I have just arrived from a 6-day trip from the most famous city in the world, which I visited the first time in my life (my friends used to tell me: „you have been everywhere, how come you have never visited the Big Apple?”). Too many things have been written about New York and obviously I will refer some which you already know.

Nevertheless, my intention is to give you an idea of the city through the eyes of a person who is perhaps just like you, a guy who likes to have real fun and to be around beautiful women, so everything will be narrowed down into three topics: logistics, people/dating scene and nightlife (I did other stuff like going to a musical in Broadway, to a salsa party and even to the gym, but I suspect you will find better advice about “what to do in New York” in another thousand sites in internet). It will basically be a short summary about the city, therefore you will neither read anything about the “10 coolest things to see in New York” nor have an extensive guide about the best monuments and points of interest “you must really take a picture of”.



New York is big, really big! It is a huge city and I am only talking about the part you will most likely wander around: Manhattan. Eventually you will also walk through Brooklyn or Queens – the latter especially if you go to JFK airport – but most of the action will take place on the famous island (even if you go visiting the Brooklyn Bridge or Liberty Island, you will either depart or end up in Manhattan).

First of all, you have to realize that not only logistics is everything but also you will spend a lot of money in New York, so it makes no sense to stay in bad location, just to save some bucks. If you come here, you have to be clever about how you give money away but really internalize that there is no shortcut and that you shall not be “cheap” (for instance, maybe you can invest more and rent a good apartment but then have all your meals at home).

Then, avoid such areas as Upper Manhattan, unless you are only here for talking longs walks and eventually approaching girls during the daytime, Times Square, as it is filled with tourists and therefore becomes almost impossible to walk around without bumping into someone, and lower Manhattan and the financial districts, as it is overpriced and there is really nothing to do here rather than checking Ground Zero and the Wall Street itself.

So you are left with two options, which are the best in my honest opinion: Meatpacking District/Greenwich Village and Williamsburg in Brooklyn. While the former is top of the crop in terms of fanciness and high-end clubs (you already know the formula: more money = the best girls), the latter is the new trendy neighborhood which has been getting all the attention, but is still quite worthwhile due to its proximity both to Manhattan and to the best party locations in Brooklyn.

So my bet on this is the following: since during the day you can move easily with public transportation, choose the Meatpacking District, if you are more into a mainstream, posh nightlife, or the Williamsburg, in case an alternative night scene is more your thing.


People/Dating scene

This city is in theory the paradise to meet new people. As they come from all over the world, you will come across each and every type of women you can think of: white Americans, black Americans, Latinas, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Caucasian, Slavic, African blacks, African mixed with Chinese, Japanese mixed with Latinos, whatever you want to see, you will have it; however, this also means an incredible number – the majority, naturally – of ugly girls and men all over the place, so the paradise suddenly turns into a reality with a much darker tone.

New York is literally filled up with people: among locals, expats, visitors and tourists, there is a flux of three million human souls (around 500,000 are tourists), and this is just taking into account the Manhattan island. So, as you can imagine, detachment, unfamiliarity and distance are substantives which are totally connected to most of the individuals who walk around the big apple.

And even if this can be great while going out at night (more on that later), the sad fact is that in New York you feel that you never really know anybody and, worse, that you will not even have the opportunity to do it so. And regarding women, we all know what this means: that flakiness is the dominant religion.

First of all, this is perhaps the city in the world where they have more options regarding men, both in terms of quantity and quality. The supply of cock is so high, going from the apps, the normal guys of life and all their working colleagues to the business men, the spoiled rich kids asking for USD10,000 champagne bottles in the clubs or the models with really good looks, that many of these women eventually consider to hire a secretary just to manage their contacts.

Then, and exactly because of this, they simply can afford to dismiss as many guys as they want, just to choose the most valuable ones (according to their standards or objectives). So you are already guessing how the dating scene is in this city: a fierce jungle. While on the surface it is indeed great to have endless options and types of girls, the raw truth is that you will have to compete with thousands of guys, including hundreds with a much higher value (even if this value is based in superficial things like their house, their occupation or their car). So you have to understand that, even if game in New York is crucial to get lucky, most of the times it will be simply useless, as you will not be given one shot to present yourself.

So my advice on this is the following: approach and talk to as many women as you can but only go for the number if you feel that this girl is really into you. Otherwise, collecting twenty numbers, just to brag later among your friends, will only make you feel more stupid afterwards when you will notice that the two arrows in whatsapp will stay grey forever!



Guess what? If this motto is true in any other western hole, then it could only be obvious that going out at night in New York must be all or nothing! So if you are one of these persons who likes to go just for a couple of drinks – and you have the endless supply of places to do it so – then you are missing the full potential of the city. All the “Speakeasy” bars and other cozy locations are great but, in case you are a single guy who has not given up yet on his happy life, then I strongly recommend you to go in full mode! This also means that, when you go out in the big Apple, you have to go with the mindset of “always be closing”.

