February 2016: The best month of my life in terms of women, in which I reached the notch count of 7 (just to put things clear, I must highlight that among this seven, four were a “repetition”, including two girls who I bang on a regular basis in the city I currently live in Germany). But if you want me to totally honest with you, and according to my experience and circumstances of today’s world, this is a number which most likely I will never repeat.

But since this is not a numbers game anymore, but rather a matter of quality, I prefer not to impress the others and to clearly prioritize quality over quantity. In addition, I must say that nowadays I tend to refuse or even not to seek for more girls instead of approaching them in tons. Why? Well because I have a life to live and plenty of things to do and we all know how women suck the best resource a man can possess: time.

In any case, back to the topic of this article, I am pretty sure that, for most of men alive, to bang seven women in just one month perhaps this is a laughable number for many hardcore players but let us keep them out in this case is a remarkable achievement. Nevertheless, I am not here to brag about myself rather to show you the “dark side” of sleeping with different women But first, let me introduce them:



S (from the 2nd until the 4th of February)


I had been with S when I had lived one month in Curitiba, one and a half year ago. I had seen this sexy blond in the middle of her gay friends and I knew that this would be a one shot opportunity to have something with an attractive girl in the middle of this suffocating gay club (long story, please do not ask me how I ended up there).

After a determined approach and just two sentences exchanged, we started hooking up and honestly had I rarely seen such desire in a woman, so I knew this one would be an unforgettable experience. What I did not know was that S was also a tender and devoted girl, someone who makes all the efforts to be with you and when in your presence, does all her best to impress and please you, keeping all the respect and admiration for you.

We had some great moments together and when I was about to leave the city, having no idea when or whether I would ever see S again, I could feel in her sad look a strange hope, as if she knew that our reunion would happen somewhere in the future, not mattering if that future would mean a couple of months or more than one year. If there is a thing I love in a girl is this rare attitude of treating you as a unique one, having the capacity of waiting for you forever (well, at least while the spark still exists).

Fast forward to the 2nd of February 2016: here I was back in Curitiba just to see her, because being in Brazil and not visiting this “nurturing volcano” would just be a big lack of consideration to myself. And when she met me on my hotel, the way she hugged me just proved that I was right about her: she had kept all the will to see me again.

The rest was two days of amazing complicity, great sex and a real, natural connection. The type of girl whom I could imagine myself with, sharing daily moments and facing the hard events of life. When we kissed again each other in the end and our eyes locked one last time, she asked me “will we see each other ever again?” to which I answered with a false conviction “yes, and this time it will not be after one year and a half”. She smiled and turned gently her back on me, starting slowly her motion into the melancholic opposite direction.



M (6th and 7th of February)


I arrived in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil, with no idea whatsoever about what I would encounter, since the only information I had beforehand was from some friends who had been there in the previous year, who told me that it was an “academic carnival full of crazy and young students”.

And after a couple of hours in the republic we were at, I quickly realized that it was indeed an academic carnival full of young students but someone had forgotten to include the craziness! So I and my two other fellows decided to hit the streets and feel the public carnival, even if there would be the high possibility of finding problems around the corner and a low one of finding beautiful faces.

But after a while we spotted a group of five girls, in which two were attractive (bad luck for one of us) so I opened them, talking to the brunette I liked the most. She engaged so much on me that after a while we were already making out. And after touching her and looking closer at her, I realized that she had perhaps the most perfect combination of a thin waist and a pure rounded-ass I had ever seen. My little friend down there started to become impatient, but not me: since we were in the middle of the street and there was still plenty of carnival in front of us, I decided to pick up her number to meet her afterwards. 

Coincidentally, I found her later on that night and we made out again but, since not only I was in a republic with monitored entrance but also because she was about to leave with her friends to their house (which was 20 km from there), I noticed that the situation was not the best to enter that magnificent ass. On the day after, after spending the whole afternoon in a disappointing party (known as “bloco”) and because I would leave early in the next morning to Salvador, I came to the conclusion that it would be better a bird in the hand.

So I started messaging the brunette in order that we could meet later on that evening but, since we neither agreed a specific place or time nor I had internet aside from WiFi connections, our rendezvous stayed in some sort of void, supposedly never to happen again. But because it was written somewhere that I would see that nice smile once again, I met her by pure chance in the middle of the street.

And this time I really started to escalate on her, to which she did not deny at all. The connection and pure chemistry we had not yet achieved finally emerged and we two entered that same tune of finding a bed, in order that we could release all the sexual desire we had accumulated. But, again, I remembered that I could not take her into my republic so I looked around to find a cheap hotel but, since the streets were so full, that mission revealed itself fruitless.

However, because desire is the key to everything (my boner and the way she was constantly touching gently with her ass on it were there to prove it unmistakably) I told her to tell her friends that we would be back in around 20 minutes. So after wandering around like crazies for 10 minutes, because there was not even a single isolated corner in the middle of this endless crowd, we finally found a place which looked perfect for our unpostponable task.

And then, skirt up, panties down and the rest of the story is only interesting when happens to ourselves, so no point in sharing details. In the end we exchanged numbers with the “promise” of seeing each other once again because, as she said, “the chemistry we’ve just had is too unique not to enjoy it anymore”.



