Ok, let us say you have ignored all the advice I have been writing on this website in the last two years and you still want to go out.

You still love the loud music, the girls in fancy dresses (well, if you are lucky enough) and, above all, to have fun in an atmosphere where people drink alcohol and, consequently and theoretically, where you have more chances to take an “intoxicated” lady home.

Look, we have all been there and in a sense I still am: I sometimes find myself with the will to go out, honoring the good old days. In a naive, even stupid way, I have the hope that no, this night will be different and I might get lucky.

The truth is that 99% of the time, in case you live in any western city that does not receive many tourists, what you will get is frustration and a bunch of thirsty and drunk guys spitting their drink on you.

The formula is getting more and more obvious (but strangely always works for the owners of the clubs, even if the club is shitty, the service is terrible and the DJ is half deaf):

Most of the guys go out to drink like animals and to check out girls, while most of the girls go out to drink little and to show off, increasing their attention and validation to such a level that would make Princess Diana jealous – in case you compare how the world used to be, let’s say, twenty years ago.

On the other hand, I have to admit: if you do not go out, if you do not put yourself there, and if you stay home, nothing will happen. The chances of going out and getting lucky are eventually 1%…but if you stay home, those chances will be 0% (I suppose you are not an Instagram millionaire who has a constant flux of hot girls knocking at your door)!

The last time I checked, 1 was greater than 0, so in case you are a mighty warrior who still wants to hit that hard battlefield and try to reap some results, these are the best pieces of advice I can give you in order that you increase your chances of meeting girls – and eventually take a few of them home.


Avoid nightclubs

As I have referred in my podcast episode 4, nightclubs are simply the most stupid, expensive, and intoxicating place you can choose to meet women.

They are packed with guys – usually a ratio of 60/40 if you are lucky enough, reaching the normal 80/20 in most of the cases – and loud as fuck, something that hampers your chances of attracting any woman who is neither a retard nor an attention seeker.

Basically, they are the dreamland of any attractive girl who just wants to have a little bit of fun, having all guys drooling over her as if she were the last Miss Universe.

For me, the formula is quite simple: if you haven’t picked up any girl until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, then the odds are against you and most likely you will not do it in a loud atmosphere with overpriced drinks either.

Note: an even worse location, inside the already-bad-enough-location-which-is-the-night-club, is the dance floor. This is where the hotties elevate their stuck-up attitude to stratospheric levels, making all the thirsty males around drooling over them.

So if you get into hunter mode in the club, at least go for the surrounding areas, such as the bar, the corridors between rooms and, my favorite, near the women’s toilet.


Go for the 25-35 year range

Yes, I know: we all love that innocent look, that clean skin, and that fresh smell of any girl who is 18-24. A girl of this age is simply in the prime of her existence, with her physical attributes at a top level.

But the reality is that, in 95% of the cases, she just wants to dance and to be around taking photos with her friends – to upload into her Instagram account – so she will never be serious about going home with you (unless, of course, you are exactly that Justin Bieber Instagram star she follows).

Therefore, you need to focus on girls who have already passed the baby phase and have already some notion of how things work.

On the other hand, and here I am basing this in my personal taste, I would not go for girls above 35 (unless they are really hot of course). I know that they will be much easier and down to fuck, but most of them will provide a type of body and skin that will much likely disappoint you, after your semen comes out and the reality suddenly crashes on you.


Look for girls who are either alone or just with a girl friend

Much more important than the age, referred before, is whether a girl is either alone/just paired with another friend, or inserted in a larger group.

While the age is still an issue, as most of the younger girls are out just to do silly things like taking selfies and having teenager fun (please be aware that there are exceptions, so do discard young girls just for the sake of it), I have realized that the most important factor to get laid successfully is to go for women who are not in a “team”.

If I take into account the last ten girls I have picked up at night, including bangs or just “made outs”, ALL OF THEM were either alone or just with another friend.

It might be just my personal experience, but the numbers simply tell me that this can’t be a coincidence. Ten out of ten are undisputable odds that no one can deny and it is indeed logical: the bigger the group, the more distractions the girl will have and the more cockblocked (by her friends) you will be.

In addition, it will be difficult to detach her from her group, not only due to friendship/protection reasons but also because she will not want to be seen as a slut among her friends. So the next time you see just a couple of girls or, even better, a girl alone, go for it as the odds will be on your side.


Focus on girls who are sitting down and not in a hysteria mode

Instead of looking for the girls who are “showing off at the club”, you should search for the ones who are sitting down, displaying a cool, calm vibe, and enjoying their drink.

If you find an attractive girl behaving like this somewhere in a bar or in a club – most likely she will be waiting for the girl friend or boyfriend who went to the toilet, so just wait some seconds to analyze the whole situation – simply move your feet towards her because she may be a target willing to meet a new guy.

(yes, she may also be a prostitute, but sometimes you will only figure it out after talking to her)

The most common scenario is spotting younger girls dancing and moving around, while seeing the older ones seating down – maybe because they have neither the energy nor even the patience to be standing the whole night or dancing to the same songs that play every day, everywhere.

