Music represents a very important indicator of the state and trend of our culture. While 200 years ago everyone listened to majestic music, the bar has been lowering and lowering and, in our current times, we have reached the nadir of the matter.

But I do not even need to go so back in time: while in the 60s or 70s you would turn on the radio and still listen to music made with talent and soul, nowadays what you have is a bunch of crappy pop songs, most of them produced by the same lame producers.

All of them sound like a copy of one another, with their annoying “metal effects” resembling ducks screaming for help (actually they must be, when listening to this music), and almost no use of instruments, which is – or should be – the base of every musical composition.

Listening to “mainstream” music nowadays is, in most cases, pure human torture, a scenario that gets even worse as you have to consume it via different channels and in different places, since the latest hits are played ad nauseam.

But if only the quality of the music itself was the issue, I would not be writing this article. Another trait of these modern, advanced times is that “women rule” and the music industry is no exception.

The result: emancipated females singing and behaving the way they want while most male singers (can you really call them that?) keep whining like a bunch of effeminate crybabies, composing songs about how great women are, how these are center of their universe, and why these beautiful, innocent beings are only reason for their (sad) existence.

I thought I had already listened to all the possible shit until a while ago something really painful penetrated my auditory nerve:

It was a song called Hot2Touch from the German DJ Felix Jaehn featuring the American pop singer Alex Aiono and the British producer Hight (wow, how come you can bring three people/nationalities together and make such a huge crap?).

And after the initial shock, I decided that the best would be to literally break down the lyrics, as such “work” is nothing more than pure dishonor not only to one of the seven arts but especially to all the men who value themselves and do not put women on pedestals.


“She knows she’s in control
Turns the heat up, then she lets me go”

So basically the girls does whatever she wants, uses you and then says “next”.

“She wants me, then she don’t
She’s the leader and I follow”

So she wants you and then she “don’t” (do you know English by the way?)…and what do you do, you dump her, right? Oh no wait, you will just follow her and do whatever she decides!

“My love, it’s easy for you
Setting the rules and playing it cool”

Wait, who sets the rules and plays it cool? You are talking about yourself, the man, right? Are you finally learning something?

“My heart, like a broken cassette
Echoes in my chest, we’re getting close
We’re getting close”

False alarm! The guy is comparing his heart to a broken cassette. What should be compared instead is the quality of his music.

“But she’s too hot to touch
She’s too hot to touch
(She’s too hot)”

(Chorus which is painfully repeated all the time)
Dude, have you ever banged an attractive girl? Relax, in the end they have two legs and a pussy like the other ones, so there is no need for such an excitement.

“I’ve got to make my move
And walk towards her, I don’t care what I lose”

My soul is stupefied…is this guy really making a bold, man’s move?

“And I’m dying just to prove it,
But she’s elusive no matter what I do”

Ah wait, false alarm again. He just wanted to prove her something, instead of simply not giving a fuck.

“You make me feel like burning, burning up
No, you can’t stop the hurting, too hot to touch”

Poor thing, suffering inside…these girls really break our hearts, don’t they? Let us all cry together and sing the kumbaya afterwards.

She knows that I want it
She knows that I gotta move
She knows that I’m on it
She’s too hot to touch
She knows that I want it
And I know what I gotta do
She knows that I want it”

(Ok fortunately the whiner championship has finished)
Yeah bro, the girl and all of us know how much you want her…that is why you never going to get her!

Aside from the obvious trolling made with this song, the truth is that the issue is much deeper than one might thing in the first place. Why?

Because it perfectly exemplifies the current state of things, proving that the mainstream keeps mocking,  humiliating, and abusing men as much as it can. And what most men do?

Well, they are so stuck in the system that they end up promoting such works of “art” that are nothing more than a shame to our ancestors.

So whenever a guy friend or any male acquaintance you know are listening to such a masterpiece of shit, just call him out and tell him to boycott all the beta songs that keep playing all the time, everywhere.

If men like us do our part then we are at least giving a contribute to a world that has, in general terms and unfortunately, no salvation anymore.

Regarding these Felix, Alex and Hight, well, they will not have what they deserve, since fame and money still have a crucial role when it comes to banging women.

But if you are a normal guy and you keep following such whiners, then do not wonder why you end up every single weekend jerking off on the couch, instead of having women lying on your bed.

Because remember, she is too hot for you, so just keep using your right hand.


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