I had been in Lithuania in 2011 and 2013 and honestly it was eventually my first “wow” experience in Eastern Europe. Back then, I was already quite familiar with the realities of such countries as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary which, obviously providing a solid supply of talent, had as the main plus the nice attitude and easiness of women and not necessarily their top-tier quality.

But when I was first in Klaipeda, during the summer of 2011, and then in Kaunas one week in May, my eyes testified a perfect mixture of female beauty and perfect style, with a traditional role of being feminine in the background. It is true that women’s accessibility could not be compared to the ones I had found in the countries cited previously but, having had made out with about ten girls in those two weeks separated between two years time, gave me a promising indicator of what Lithuania would be if I would spend more time there.

So with this in mind, and after having quit my job, I decided to move to Kaunas to live for four weeks, not only because I wanted to experience how it was to live in Eastern Europe not being an innocent student anymore but also because I wanted to join, train and dance in the local salsa school, whose teachers I had seen one year before performing in the Vilnius Salsa Festival and whose talent and technique had really impressed me.

But like many times told throughout the last years, what before was white is nowadays black. What previously made a man travel to distant destinations, in the search for beautiful women eager to meet foreign men, is nowadays one of the biggest errors you can make.

And regarding the girls of this country, this sad reality is taken to a whole new level. I have already travelled a lot and I can say, in a clear way, that Lithuanian girls are eventually the most conceited ones I have encountered on the surface of this planet.

Do not ask me why, but they have this inherent stuck-up behavior which impedes that most men even dare to start any conversation with them. It could be just a matter of (bad) attitude but no, they externalize it in every sense, and these are the signals why it is more difficult to approach a Lithuanian woman successfully than to have a whole month of sun in this country:


They walk fast

And they walk faster the hotter they are. Don’t ask me why this happens – maybe it gives them some kind of importance or perhaps they just don’t want to give any chance to a guy in a middle of the street to stop them – but this is more exact than arithmetic.

Girls seem that they are always rushing, needing to be somewhere at a specific time, as if their lives were that important. What is funny is that most of the times you will see that these girls will do nothing else than meeting their girl friends in the coffee shop, most likely talking about trivialities the whole day.


They are talking on the phone all the time

The norm is that a girl is walking with the phone on her hand all the time. This is already the best you can get because, what happens most of the times, is that they will be glued into their smartphone (there were some times where girls almost crashed into me) and with their earphones plugged, like there were no reality outside.

However, if this was already bad enough, the fact is that these girls take it even to a new next level: they are talking on the phone all the time. We all know our interesting their topics of conversation must be, but the reality is that they create another extra barrier for which makes it almost impossible to interact with them.


They are usually in pairs or groups of girls

I do not know what these girls live from but I swear that I have never seen so many girls sitting down together in pairs in coffee shops, being in the morning, after lunch, during the afternoon, evening or even night (maybe their guys are a bunch of hard-workers who just waste all their saving on sponsoring the ladies).

And while this in theory looks like the perfect scenario for a single guy, the reality, as usual, is quite different, as these girls are totally into their girl friend and do not pay attention to anything or anyone else.

Even If I suspect the topics of conversation revolve around the beautiful clothes they need to buy, the latest Netflix exclusives they can not miss, how annoying is the new colleague at work or how the boyfriend of one does not pay attention to her, the sad truth is that these women being there or not is exactly the same.

Of course that if you have both balls and a good, fearless wing man, you can try to approach these girls and it will be just about running the famous numbers game. Nevertheless, my intuition tells me that in 90% of those cases the busy ladies will feel interrupted and express something like: “don’t you see I am busy talking to my friend?”


They do not show any interest nor give any eye contact

If you are the typical mummy’s boy who grew up in an environment where he would be put in a pedestal, with all the attention put on him and believing he was the cutest kid alive, then make yourself a favor and do not set foot in Lithuania.

Why? Well, unless you are a 1,90 mt really good-looking guy, with a great physique, girls will not give a fuck about you. Sure, you may receive once in a while some interested looks, but I can guarantee you that they either will be very rare or simply coming from average girls.

