Never Take Your Freedom For Granted

When we think about freedom, or lack thereof, our mind immediately unfolds images of African slavery, or Nazis commanding Jews in concentration camps. And while this is indeed the nadir of human decency, showing how low the human race can go, the truth of the matter is that the concept of freedom is

The Most Important Decision of Your Life

Our life is made of decisions. Actually, even before your life started, your parents made the decision of…making you. Maybe their choice wasn’t voluntary (“it just happened”), who knows? But there was a choice of having sex that led to your existence. When you are born, all your life depends

This is a motivational video #21 (My Fitness 101)

Some months ago, a good friend of mine (Twitter: @fatehsmann; Website: organized and hosted a session where I put out there much of the fitness knowledge I have acquired in almost 20 years of training. So in case you are struggling to lose weight, or you want to get

My Experience With Modafinil

Having heard so much about this powerful Nootropic, and wanting to be as productive as I could, I finally got serious about it and started looking for information on the internet. After doing extensive research on the topic, and reading articles and threads on different platforms (especially on Reddit), I

18 Questions with…Andreas Pistol

A couple of months ago Rivelino (@alpharivelino), a master at lecturing on how men and women should behave, and one of the most creative, innovative, and funniest guys I know, invited me for a great interview, which I’m glad to officially post on my blog.   1. Basic biographical info