfies and posts them on social media: If she is taking different pictures of herself and posting them in as many places as she can, you are before an attention-seeker which means a lot of things, being the most important the fact that these kinds of girls cannot live without other guys (commenting on their looks, for instance), just to feel better. And all of us know where this usually ends up – by banging the guy X, Y or Z – as their “need for emotional fulfillment” has no boundaries.
  14. She does not dress herself in a sexy way/she dresses herself as a slut: first, you neither want her to dress in a crappy way – with sneakers, ripped jeans, sportive jackets, caps and so on – nor as a slut, with too short skirts, open blouses or big ear rings. Concerning the latter, there is a very fine line between dressing as a slut and presenting herself in an elegant, sexy way and it is exactly this last version you should always be looking for.
  15. When she is planning a trip or going to any event, she does not consider you in the first place: My experience tells me that when a girl is crazy about me, the first thing she wants is to take me on holidays with her, so she always tries to find ways to convince me. Meaning that if a girl only plans things on her own, without consulting you first, it is because she does not see you as a valuable company, rather as a cuckold who does not deserve her respect (like the “exotic guys” she is going to bang when being on holidays with her girlfriends).
  16. She is often busy and never finds the time to be with you: there is hardly someone with a busiest schedule than me (no conceit at all here) – among taking care of my home, going to work, playing football, weight lifting, dancing and writing some articles, little time is left to do other stuff. But guess what, I still find a way to be with some women, simply because I want to. So if such a busy person as I do finds time to be with a girl, there are surely no excuses for any girl not to be with me or with a man like you.
  17. She gets offended very easily, so you generally feel you need to think a lot before telling her something: this basically means that, aside from the sexual side, perhaps you two do not have a real connection with each other, the so-called chemistry. When I am a girl whom I really like (and who, of course, likes me) I talk with her about whatever I want, not being afraid of any judgement afterwards. This is the healthy way and how things should work between a man and a woman, but somehow many guys fall into the “oh she is so attractive that the rest does not matter” trap.
  18. She never suggests paying anything: It is the duty of a man to pay for most of the things, being a first date or, in the limit, supporting the whole house and family. In any case, if the girl you are with is someone whom you see regularly and you also do activities together, which include spending money, she must at least offer herself to pay certain things. I know that there are different cultures and that in some (Latin America, Russia) the men are supposed to pay for everything, but the truth is that if it happens to you, you basically have a Gold Digger on your side so please make sure that you dump her as soon as possible.
  19. If she commits a mistake (or, on an exceptional basis, any of the previous points, except from dying her hair in blue, which deserves no forgiveness) which offends you or lets you down, she neither apologizes nor shows regrets for it: We are all humans and we all commit mistakes. Neither I nor you nor anyone will have a clean sheet in the end. But one thing is to commit a certain error and somehow show some remorse for it; another is doing a bad thing and simply not caring about what that may interfere or cause on the other person. And I can ensure you the following: if a girl makes fun of you, lets you down or disappoints you on a regular basis, she is not worth of your time. As she will never change and is basically doing you more harm than good, do not think twice about nexting her.
  20. She displays little affection for you and does not try to know you better: attention that you might have fantastic sex and/or the activity you both have in common is great – for instance, let us say you are dance partners or you go to climb together – but out of these situations she is just too distant. She does not seem to care neither about knowing you better nor about showing her feelings for you, via such simple things as touching, smiling at you or looking you in the eyes.

Extra point/conclusion (More important than the other all twenty):

Your intuition tells you that she isn’t really into you. You are with her, you like to be with her but somehow you feel that something is missing between you two. This chemistry, this real interest which puts a girl so much into a guy, simply does not exist or only shows up once in a while. Basically, you are with her simply because you are either scarce in options or afraid to be left alone.

So, instead of being a pussy, man up and show the middle finger to all the girls who do not deserve your company (based on the factors above). In the limit, you must live life according to your own terms, which will always give you this buyer mentality (“what does she have to offer me?” instead of the typical needy seller mindset).

If you do not know how, remember that by always seeking constant improvement and looking for becoming a better man, you will also increase your perceived value. And by doing it so, you will have not only a constant flow of new options (women) but also this fearless attitude of dumping all the ones you consider valueless, not being afraid of any consequences.




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