So basically if you want a country where you will gain your confidence based on external factors (you shouldn’t) and want to feel like a rock star, then do not come here. Even if these will not give you the same reactions as ten years ago, I can tell you by experience that such countries as Poland, Czech Republic or even the neighbor Estonia will give you much better and many more indicators of interest.


They are inherently stuck-up

Taking into account the previous point of why girls do not look at you, one of the main reasons is that Lithuanian women truly believe that they are crème de la crème of the female prototype. One can see by the way they walk, by the way they (do not) look at you and by the way they talk among their friends how conceited they really are.

A couple of days ago I sat down in a table where there were two very cute Lithuanian girls and, pretending I was bringing the topic by chance, I asked them why Lithuanian women looked so confident. The answer of one was immediate and clear: “oh, because we are the most beautiful”.

Of course that I joked with them a little bit but the bottom line here is that they showed with no hesitation at all when responding me, proving that these girls are everything but humble and that they have been spoiled by their men their entire life.

In addition, it is a little bit strange since this country has never really had many sex tourists invading the country to get fun with local women – like happened in Latvia/Riga or, to a lesser extent, in Estonia/Tallinn – so they could theoretically be more open to foreigners and about meeting new people.

But no, they are simply living in their own small world, thinking that their golden pussy will bring them all the benefits and rewards until the end of their lives (quick hint: after you are 35 sweetheart, it will all backfire).


This should not come as a surprise

After the first frustration of being in a place with such beautiful women but whose majority does not give a fuck about you, it is time to analyze the real reasons behind it. No, and it is not that suddenly you and I have lost all of our value, qualities and game.

The first possible justification of why Lithuanian women have become so stuck-up is due to historical/political reasons. 90% of the women I have seen in Kaunas, being on streets, sitting in the coffee shops or going out, are young, below the 30s.

The Soviet Union ended in between 1990 and 1991, exactly when Lithuania was founded as a country. This means that from then on, the country has been living in a constant state of peace. There have not been any kinds of conflicts, which creates in people’s minds an unshakable idea of safety.

So this means that all these new generations have been living in welfare and have never experienced any sort of major problem. So for them, life is more or less easy. And as we know, when life is easy, it is ten times easier for girls, meaning that in theory they do not need men for anything and can be just happy reaping the benefits of simply having a pussy.

The second reason is due to an epidemic which I have been preaching about since I created this blog: internet and smartphones. And while there are some countries which still stay a little bit “immune” to this technological fever, Lithuania is for sure not one of them.

95% of the young people I have seen in this country walk around with their smartphones on their hands and about 2/3 of those are either with their headphones or zombiefied looking at useless social media or writing to friends on whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram.

So while guys are just being useless, girls are being useless as well but also building an audience on the other hand. This means that any girl above 5 has already a legion of fans constantly commenting or liking her photos and publications.

The result is that girls have so many options in their magic device that in the end they do not care about what is in front of them. To them, the online has become somehow their reality, a world of endless possibilities, constant attention and ego fulfillment.

Last but surely not least, you may think in the first place that Lithuanian men are a bunch of alphas who do not care a dime about their women. Well, maybe this was true many years ago, because the guys in this country are a band of wusses who simply pedestalize their women – today only the Instagram celebrities, the basketball stars or the club owners are the ones who still live in this pussy paradise and therefore do not give a fuck).

If women behave in a certain way – and I can tell you that I have traveled a lot and I have never seen such conceited women as the Lithuanian – that is mostly due to men who allow and even encourage them to have such behavior.

A couple of weeks I met two Lithuanian girls and I went with them and another male friend to a club. I thought initially that this would be a great opportunity to finally land a nice local Kaunas girl but, ten minutes after entering the places, all my hopes were shattered.

Not one, not two, not three, but about five male friends or acquaintances simply started surrounding and talking to these girls (turning the back on me as if I were an invisible menace), putting them totally in the spotlight. With such a thirsty behavior, then there is no wonder why girls have this attitude of thinking that they are the best in the world.


So what should you do?

First I must say that I noticed a clear difference between Kaunas and Vilnius. I received many more IOIs in the latter during a weekend than in the former for more than three weeks. Furthermore, the nightlife in the capital is much better, where some girls are clearly open and willing to meet foreign guys for some exotic action.

