As we all know, the nightlife in the so-called western world is long dead, that is why many of us have opted to travel to other destinations which, according to my personal experience, have always given me much more rewards and moments of satisfaction among the opposite sex.

Nevertheless, during the last five years of my life – especially the last two, as I will describe in detail in the article The End of the Easy Bang – I have been confirming that every time I go or come back to a “second world country” (if we can still call them that), being in eastern Europe or Latin America, something is different and I can tell with conviction that this awareness is not only based on my perspective but also and especially on the real state of things. Without wanting to sound too much self-assured, one of the things I am very good at is to spot, in a short period of time, whether a place is good or not.

Meaning that if you exclude a very small list of countries around the world, none of the others is longer immune to the devilish powers of globalization. Take Cuba, as the more recent example: a country which used to have its unique identity, defending itself at any cost from the American influence, has finally succumbed to the pressure and has opened its borders to the Land of the Free, which is the same to say that it is already on a one-way journey to indistinctness.

Therefore, in one way or another, every country in the XXI century tends or will run without any doubt to its westernization, a totally sad and outrageous sign of our times, as if the world were divided in two and based on the Manichean principle of Us (USA and its friends/allies/servants) vs. Them (the rest of those who do not want to follow the herd).

So if you are wondering how you can check whether a country is already westernized or simply on its way to, these are the four stages – and corresponding traits – you can look for:



1. The Liberation phase


Usually a phase which comes after a revolution or a period of oppression (it is curious to see that even the USA were on this phase after the Second World War) and usually have the following common characteristics:

Exactly on the moment after things break down, there is chaotic phase in which people tend to break the rules and to do exactly the opposite of what they used to.

Still, after the turmoil, there seems to be a strange comeback to some of the “old methods”, because the human being is an animal of habits and needs to find his balance in order to keep the mental sanity.

Which means that not only religion but the tradition roles still play a major role in how these societies work in times of freedom (just in the sense that there is not a dictatorial hand commanding the will of the people).

On the other hand – and it is a phenomenon especially happening with women, since men usually hold a much more regular behavior not so dependent on the state of things – there is this inner will and desire of breaking bad and experience new and exciting things, actually something totally inherent to women’s nature.

So this conflict of interests results in a mixture of actions and behaviors in which society still cares a lot about the traditional good, old values, where the man must provide and protect and the woman must care and nurture, but with this idea of female liberation  in the background.

Even so, everything which goes against the norm is done either very rarely or in a very slow pace, since the society is still totally patriarchal and there is a full shame slut across all the layers of it.

So women are (still) expected to behave and dress according to certain standards. So they wear their clothes in such a way that each of them is still attractive and elegant to a man’s eyes but also in a way which neither stimulates nor arouses the interest of other men. Therefore, women use medium heels and long dress/skirts until the knees as the norm.

And now let us talk about the factor which most influences the level of westernization of a country: the openness to the exterior.

First, we have to analyse how the country in question allows itself to receive external services or products, in such areas as television, music, food and brands. As you know, in dictatorial or oppressing periods, all of these factors are totally forbidden and people live in a kind of bubble, having almost only access to national stuff (the prime example of this situation was the German Democratic Republic, which fully followed the soviet principles).

So a country in a liberation phase basically gives its first steps in terms of receiving things from the outside, which is the same to say Anglo-Saxon material: Hollywood films, international pop/rock music and the poisonous brands we are all very familiar with, such as McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Coca Cola or Starbucks.

Then, we have to talk about tourism. Anytime a country starts getting safer and more welcoming, that also means an increase in the number of visitors it receives.

And with this come new infrastructures, improvement of services, new jobs and opportunities. And it is exactly the latter point, opportunities, which can mostly damage a country, or using a softer version, lead to its identity dilution.

So basically imagine you were a western guy living in a (already) fucked-up western hole and you would suddenly hear that there was a magical place in which you would go and have amazing women literally throwing themselves at you…would you not book a flight to that country immediately?

Well I certainly would and that was exactly what some players back then did, supposedly living in bliss in these pussy paradises. And because these “brave explorers” – who would take very expensive flights or would do the most winding route to reach that country – were so rare and in a short number, they eventually had a reward in terms of women which most likely almost every guy who was born in the generation after will never experience in his lifetime.

To sum up things, the liberation phase is one in which the inhabitants of a certain place still follow, on one hand, the traditional rules and previous establishment but, on the other hand, have an incredible curiosity for development and exploration of the unknown.

And if this is true for a man, it is ten times truer for a woman, who has this uncontrollable desire of experience new things, which naturally includes meeting that foreign guy she had never seen before, who is so different from the other she had met until then and whom she can go though exciting activities with, giving her feelings she had never felt before.

Even so, everything happens at a very slow rhythm and the traditions deeply rooted in the society are still mostly followed and respected.


Countries which were on this phase in the past: USA in the 50s and 60s, Brazil 1985-1995, Thailand until 2000, Eastern Europe 1991-2001

Countries currently on this phase:  some countries in Africa, some more isolated parts of Russia and China and ex-soviet countries such as Uzbekistan or Tajikistan.