I just went two nights in New York, but I can tell you that it was enough to draw already a very good conclusion about what is going when the sun goes down in the Big Apple. Below follows the full report:

On Friday, because I was with a friend who also dances Latin rhythms such as salsa and bachata, we agreed to go to a place where not only we could dance a couple of songs with some nice ladies but also it would have this party spirit, something which most of the times is missing in the so-called “salsa parties”. So after checking the schedule and realizing that there was a live salsa concert in “Gonzalez and Gonzalez”, it was pretty clear that all of our ways on that night would end up there.

We arrived at almost 23:00 and there was not much going on (the band would start just half an hour later), neither in terms of number of people nor regarding attractive women. Actually, on that exact moment, we noticed that was not a single attractive girl on the spot but a bunch of oily, fat Latinas who were probably there to get lucky either with a rich dude or just with a ripped guy. We went for the bar, were “cheated” on the most ridiculous Caipirinhas I have ever ordered in my life – costing USD10.00 and served in a glass of wine – and started considering shoving off, as we were in New York for a short period of time and we could not afford losing one night in such a crappy place.

But then, the live band started to play and our minds got a little bit absorbed by the Latin music which both of us are so passionate about. Meanwhile, many more people had come in and the club, which was not so big, was now packed with local Latinos and some curious tourists. This also meant that finally there were a handful of women who were already quite bangable, but whose body language was telling not to be approached, most likely because they were already paired with a guy or were just out to have fun with their girl friends (in the Latin world, the social bond is sometimes too strong to be broken).

However, after a while, I spotted a tall, quite attractive girl in my field of vision, who had a black guy hitting on her but who curiously could not take her eyes of me. As the black dude left, I was left with no other option than approach her, as a freebie like this usually only comes up in Christmas. And I was not wrong: after introducing ourselves, I started dancing with this Spaniard from Barcelona and five minutes later we were already making out (I remember thinking: “you gotta be kidding me, in Germany I would need five nights to happen something similar!”). We were having a great interaction, helped by that fact that she got quite impressed that I could lead her perfectly in any Latin song which would play. As a reward and thinking already in sealing the deal, I took her to the bar to have a couple of tequila shots and beers.

One hour passed, until I took her to the bar again for another set of shots, but this time I had the intention of asking her to leave the place, because otherwise I was just losing my time and I could still “save the night” somewhere else. Well, and when I asked her “hey, let’s get away from here…do you live alone?”, she answered surprisingly “yes of course, let’s go. I live with another girl but I have my own room”. Clean and easy as playing darts with a blind person. I informed my friend that I would leave, took the cab to her place and the rest of the night was spent by me banging this girl who had one of the tightest bodies I have ever seen in my life (that is why I met her again on Monday night, the day before coming back home).

I arrived in my hotel already in the morning and had time just to be praised by my friend and to get into bed. When I woke up around 14:00, I had this great feeling of “mission accomplished” but also too much alcohol in my head, so I waited until my friend arrived home to then go out eating something, as I was urgently needing to restore myself.

When we were having coffee, we started talking and making plans for that day and night, so I remember checking the events for that Saturday until there was one which immediately popped up into my dizzy brain: a “wild” party in a club called “House of Yes”, in Brooklyn (which even made more sense, as the girl I had fucked the night before had exactly told me, when talking about clubs and places to go in New York, that “I would love House of Yes”). I checked its Facebook page and I swear I had never seen anything like that: it was a sold out event, which everyone, according to the dozens of comments posted on the club’s wall, wanted to go and “would do almost everything to be present”.

So there I was, a European, reading about a crazy, exclusive party, which everyone wanted to join, so I instantly felt I was in some kind of teen film and that there was no other option than to be at this event! My friend got excited as well but, as there were no tickets anymore for selling, for half an hour both of us just had this mixed feelings of excitement and disappointment, since we had seen something amazing which we could not be at.

But then, like an invisible hand who wanted to help us, the organization “posted a miracle” saying that they would release a reduced number of tickets at 22:00, in a first-come-first-serve basis. Our eyes suddenly flourished with joy, like two little kids who find hidden candies under their parents’ bed. Even if we had no certainty at all, we started looking for the best costume store in New York, where we could find a couple of outfits who would match the wild, animal theme of the party.

Basically, we lost the whole Saturday afternoon in the “New York Costumes” looking for something really difficult to find, as most of the female clothes were sexy and provocative but all the men’s ones, regardless being animals or from other characters, were simply ridiculous and even male-shaming (what a sign of times!). Nevertheless, after a couple of hours, we were finally able to find our garments: my friend would embody the energy of a majestic bull, whereas I would be a mix of Tarzan and goat.

When we left home before 21:00 and took the subway, all the way from Times Square to Brooklyn, we suddenly felt like two superstars walking around. It is true that in New York, people are used to all sorts of things and ignore most of what comes across in front of their eyes but, in this case, two in every three people looked at us with this “wtf” look (there were some girls who even took pictures and obviously shared them in their useless social media).

When we arrived after 21:00, there was nobody in the queue and curiously only a few people joined afterwards – it was actually a good social experiment in how human beings are afraid of leaving their comfort zone, as most of them probably thought “Why bother going there? I will not find tickets anyway” – so at around 22:00, we paid USD50.00 each and entered what would be, in theory, the party of our lives.