Regarding Kaunas, well, first let us assess its pros and cons:

On one hand, girls walk around with the smartphone and headphones on their heads all the time. Even if I have not used Tinder, from reports from other two other foreign guys who have their style and can be considered attractive, the matches are not that great either. Ah, and even if they have style, most of the girls walk around their sneakers, t-shirts and ripped knee jeans.

On the other hand, there are few foreigners (mostly students) and the sex tourism is almost non-existent, which is a rare thing these days in Eastern Europe. In addition, you almost do not see girls with both dyed hair and tattoos.

So according to my “contamination” indicator, Lithuania, and especially Kaunas, receives a 3 (Zabol) in my rating system which, far from being good, it is still acceptable. However, as I said, you will be in the limit of pollution to survive so, in case you get lazy or lenient, your life will be thrown down the drain.

In plain English this means that if you are not running the numbers game (I would say approach at least five girls per day, via day, night and online game), you will be disappointed earlier than you would expect and you will have the tendency to give up.

Summing things up, Kaunas is a very difficult beast to tame and even if you are in shape, good-looking and with your style in check, that can actually not mean much. So either you choose the difficult path, by becoming totally resilient and bullet-proof, trying to get results in this strange land, or you raise the white flag and leave the country.

I know how beautiful Lithuanian women are (despite their bodies being too flat, a thing I do not like) and how you and I would love to get the “flag”.

However, none of the above factors will be under your control, so you should honestly consider about looking for further options outside this country. In today’s world, a man already needs to go the extra mile to find or even to meet attractive women. So why waste more time in a dead-end which will only give you scarce or no results at all?



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6 thoughts on “Cracking the difficult code of Lithuanian girls”

  1. Hi Andreas

    Been married to a Lithuanian for 4 years……lots of issues…..lots of things I don’t understand…..conceited as fuck…….and man was it a relief to read your article…..as I thought I was alone in thinking this …. currently here in Kaunas…..trying to get the wife and daughter to leave her mum’s and come to my place !….total stress…..toying between getting the fuck out of here…..and remaining patient for the sake of my 3 year old.

    1. Hello Sid, how are you?

      Thank you man. Honestly, this is the reason why I keep writing such articles, so that other man can relate to them and feel that they are not alone.

      Yes, Lithuanian girls changed my life for the better many years ago but I think nowadays, also due to the (small) country size, they a “rare bird” whom we all can skip and live fine without. Otherwise, we risk having plenty of headaches, instead of enjoyable moments.


  2. I am Lithuanian and i get it why would you say so. However, as i understood from your post youve been approaching wrong girls 😀 If you go to the club especially tabbo in Kaunas you can get laid every weekend (if its that what you came for) if you go to dejavu club there are a lot of young girls (18, 19) who were taught not to talk with the foreign guys by their family and they have no experience or knowledge about it why they were told so. Also if you were approaching thin and flat girls (as you said so) with the most beautiful faces or style (:D) or you were trying to get their attention just stop. Even normal girls cant talk to them its imposibble because the only thing they are talking about is numbers on instagram and eyebrows. I have friends from Lebanon, Germany and other countries and i am not the most beautiful or something. I made friends in the club just dancing with them. I have many girl friends who are amazing but shy and they dont go to the clubs. I think that this post is just one sided. Also the tattoos. As I studied medicine – doctors told us that we cant get them. Coloured hair in Lithuania is something rare and I dont know why but Ive dyed them red now 😀 In school i was told that i am wierd because i talk with the poeple no matter what (fat, tall, skinny, pretty or ugly). Lithuania is wierd but if you know which people to choose you can have an amazing time here. Just saying.

    1. Hello Lina,

      I know my post is just one sided but, as it always happens with publications, I base my writings on what I see and on my experience. I’m certain that there other kinds of women who have different (better?) behaviors from the ones I felt in Kaunas. However, those are exceptions to the rule so, also due to the limited time I was in the city, I can only talk about those.

      Thank you very much for your added input. It’s really good to have different opinions and a “deeper”, inside perspective, especially if these are coming from a (Lithuanian) woman.


  3. They are so egocentric which I have no tolerance . So I dont even bother talking to them ahahhaha. Idc better become gay then feedings their egos. I also became an asshole after leaving here for 4 year .I was a nice guy when I arrived

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