So the summer has come, you just prepare your flip-flops, sunscreen and beach towels and head to any destination somewhere among Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta and Cyprus, with that good feeling that you will have lots of fun. And while lying down on the beach and getting some tan is great, both of us know that what you are indeed looking for is to stick your hungry penis in as many attractive girls as you can, the ones you have been dreaming about the whole year.

But before you start jumping for joy and having mental orgasms, let me tell you that, unless you want to bed someone whose weight is three times the weight of your suitcase, the quest will be all but easy. As referred in my previous article “The End of the Easy Bang”, the world has changed and, even if these summer destinations have a higher odd of making you lucky, you still need to struggle a lot to be successful.

Even if women leave their social circle at home – which in theory gives them these “cock carousel allowance”, since they will meet no familiar faces when being abroad – they will quickly realize that they will have an endless supply of males ready to please them, so they start to put their guards up and following the process of natural selection. Meaning that if you are not a 1,90 mt model type, with irresistible looks and style, then I strongly recommend that you apply these three rules almost religiously, in order that you increase your odds to seal the deal while on holidays:


Avoid nightclubs

Nightclubs are only good for one type of man: the owner. If you think deeply about the worst value for money one can get from a product or service, then I can guarantee you that these dark, loud places will (or should) surely pop up on the top of your list.

Even though there are (very) few exceptions, the raw truth is that the typical night club is filled with thirsty guys looking for women, who on the other hand are in a constant validation wave, with their fans and beta-orbiters offering them attention and free drinks to an unbearable limit.

Moreover, these are locations in which not only women have their focus being constantly diverted (music, lights, people screaming, guys looking at them) but also you cannot really engage in a real conversation and eventually seduce them (you are not a 1.90 mt model type, remember? So what you say to her is crucial). So based on my experience – take Ibiza, for instance: I worked there a whole summer and I can confirm you that the world most famous beach destination is, for the regular person with no access to VIP area and private events, a pure cock fest – and taking also into consideration that you will be on that specific holiday destination for a short period of time (the same for most of the foreign women you will meet and come across), these are the best environments to approach women:

  • Beach: You are on a summer place, right? This means that all the people who come to this city have as a priority exactly that…going to the beach! And guess what the attractive women like to do? Exactly, you got it, to show their hot bodies and tan them. But wait, there are more advantages: first, people are usually stationary or they just walk slow, small distances (like going to dive in the sea water or taking a beer at the closest bar) and we all know that there is nothing better than a non-moving target; then, the sun provides humans an extra intake of vitamin D and that translates into a better, more relaxed mood – and that is perhaps a state in which you will not find anywhere else rather than here;

  • Late street game: I would say that a normal day game situation – in which girls are, for instance, sightseeing or taking a walk in a city center – is not so worthwhile because most likely the best you will get will be a telephone number, which will probably lead nowhere. On the other hand, when girls have already gone home and are now dressed up and eager to start their pleasant night, this is when the mighty warrior you are shows up to crush some hearts. Intercepting girls who are about to go to dinner or just for some sunset cocktails proves to be, according to my experience, extremely effective, since not only they are still not fed up of all the guys who will approach them later on that night but also you can also convince them to come with you (and eventually your wing man) to a better bar you know just around the corner. Of course this has the risk of you paying for the bill in the end but who wants to get laid with a minimum attractive woman, must be willing to spend some extra euros, since nothing in this world is free (when they tell you that it is, stop, because you have been caught in a bullshit scheme);

  • Bars with no cover charge: summer destinations have usually some nice streets in the city center or old town, which also have plenty of bars spread across that area. And while many have bouncers, with their unfriendly faces, and a cover charge, there are some in which you do not pay a dime to get in. And if the latter have music in addition, these are exactly the ones you should aim at. Why? First, you have the obvious reason that you can enter it, check how it is and leave if nothing is going on there. Then, people tend to be looser (this is perhaps a subconscious thing, since they did not pay and therefore there is not this “pressure of having fun”), so it will be much easier to strike a conversation with that cute face who is asking for a drink. Finally, you can always move around easily, being alone and checking how the next (free) bar will be or eventually with some girls you met inside and take them to another place.


The bottom line is that you should only go to clubs accompanied by a girl (or girls) whom you met before – most likely in the environments referred above – and whom you are already having something with or, at least, someone whom you are experiencing a good connection/moment/conversation with.


Avoid big groups and especially women who are under 26

There is a thing worse than a bunch of guys around the girl you want to talk to and that is the girl friends she is with! Among the “game universe”, big groups have always been referred as one of the biggest challenges for any guy who approaches unknown people and there is no wonder why: because it is a hell of a job since you are not only interacting with the girl (or girls) you find cute but also with all the women who are on that circle. Meaning that the bigger the group, the bigger the difficulty and therefore smaller the odds of you getting successful.

Of course that if you approach a group of women over 30, who have already a much loser, “I do not care” attitude, and who are eventually into finding a dick for that night, then you are much more likely to get lucky. But even so, remember that you just need a girl who is on a bad mood or simply does not like you to have your chances blown off, as she will cock block you and influence the rest of her friends.