Regardless of her age, the most important is this: if a girl is sitting down, it means a couple of positive things:

First, she is relaxed, not in this hysterical mood of showing off to all the guys around her. Then, unless she is glued to her phone like a social retard, she will be most likely observing the environment around her. And a girl who observes is also someone who is open to meet new people, especially guys – unless she is a Lesbian, who has some kind of allergy against the male gender.


Sit down or make your base in the corner of the bar

Unless you are in a strange place, where the bar has a rounded form, I can tell you that most of them are built in a square or rectangular form.

So, first of all, you have to look for the side which is either close to the dance floor or in an area where you have a bigger influx of people passing by. This can be where many are making a transition to another part of the club or on their way to the toilet.

Nowadays everything is a matter of increasing the odds and in a nightclub or in a bar this is all you should do (aside from approaching, of course).

So if you are on the dance floor, you will be limited to the few people who are around you. If you are sitting down somewhere where the traffic of people is normal, you will also have limited options in terms of which girls to approach.

But if you are exactly at this corner of the bar, not only you will have a broader vision of both sides, but more people will literally run into you. And even sitting down, you can throw an opener at any attractive woman who walks by you.

Most of them will not stop or will even ignore you but, if you are a cool and relaxed guy, there will always be one (or more) who will engage with you.


Go for the number in the middle of the conversation and never in the end

Now I am assuming that you have already engaged in a conversation with a girl and she is responding positively, as she is spending her valuable time talking to you.

Well, somewhere in the middle of the conversation, use a certain topic – for instance, let’s say you are recommending her some place to visit, some songs to listen or even some supplement to take – as a bridge to throw a “hey so give me your number in order that I write you where you can go tomorrow”.

Usually asking for a number resonates with a very clear message in the girl’s head:  that you want to date her or something similar. But if you do it in a natural way, like if there were no other choice than you two exchanging contacts, then I can guarantee that the chances she flakes on you will be much lower.

Of course, you should escalate on her on that same night, as later or tomorrow may never come. But the reality is that many times you will not be able to pull her from a certain place (she may be with a group of friends, not in a mood to fuck or be a girl who never does that on the first night).

Or perhaps you met her early in the night and she was on her way to meet some friends somewhere, instead of having met her a couple of hours later. Whatever the situation is, getting the number won’t kill you.

Just make sure you do not ask it when you are saying goodbye to each other, as this will sound a little bit desperate. Or worse, it may happen that you will not even have the opportunity to do so, as she may rush to leave the club with her friends.


Only go out in a Superman mode

For me this the reason that makes the real difference, above all the ones mentioned before. When one guy goes out, the number one characteristic he must have to attract other people is confidence. And I am not talking about the normal, feel-good confidence. What I am talking about is this indestructible power, this force coming from within that makes you unstoppable, and the women around you wet.

Some never get it in a lifetime, others only get it when taking some drugs, others when drinking the right amount of alcohol, others when sleeping well, others when hitting the gym, and others simply have it.

Every person is different, so you should know by now what can make you a super confident person when going out – for me, having a perfect night of sleep, followed by a vigorous gym session and some beach and getting sun on the face, are usually the perfect combination to put me on a top-level.

Of course alcohol also helps once in a while, but it is something that nowadays I try not to rely so often upon.

Whatever your trick is, just put yourself in this mode if you are going out later. Sometimes I know, it might be a chemical/hormonal thing and your body may not react the way you want to. But, if you are somehow feeling too good with yourself during the day, then perhaps this may be the best night for you to go partying.

Because trust me: it is better to go out only once per week in a superman mode, then being out there three or four nights per week, just to say “present”. You may think that you will be increasing your odds following the latter but what do you think is better:

To have the strongest team playing once against a strong team or a weak team playing many times against strong teams? I believe we both agree that the former will indisputably be your best chance to win the game.


Nowadays going out is one of the fiercest battlefields out there: it is hard, really hard, and the rewards are usually scarce. However, it is still the most direct and easy way to find women having fun and to eventually reap immediate results (aka making out with her or even taking her home that same night) – something that you will rarely get from the online, day or social circle game.

So instead of complaining about the state of things, you must do one of two things: either you stay home, focusing on other things and not intoxicating yourself – recommended – or you go out aware of the hard rules of the game.

If you do so, you will not complain, you will not whine, you will not cry and you will not get frustrated. You already know that it will be almost impossible to have good results, so make sure that at least you leave home with a positive mindset and a relaxed attitude.

While out there, you need to literally stand out from the crowd, so following some of the tips I have given you might be a good start. So first, make sure you go out early, as the most attractive women rarely stay up till late hours. Then, hit the bars and places where you do not get a cover charge to get in, and always think that you should bet all your chips in this part of the night, and not later in some packed, smoky nightclub.

While inside any place, make sure you avoid the dance floor and look for girls who are alone or maximum coupled with another girl friend, and who are either sitting down or in the surrounding areas.

Finally, and more important than the rest, just go out with full confidence, like the world is yours and nothing else matters. Sleep well, take the pills you want, climb the Everest, you choose the method…just make sure you leave home with the best version of yourself.

Because if women are so conceited nowadays, there is only one way to beat them: and that is to make them believe, even feel, that you are better, more assertive and cooler than most guys out there, and that nothing in the world can shake your confidence.


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