This Is When You Should Trust Your Gut

Today I want to talk about decisions. Not about micro-decisions (aka the ones we make every single day), but about the important ones. I am also not talking about making “physical” decisions like buying a house or choosing another job – although these might be related to the REAL decisions

The Poland of TikTok and Instagram

In 2007 I went to Poland for the first time. And it changed my life. One year before, Brazil had been the turning point which had given me a complete new perspective of social dynamics and female attraction. But it was Poland that took this perspective to a whole new

No Light at the End of the Tunnel

You were young. Lots of dreams and ideas running through your head. You were eager to try new things. Different things. All things. You tried one thing. You failed. Tried another thing. Failed again. So you moved to the next thing. Until you tried and failed again. But because you

Don’t let the GAME STOP

Last weekend I talked about FREEDOM. I guess my timing couldn’t have been more appropriate. In case you have been hiding in some cave, or you’ve been busy trying to climb Mount Everest and you don’t know what I am talking about, let’s just say that a group of (very clever)

Never Take Your Freedom For Granted

When we think about freedom, or lack thereof, our mind immediately unfolds images of African slavery, or Nazis commanding Jews in concentration camps. And while this is indeed the nadir of human decency, showing how low the human race can go, the truth of the matter is that the concept of freedom is