Bringing this issue to a summer destination, I have realized through years that the big groups are usually made of young girls from Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom (in addition, you can also find large groups of Spaniards, but when constituted just by women, these are usually above 30). Do not ask me why but there is the culture of travelling in large herds among these countries and, while in theory it would be great to have a bunch of women together ready to have fun, the reality is that in most of the cases they are only there to have fun among themselves, being the biggest cockblockers you can think of.

Another point that has to be considered is the girl’s age. Remember about the EYC (European Youth Card), a youth card which would give discounts throughout Europe? If we take a look at its old conditions, you had to be under 26 years old to be able to use it! This means many things, being the most obvious one that until that age these youngsters are totally spoiled by their parents, who instill on them no sense of responsibility. And for most of the cases, if we are talking about a western, well-educated female, that is translated into she having many “spider webs” and issues about her sexuality.

I have this theory that girls between 16 and 20 want to discover their body as much as they can but they eventually reach a point in which they get some social awareness and start behaving as if their pussies were made of gold. So in practical terms, if the girl is under 26 and coming from a Western Europe country, the maximum you will have will be a make out with her. Naturally your chances of getting lucky with young girls are higher the younger you are but, even so, do not expect miracles in terms of wetting your dick.

Nowadays in Europe, I would say that 75% of the female tourists are made of young girls who travel in groups. So if you are man who is not that young anymore (let’s say you are above 30), you will have a tough time in having positive reactions with the opposite sex. So it is your duty to look for the other 1/4 of women who are much more discreet and eager to have real fun. Because if you do not it and you mix the two elements referred above – a young girl within a big group of friends – then you will have the perfect combination to have literally your cock blocked!


It’s all or nothing

This rule should be one your top commandments in terms of getting women, being in a summer holidays or in whichever situation you will get yourself into. But before moving to the obvious recommendation of what you should do, let me give you a brief explanation of why most of the guys lose time in trying to get the contact of a girl, in order that they eventually meet her later.

Meeting and dating a woman has not always been like this: it used be actually natural and personal. We do not need to go more back in time but fifty years ago it was normal to approach a female – usually someone who was close to our social circle or thorough an acquaintance – and immediately try to plan a date with her who, if accepted the invitation, would treat it as a serious issue and stick to it. And this culture of asking for a woman’s telephone number (even if it was in the past the landline/home one) has always been totally embedded in our subconscious minds, being through films, books or through the so-called “common sense”.

But the world changed and things such as the massification of the night clubs first, of the internet and cheap flights to everywhere afterwards, made that more people were in contact among one another. And while new things are always great in the beginning – because the idea of that creation is in itself positive – they tend to deteriorate or even to self-implode, and that is what has happened until we have finally reached the current times. But it is tremendously curious that our self imaginary, especially talking from a male perspective, has not changed a bit, whereas the world has totally switched to a reality which is the total opposite of the moral standards of the past.

There are, of course, few of us – the ones who have taken the red pill – who know that everything is a big lie and therefore follow the mindset that being bold is worth 1000 telephone numbers; however, the sad truth is that the majority of guys still relies on a deceitful mainstream culture, which makes them still believe, through films, books or television series, that a message to a girl will always have an answer and correspondence!

The raw fact is that 2017 is a sum of quick, disposable moments, in which people are always running after nothing…but they make sure that they still run, even if their true intention is “just to look busy”. The result is a full detachment and alienation which is even more noticeable in women. And concerning relationships, since it is the man who always needs to seek and hunt and the woman is the one who allows or disapproves that courtship, we have made the terrible mistake of giving them the power of decision, leaving almost nothing to us. That is why that in the end, among so many options and contacts from guys, they afford to only choose the most valuable males.

So what a guy should do nowadays? Basically to put the common places, the culture and the bad habits aside and to play by the some dirty rules as women do. Incorporate that there is no tomorrow! Meaning that, at least on holidays, you should forget about your safe moves – the ones through which you collect telephone numbers in your home town – and go all in. Fortune will favor the bold and a summer destination is the battlefield where you can prove it!

Met a girl on the beach? Great, take her to the bar, put her on the mood and then go with her to take a dive in the ocean and try to kiss her. But wait, she does not want to do anything right now, so you just think about picking up her number to reconnect to her later on? Wrong pal, you will never see her again so it is all or nothing.

You approached a girl in the middle of the street in a party area, you are being flirtatious and she is biting the bait, but somehow you think that it would be awkward to escalate on her, so you just play it safe and go for the number? Wrong again! The world ends tomorrow, all of your belongings have been stolen and you have a terminal illness, so grab the life by the balls since you have nothing else to lose!

Please understand how ridiculous and inconsequential a telephone number is and how you should take action until you receive a clear “yes” or “no”. In the end, see the holidays as also a holiday on your (bad) habits: pretend that it is an isolate moment in time in which there was no yesterday and there will no tomorrow, so if it is not done now, it will never be.




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