2. The Realization phase

person-woman-girl-modelSome years have passed and what used to be the rare, is becoming now much more common. You do not have one McDonalds in the city center, but already ten spread throughout the whole city. The largest international companies are already settled in this country, bringing with them foreign know-how, feed stock and workforce.

In case this country is in Europe, the Erasmus program is taking its first steps and attracting, by consequence, many young, curious male students who are already familiar with the amazing reports they have been hearing about the women of this country, not only in terms of beauty but also in terms of easiness.

And since the country is becoming so appealing, the low-cost carriers start to have some flights to these destinations, if we are talking about Europe, or the major airlines start to increase their weekly schedules flights, if we are talking about Latin America.

But this all about the influx from the outside to the inside, what about the general attitude of the people? These slowly start to embrace what comes from the outside, from products to habits, from behaviors to ways of dressing.

Even if the traditional relationship between men and women is still quite delineated and both of them know their role not only in society but also inside “four walls”, it is curious to notice that some of the following events start to happen:

  • Religion is still a pillar of society but is no longer the major one, as the young generations start to see things in a more practical, temporary and disposable way. If the “new world” is so cool and fun and everything is happening so fast, why losing time thinking about the eternity?;

  • People start running away from the rural areas, as the city offers new attractions and opportunities which the boring life of having a small farm and producing the its own products can no longer compete with;

  • People begin to switch from a collective mindset, in which the society is based on the family and its union, to a more individualistic one, in which each person can follow his or her own path, without being so much attached to his or her roots or background;

  • Technology is more and more accepted as the large international mobile operators and network providers start to explore these exciting emerging economies. This results in a broad selection of channels in the television and a mass expansion of the mobile phone and ways of communication, everything done to put people totally attached into devices, which not only sets up new habits – via the contents people basically consume and extract from the TV offer – but also makes them lazy and numb, turning who used to be producers and thinkers into consumers.

And what about women? Well first their heels get higher and the skirts get shorter, a sign that not only they begin to realize that they can excel their natural feminine beauty but also that they can now express it in a freer way than before.

They no longer care (or at least so much) about the opinion of society and simply want to truly enjoy life, meaning that they tend to put all the conventions aside and do what the hell they feel like.

Then, not only due to their curiosity but also because women are always looking for new thrills and emotions, they start looking for fresh options in their diet menu, which is the same to say that the exotic Latino who is visiting their country for the first time will be put as a top priority.

And talking about Latinos or any foreigner coming from elsewhere (the further the best), this is perhaps the best phase to be in such a country. Why? Even if he is no longer the last Coke of the desert, he has still a very high Sexual Market Value, being desired by most of the women who go out to have fun.

Contrary to what happens nowadays, as going out at night is only reserved for the ones who love to suffer and to spend money senselessly, this realization phase is (or was) exactly the opposite: the zenith of the nightlife times, in which (almost) every man would just need to show up that a world of fun and satisfaction would be granted to him.


Countries which were on this phase in the past: European Nordic countries in the 70s and 80s, Brazil 1995-2005, Thailand 2000-2010 and Eastern Europe 2001-2011

Countries currently on this phase: Ukraine (except from Kiev and Odessa), Belarus and Russia (except from Moscow and Saint Petersburg), China (except from Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong), Philippines, Bolivia and Paraguay.



3. The Hate phase


Everything’s good come to an end, right? So this is the phase in which that “everything” totally implodes and the castle fells apart.

A country can come from a total different background and be located on the opposite end of the other, but is curious to realize that there are a certain number of characteristics common to all the countries which are on this phase, regardless of its history, location or social background.

There are basically three main problems which start to affect every society which finds itself on this hate phase:

  • Religion begins to play a very small part in these societies, whereas career and individuality take the major part of if;

  • Fully connected to the last point, family, once the base of society, is put in the background. When before we had the collective, now we have the individual; when before we had strong bonds, now we have a weak singularity; when before we had unity, brotherhood and protection, now we have isolation and everyone living his or her one live, with no interest or care whatsoever to the next person;

  • The state becomes weak – usually it is a left-wing government which embraces and accepts external influence, instead of defending and protecting the own national identity.

All these elements put together simply create several consequent problems such as:

  • As family loses more and more importance, the traditional roles get somehow diluted, with women claiming for their independence and men getting extremely confused, since society makes them believe that they are not so important as before or even that they are no longer needed;
  • Media and television controlling the masses, by offering “toxic content” and embracing everything which is disposable and progressive. The result is that everyone, especially women, start copying their “stars” behavior, style and way of dressing and have as only dream and aspiration to become famous, even if that fame is based on the most ridiculous, vain reasons. Basically, each individual has a fake notion of power, since there is not solid foundation supporting it
  • Women get so independent, interested in their Instagram pictures and career and guys so interested in watching sport, porn and the Game of Thrones, that the only possible result is only this one: a consequent reduction of births! As I have talked in my article about Germany, it seems that people have all their priorities on the top of the list except from having sex;

So with the destruction of the church and the familiar values, comes a full acceptance of what comes from the exterior, which is the same to say that the country becomes a kind of distorted copy of the United States of America.