Five minutes later, I spot a very cute girl (she was a solid 7.5), she looks at me and in less than ten seconds I am making out with her. I remember thinking, first, what the hell I was doing in Germany, and second, that I would be very happy on that night. Consumed by a unique thrill, instead of focusing on that chick, I started wondering around the place to look for new and “hotter” opportunities, as I was totally feeling like a star (e.g.: I even had a gay who had approached me and had said: “I just needed to tell you how amazing you are”).

I then turned on my full warrior mode and began to hit women like a pinball game and, even if most of them were quite friendly, they did not give me space to escalate on them. Until one hour after, I hooked up with the second girl, who was at the bar and who had looked at me with this smile – which turns every word unnecessary – so I just used the basics to go for the kiss. She was a solid 7 and was already a little bit drunk, so it could be a good chance to turn things sexually and try to take her home, but then she went to the toilet, I did not have the patience to wait for her and never saw her again.

At this point, one in every four approaches would be a failure (my instinct started to told me that perhaps this party was much more show-off than a real debauchery), but that did not stop me to keep going, so after a while I spotted another 7, with a beautiful face, whom I immediately could establish a nice connection with. The funny thing is that, when something like this happens in New York, it means that you will easily make out with the girl, so it was not a surprise that it occurred with this one as well. But because she was with another hot friend who was more interested in receiving attention from everyone else than to have real fun, I could not isolate my girl so there was a moment in which I asked for her number and left.

Already after 4:00, I spotted another group which had a girl who was around a 6 but older, so I thought I would be my final, best chance to wet my dick on that night. And I got it right…almost. We went to the dance floor, we kissed and touched ourselves like crazy – including fingering her and she putting the hand on my boner – and there was a moment I told her: “let’s go to the toilet”, to which she replied “oh I am on my days, let us wait until the night is over and then we will see”. But, because I have become an impatient guy or simply because I do not believe in what women say anymore, I told her that I would meet my friend and come back. However, I never returned, and went home with one of the biggest frustrations and blue balls of my life.




First of all, I must say that New York is an amazing city both to have fun and to sightseeing, especially if you go there between May and September. I know the city can get quite suffocating in the summer, with the heat getting stronger due to traffic, underground’s steam and crushing buildings, but I can tell you that going to Liberty Island or exploring the hugeness of the central park in a sunny day is one of the richest urban experiences one may have. On the other hand, the apple is not just big in terms of size but also in terms of price, meaning that you need to come here prepared to spend a lot of money. Everything, starting in the accommodation, going through meals and restaurants and ending in shows and night life is quite expensive, so expect to have a daily budget of at least USD200.00, taking into consideration all of these factors summed together.

Honestly, I would see myself living in New York – between three and six months – but no more than that unless, of course, I would have a very well paid activity. I consider this time frame not only ideal both to explore most of the possibilities the city offers and to crack the code of women and the dating scene, but also the sufficient time not to get affected or even overwhelmed by the enormity of the city and all its inequalities, imbalances, noise and pollution. As I said before, I would choose a place around the Washington Square Park (Greenwich Village), in order that I would have the best of both worlds: best women during the day and during the night.

Concerning the dating scene, New York is really a tough combat, in which only the strongest, most persevering guys survive. Prepare to totally run the number’s game and to get flakes as one is flooded with commercials while watching any American TV show. On one hand, when you step in outside, you will have an endless supply of options (women) ready to be approached and there is, indeed, this flirting culture which lacks in most of the cities in the world. Nevertheless, bear in mind that a number means shit and, unless you establish a real good connection with a girl, that she will not reply to your messages. So anytime you start speaking to someone during the day and that girl gives you positive signs back, do not think that all the work is done and just go for the number. NO! In case you have time, then force the interaction (insta-date?) and see until where it goes, as you never have anything to lose if you rely on boldness. During the night time, the arena is even more ruthless, as you need to be playing all-in all the time! As you could read in my report, on that Saturday night I made out with four girls and naturally I picked up their numbers. But guess what? I sent a message to each one of them on the day after and none of them answered! So kissing someone is not even a guarantee that you will see this person again, especially if you meet her when the music is loud and there is some alcohol involved.

Regarding the nightlife itself, I have not gone out in the fancy clubs of the Meatpacking district. Nor I have gone to many other parties which one can only know about if he really lives in the city. Nevertheless, I can tell that New York is good, quite good for any single person looking for some adult action. It is curious how in the Manosphere the Americans (especially the New Yorkers, naturally) complain a lot about what they have at home, but the truth is that in 2017 you can not find a better to place to have fun, including a high probability of having a ONS (One Night Stand) or, at least, to make out with some attractive girls.

So the bottom line is this: whenever you are interacting with a girl, try to go for the kiss as soon as possible and then escalate on her sexually as much as you can. The advantage of New York is that women know the rules of the game – not like in most of the other western countries – and will go home with you if you do things boldly and touch the right buttons. So do not even bother in asking for her number, unless she is already lying on your bed (after a good, vigorous session of raw sex) and you know that, because her mind told her to open her legs to you, it will also tell her that she wants to see you again and will therefore not flake on you.




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