We all know that we cannot live without them. Their presence is somehow necessary in order that we keep being…healthy beings. Women make our days more joyful and our nights more pleasant.

They complement our lives in a way that our fellow friends (guys) will never be able to, as the former adds that extra touch of care, so inherent to the feminine nature.

This is, however, the bright side of it because, as we all know – at least the guys who visit websites like these – the reality is much darker than the one told through common sense. If there is a thing our feminine counterparts are specialists in is their capacity to blend and adapt to the environment around them.

They can be the sweetest angels or the most ruthless demons, depending on the perception they have of you. If they love or are into a man, they can be perfect housewives, sexy gym addicts, committed career rats or tattoo whores, just because these are preferences of the guy they are on an exact moment with.

Never think you are special, that a woman only does certain things with you and that she could not be happier with anyone else. They are masters of disguise, ready to please whom they want and to turn the life of the ones they despise into hell.

And that is where game came in: we, aware of the true nature of women, began to find ways to anticipate, to avoid being played according to their unpredictable emotional carousel. What is blue today, tomorrow is red, and women are a bullet-proof guarantee that nothing is ever immutable.

Therefore, some men got clever, finding ways to cut their bullshit and to play the wicked game women will always, sooner or later, throw at you.

And from there rose a restricted group of men who live life on their own terms, guys who want to be with as many women as they can. These hunters, pick-up artists, alpha males, whatever you want to call them (hey, I can somehow include myself in this group, no hypocrisy here) have a high drive for accomplishment and do not stop until conquering the next castle.

But there is a problem with this…

Many times, their castles, aka goals and objectives, are simply aimed at women. Even if they want to be better and improve in other areas of their lives, they simply spend most of their time chasing after women, the biggest goal and almost the only reason for their existence.

It is funny how many guys, who have learned game to know how to get women and run away from this scarcity mentality (which most of the beta men around the globe have) then tend to fall exactly into their trap: to have women in their head all the time.

Yes, I am talking exactly to you. The guy who lives 24/7 thinking about how he will pick up the next girl. Day game, night game, gutter game, uber game, beach game, social circle game, online game, whatever game. I look at phones of such guys and see Badoo, Tinder, Instagram, Happn, Mamba, VK…you name it.

Guys like you complain about the state of the world and how hot women base their lives on social media and apps but you are all doing the same thing. Wasting all your time glued on your phone, when you could be doing something else, more productive, more fulfilling and even more rewarding.

A man, and what he has accomplished, is never the women he has slept with, never forget about that.


By devoting your time (almost) exclusively to women, you are basically harming yourself in the following ways:

1 – They only make you lose money, never earn

Have you ever met a woman who has given you more money than withdrawn? Well, I haven’t. Unless you are a guy who likes to land rich women, just to find financial comfort in the most cowardly way, then you know that women are experts in draining your bank account.

And I am not even talking about gold diggers! ALL the so-called normal women – not even considering you might be dating Russian or Latin women – have this innate capability of suck up a man’s wallet, even if that it is not their direct intention. They basically want the experience, not the money:

“Honey, I am tired of being at home, let us go to that cool restaurant which opened last month”;

“You know, spending all the weekends at our home town is boring. Can we start going to London or Berlin?”

“Why do we always go on summer holidays to the south of our country? Can’t we go to an exotic destination abroad once please?”

“I am tired of seeing our flat always with the same colors and with this furniture in the living room…we are going to IKEA tomorrow!”

These were just some examples from an endless list of how women are like arcade classic machines: the more time you spend on it, the more money you will waste.

2 – By living just for the present you are truly jeopardizing your future

To be with women feels good: you grab them, you kiss them, you have sex with them and, if you are lucky enough, you can have some nice conversations with them. In addition, if they are feminine and really care about you, they will cook tasty meals and make sure their presence is valuable, turning your life into a more pleasant experience.

On the other hand, if you occupy your present with them, then I can guarantee you that your future will only head one direction: exactly where you are right now.

Whenever you are physically with a girl, you are simply wasting precious time which you could be using for more productive or meaningful endeavors such as developing your own business or creating something which could impact and help others.

And trust me, 99% of women would neither support nor understand why would be losing time with such projects, so they would keep doing their best in deviating you from the successful path.

3 – There is a name for what you are doing in disguise: procrastination.

Taking into consideration this last point of “just enjoying the present”, you are not just doing it because you are addicted to women. No, you are also doing it because you are lazy as fuck!

This might not look so obvious in the first place: after all, you are being masculine, chasing after what you want, especially if this object of the chase is part of our masculine nature.

However, my friend, you are just using lame excuses to not take any action. What do you think our brain reacts better to? To sit down in front of a computer and make some real work for a couple of hours or just licking a woman’s body for the whole afternoon?

Exactly like going out with friends, playing video games on your comfy sofa or just watching YouTube videos, by spending time with women you are simply adding an extra pile of procrastination to your busy life of a consumer.

I can complement this sentence of the small, big French emperor and say: this robber of time has a name and it is called women.

Look, I am not saying for you to suddenly stop chasing after women…no, far from that! The rush and excitement every man gets when conquering them, regardless of the set in which you pick up them, is an unbeatable feeling. It increases our testosterone, our energy levels, and our masculinity.

It is the most natural thing a man can do and modern societies and media can all go to hell if they tell you otherwise.

However, you must start channeling your energy and time to yourself. I know life is too short and that we must enjoy it as well as we can, but stop looking for instant gratification and try to look beyond.

Usually, the best things in life come with hard work and dedication, and I can tell you that running after women will not add much than momentary pleasure. If you are always looking for the easy way out, there will be a time in which you – older and without the beauty which makes you get women right now – will be stuck at a dead-end.

And trust me, if you do not focus on yourself and on building up a solid foundation until you are 35 years old, then it will be too late.

And the funny thing, which most of the guys fail to understand, is that when you truly invest in yourself and eventually become successful, things will come back to you naturally and in abundance.

Needless to say that this valuable package also includes women, who will then start to show up as bees when sensing honey. Who do you think gets attractive women more easily?

The guy who is really good at game and lives 24/7 thinking how to get them or the millionaire entrepreneur who literally minds his own business and does not put women as his top priority? Just a rhetorical question my friend, you do not even need to bother answering it.


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