When a guy wants to go out in any given city, usually the first thing he does is to look for information in the internet about the best places to go. But except for a famous forum started by “R” and finished in “V”, rarely you find information in how women can totally vary, depending on the location.

Long are the times in which a guy like you or me would plan a trip to somewhere in Eastern Europe or Latin America to have real fun. Sure, you can still go there that it will surely be better than the western city you are currently in, but will the whole effort really compensate the trip?

In my honest opinion, not really.

Regarding the former, ryanair, globalization and the smartphones have turned what used to be a gem into a normal stone. Girls no longer see you as novelty and, worse, they tend to despise you and see you as that sexual tourist “who has come here to bang me”.

Concerning Latin America, maybe this “hate” does not happen in such an evident way but girls there will not be so interested in the fact that you are a foreigner visiting their country.

In addition, anytime you go out and you want to see beauties, since the gap between the rich and the poor is so pronounced, prepare to spend a dozens of dollars just to enter a club (in regard to night clubs, Brazil is on the top of the list in terms of pricey venues. Absolutely ridiculous).

So what are you left with? Yes, with your beloved western hole, the place you live in. It is bad, but maybe the difference nowadays to a city in Estonia or Poland is not that much so, instead of whining and dreaming about moving somewhere else (that paradise which does not exist anymore), it is time to explore and harvest the fruits of being in your home town.

Because just think about it: if you already pay for an apartment and you know every corner of your city, then you have the perfect logistics to eventually take a lady home. It will be more difficult, sometimes almost impossible, but in case it happens the comfort and convenience will be on your side.

Regarding the city, it is important that you live in one which has at least 500,000 inhabitants. I do not know about you, but I hate to live in a place with few options and where I see familiar faces all the time.

So believing that is the case, then you will have some alternatives to choose from, which usually fall on these 8 CATEGORIES:


The posh club

This is, in theory, the place you want to be, since it is where the hottest and youngest girls head to.

In practice? Unless you are the owner, or at least that you know him or some bouncers or staff, I would not mind to go there.

This is where most of the girls have their bitch-shields polished, therefore having the most conceited attitudes you can think of. They are simply in this club to show off and to obtain validation, only giving some opportunities to such guys as the bouncers, barmen or that rich Turk who has a Porsche parked outside.

The music: hip-hop, R&B and commercial;

The age range: 18-30;

The quality: 9/10;

Chances of hooking up: 2/10.


The electro/techno club

This type of venue is where I spent most of my youth but nowadays is one, if not the venue, which I recommend the least!

Not only these are usually dark places but have also very loud music, two factors which clearly impede any possible interaction with other people.

In addition, they are normally packed with guys, while the minority of attractive girls who exist are simply there to enjoy the music and to dance on their own. Pure anti-social shit hole.

The music: electronic, techno, eventually drum & bass, trance and some deep house;

The age range: 18-35;

The quality: 6/10;

Chances of hooking up: 4/10.



The rock bar

At a first glance, you could think that a rock bar would be the last place you want to be to hit on women, as it is usually packed with guys and people over 40.

Well, not so fast, as there are indeed rock bars which also attract a younger crowd. Naturally the women who come here are usually totally into the music, not caring so much about the guys around.

Still, they are in general nice, so you have here a good choice to engage with some, even if most of them are not that attractive.

The music: rock;

The age range: 25-50;

The quality: 5/10;

Chances of hooking up: 5/10.


The trendy/alternative bar or club

If we look at things with a disinterested perspective, then this is the place where you want to be.

Sure, you do have neither the youngest nor the most beautiful woman on the block but this is where you will get the best reactions and eventually a high success rate, if you take into account that the girl you will pull will still be relatively attractive.

This is also where most of the women come to flirt and to be pulled, therefore having an open attitude towards the men who are there.

The music: alternative/indie rock, funky, house;

The age range: 25-40;

The quality: 6/10;

Chances of hooking up: 7/10.


The Latin bar/club

As you already know, I have already talked about the wonders of the Latin party. But do not think that everything in the garden is rosy, as most of the Latinas who attend this party are ugly as fuck.

However, its main advantage is that most of the people are there to have real fun, based on a music which really helps to have normal social interactions (if a salsa or bachata song comes, girls are almost obligated to dance with a guy).