First, girls walk around in their casual/street wear style, wearing t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. Seeing a feminine, elegant woman in her fancy dress and high heels is almost a mirage and, the fun part of it, the latter starts to be seen as outdated or, worst case scenario, as someone using a slut outfit (when we know that most of the times girls who dress in a sloppy way are the ones who embark on the winding path of slutiness).

Then, their life no longer happens at home – like caring how to be a good housewife, on the true sense of the word, by learning such skills as being an extraordinary cook or sewing and putting every piece of clothes in a perfect state – but outside and their main interests are now to go shopping (the type of clothing I have just referred), to spend limitless afternoons in Starbucks consuming Frappucinos, Capuccinos, Macchiatos and Ice coffees and, of course, to be connected to the internet, whether looking at their important agenda in Facebook or checking the guy who is less desperate on Tinder.

And taking into consideration this last point, the one of being connected “to the world”, we can imperatively say this has been the main cause of a country going from a liberation phase to at least a hate phase (because most of them end up in the next one, as we are going to see next).

What used to be rare and different, like that exotic guy from Spain, is now another angry dog in a pack of hounds and girls simply start to follow a very natural human trait: to take advantage of this abundance mentality.

And last but not least, summing to this “technological reality”, there is also the fact that travelling has never been so easier, as the multiple airlines fiercely compete for price with one another (with the plus of the low cost carriers), which makes the perfect recipe to have a land, once full of feminine women and opportunities, filled with thirsty men, looking for their lost El Dorado.

The result is that every guy coming to this country on holidays (attention that if you live in such a country as a foreigner, that is a total different story, as you will be able to keep your exotic factor and to gain “trust” from women) is no longer news and is indeed the new hating target.


Countries which were on this phase in the past: N/A.

Countries currently on this phase: Brazil since 2005, Thailand and Eastern Europe countries (belonging to the European Union) from 2010 on.



4. The Zombie phase


If you are lucky enough to survive and reach this stage, then it is better that you start signing your own death warrant, in case you are not thinking from running away from this place. I do not even know where to begin from but, continuing the metaphor, I know exactly that everything about this phase is a total end.

Religion is almost nonexistent, seen as something outdated, whose main followers and believers are people who have their pension as a way of subsistence.

On the other hand, the movement which is so embedded that is no longer possible to remove it from the core of society is the Marxist-Leninist. Equality and sameness to all (above all means!), which is the same to say that people can not “reach new heights”, simply because each and every individual must have exactly the same rights, recognition and rewards and words like meritocracy, sacrifice or effort are only old vocabulary which shows up in the dictionary.

Another trait of this mindset is that, in theory, it is totally against the capitalism but is curious to see in the end how people living in this modern western societies totally embrace it, as they are faithful customers of the private major enterprises, which offer most of their products and services with no real meaning to develop one’s mind, rather to turn it into a tabula rasa.

Most of the inhabitants of a country with these characteristics are full consumers, with no important or relevant skills whatsoever, fully proud of their limited and dead-end 9 to 5 jobs which just feed and enrich the machine and the pockets of the small minority who controls it.

But ok, since equality and a fairer society are promoted by the politicians and the media, then we should have a society based on true human relationships and healthy behaviors, right? As you all know, this is (a galaxy far) far away from the reality!

First, as referred in the last paragraph, this is a society based on the Marxist-Leninist doctrine, which totally abolishes religion and tradition and bet all the chips in “modernization” and “evolution”.

But a society with moral and traditional values is one with strong foundations, based on the family. And a society with such bonds is one quite difficult to break up, since people are united and willing to fight for one another (especially the man, who has a crucial role). Therefore, there is a collective mentality.

But now think about what this globalization has brought to our lives: as the moral familiar values are relegated to the background or even banned, people tend to create individual movements, only caring about their own lives.

What do you think Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are all about? A huge, pure mirror of our egos, nothing more. When there used to be familiar gatherings, now there are morons running after Pokemorons; what used to be a social situation, such as being outside or inside a public transport, is now a solitary graveyard, with everyone stuck in his or her smartphone, as if no world existed out there. Total zombies in a society completely ill, striding fast to its extinction.

Coming back to (this sad) reality, we are being ruled on one hand by fully emasculated men, who are not required to use their protective and strength skills anymore, being simply left to the anonymity and indifference and, one the other hand, by feminists who want to “avenge” centuries of, according to their point of view, female ostracization and abuse.

What is left in the end is a country in which feminine women are almost a mirage (a well dressed woman, with her skirt and high heels, is even frowned upon other looks, as if she were a stranger totally out of the context) and men must be satisfied with what is given to them, which is usually a very scarce harvest, coming from the driest soil.


Countries which were on this phase in the past: N/A.

Countries currently on this phase: All the so called first world countries, with the Anglo-Saxon – UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia – leading the table, followed by all the western European ones.




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