And if you are lucky enough to get a good party in any central or northern Europe location, where also some nice local girls attend it, then the quality standards will skyrocket.

The music: Latin music (reggaeton, Brazilian sertanejo and funk, merengue, salsa and bachata);

The age range: 20-30;

The quality: 5/10 (if you are lucky and you are in such countries as Germany, Sweden or Netherlands, maybe you will find a special party with 7/10);

Chances of hooking up: 7/10.


The student/erasmus party

I remember entering the university and in my first week to see a flyer talking about an Erasmus party. Since I had longer lost the interest in the local girls of my country, I decided to give it a chance. The result? I became a regular at these parties (even during a couple of years, after finishing the university) and they gave me pretty solid results.

Basically, I used to have my “Erasmus girl” every semester, which saved many times my friend Dick of the embarrassment of going through abstinence for a long period of time.

Looking at things impartially, this will be one of these “hit or miss” places, where most girls will be ugly and fat and where the very few attractive ones will be with their loud group of friends. Recommended only if you are young and still have the energy to be drinking terrible cocktails and to put up with all the jumps and screams.

The music: Whatever;

The age range: 18-25;

The quality: 3/10;

Chances of hooking up: 9/10.


The Irish pub

If your goal is “easiness”, do not look further, as this is the place to be. Similar to the alternative/trendy location, here the crowd is much older and the women are usually more desperate than a cat among ten dogs.

If you are minimally attractive, you will suddenly think that you were reborn as a model, so many are the thirsty look thrown at you.

I strongly recommend coming here if you want to listen to usually entertaining live bands, playing rock and pop hits, where you can also have a nice pint and talk to some ladies in between. Maybe you will be lucky and find a “way above the local average girl” who will want to know you better.

The music: rock and some pop;

The age range: 30-50;

The quality: 3/10;

Chances of hooking up: 8/10.


The massive party/event with famous Djs or bands

Do not ask me why, but big events, with a DJ playing (we could also include rock concerts in this group) is eventually the bottom of the “man satisfaction pyramide”.

I do not remember a single time – and trust me, I have been in plenty of these events – which I have ever had anything with a girl in such environment.

I suppose most girls come to this big parties, first, to show that they were at this big party, to say “present”, and secondly, to hang out with friends and to have some fun (strange…shouldn’t this ALWAYS be the reason for them to go out?). Rarely you find women who come to such places to find another kind of fun, unless they are over 35 and desperately looking for cock.

PS: of course that if it is a summer event, and you have an amazing physique and you are cocky enough to be shirtless, then you will skyrocket your chances of hooking up with some sluts.

The music: depending on the event, but either electronic/techno (Djs) or some rock or pop (bands);

The age range: 18-30;

The quality: 8/10;

Chances of hooking up: 1/10.



You already know my opinion on this matter: in a general way, to go out is the quickest way to spend money and to intoxicate and frustrate yourself. There are plenty of other things you should do, especially if you want to to keep your health intact in the whole process.

However, if you are a night owl who, you will never lose this seed of going out, no matter what I or any other person tells you. Even you, who already know that most of the times it will not worthwhile to leave home at night, will still want to be there, in this battlefield called nightlife.

How do I know that? Because I have had that for about fifteen years. Hell, even nowadays, once in a while I get all fired up just thinking about that “no, this time it will be different and I will have real fun.”

But because emotions are useless in this case, the better is that you start looking at nightlife as a scientist, who will recognize patterns among the different venues and choose the best in terms of possibilities. In regard to my “science”, it may be far from being accurate, but it is based on years of experience going out, always looking for the results which, in most times, simply did not happen.

Of course that you can still go abroad and look for those easy and satisfying results, if you eventually have the money, the will and the time to do it. However, you already know my opinion on this matter meaning that, in 2018, these “lost paradises” are something from the past, so flying to any country in Eastern Europe or Latin America will not compensate the effort and the costs in most cases.

So what are you left with? The choices you have in the Western city you live in. And even if at a first glance they may all look “the same shit”, if you dig deeper you will realize that you can have opposite poles just 100 meters away from each other.

And if you want to have the best value for money, then I strongly recommend you to go either to Latin parties or to these alternative/trendy clubs. They may not reach the best in terms of quality and will surely have their flaws, but are in the end the two types of clubs which you will give you the best results. Pistol’s guarantee.



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