E (8th and 9th of February)


In the core of the Brazilian carnival, in Salvador da Bahia, I decided to celebrate the expected Monday night in one “Camarote” (more on this topic comes in a future post about the Brazilian carnival) which not being among the top ones – as these have, of course, the hottest girls – had still plenty of girls to choose from but whose quality and accessibility was quite lower than what I had pictured before.

After exploring to the limit the possibilities of that place and having had just a couple of make outs, I found myself quite disappointed already in the end of the party, in one of these moments you think: “why the hell I have come so far to have fun to end up in a party with people who are behaving as if they were in Europe?!”.

But you also know these moments in which you look around and you see new possibilities you had neither seen before nor you had given much importance? Well, sitting on the floor was a green-eyed girl who grabbed my attention, not because she was super attractive (actually aside from a very nice face, I could even admit that she had some extra kilos which put her on this category of the “sweet and nice face with an average, almost chubby body) but because she had an amazing smile and a very cool, calm attitude.

Indeed, the fact that she looked cleverer and more interesting, in a sea of dumb girls, was the trigger which made me go into her direction. And not surprisingly, she was exactly what my instinct had suggested me, meaning someone who could engage in a normal conversation. When we left this “camarote” and were afterwards seeing the “survivors” having fun outside, I looked into her eyes and the kiss was then inevitable.

Alongside, my fellow Albert, the guy who I was with, had started conversation with her Spaniard friend and needless to say that he was also making out with her in the end of that night. Because they were in a hostel with more people and we were sharing a room with two other girls as well, we decided to keep their numbers, to meet them again on the day after.

So on Tuesday we spent the whole afternoon having fun in a street “bloco” which meant that when we reached the dinner time, we were exhausted and our bodies were just asking for a good night of sleep and not a crazy one of intercourse. But since Albert had already started messaging these two girls and because their desire to see us was strong, we decided not to disrespect our cocks and to meet them at 1 am near their hostel, with no idea how we could escalate them into the room.

But again, when a girl really wants something, you know she will take it to the end so when I found myself in a hotel room – paid by her, because I had just taken a couple of “reais” with me, to avoid any pilferage – with her really enjoying my naked body, I came to the conclusion that the inhibition of my sleep had been worthwhile: it is not every day that you meet a humble, nice woman who makes every effort to be with you.



D (from the 12th until the 14th of February)


After one train of five hours, one flight of twelve and another one of two, I arrived in Brazil, more precisely in Florianópolis, with the intention of spending a relaxed day at the beach, since my mind and body were clearly asking for some rest.

In theory, that was what I should have done but what really happened was that I met a guy named Thiago (while waiting for the bus to go the city center), who was alone as well and suggested me to accompany him to a big pre-carnival street party which would start exactly a couple of hours later. I knew liver intoxication was coming but I remember thinking “ah fuck, you only live once and actually there is not a better way to start my three-week trip in Brazil”.

Needless to say that at dinner’s time I was drunk as hell, sun-baked and almost with no energy to return to the airport, where I would meet some friends who would be arriving from Sao Paulo, for us to then head south, inside the state of Santa Catarina. Still, in the middle of that crazy afternoon, I had met a super hot Milf (aged 34, mother of two boys), whose mobile phone I had put my number on.

Two days later, when I had again access to the internet, I saw a message and a photo from her in Whatsapp and my reaction was “wow, I had forgotten about this delicious candy…great that she wrote me back”. From then on, there was a series of messages and pure chemistry via text, which made me change my plans for the end of my trip – originally I had planned to spend my last weekend in Sao Paulo – and return to where I had started it: Florianópolis.

I knew this move could be a big flop/flake, since I had met this girl drunk in the middle of the street, but on the other hand our connection had become so strong (especially from her side, since she was already elevating me to a pedestal of an enchanting prince) that I decided to take the risk. And thank you my dear Andreas for having fulfilled such a lunacy, since the quality of this woman – not only externally but also internally – was one of the best I had the opportunity to experience on my entire life!

Our reunion just confirmed me what I had already imagined through our Whatsapp conversations: basically that she was a real woman, one of these old-school, traditional type, who is humble and truly believes that a man has the same or even more value than her and therefore treats him accordingly and respectfully. The result was an amazing 48 hours period spent with her, with pure chemistry, in which the communication did not need to be verbal to be perfectly understood.

In the end, in one of the many “goodbyes” I have had in my life, she looked straight into my eyes and said: “if it weren’t for my children, I would leave immediately with you to Europe”. Rarely I have felt such honesty in someone’s eyes and that almost made me say something corny…but then, I breathed deeply, smiled at her and hugged her tight, to then turn on the opposite direction and initiate another trip to the place which gives me the most mixed feelings: the airport.



V (15th and 19th of February)


I do not even know where to start from when talking about this girl, but I can tell you she is perhaps the person I have ever had the best relationship with, since she is someone whom I really get along with (our understanding with each other and companionship are something truly rare).

On the flip side, she is the typical slut who has run the cock carousel all her life (she is 32) and, to spice even more things up, she is married. On 99% of similar cases, I would have already dumped her after the thrill of banging a married woman had passed. But since she revealed herself a devoted mistress (sounds strange, I know), who respects me and whom I really like to spend time with, the relationship we have now has lasted for more than one year.

Basically, I trust her as a whole because, believe it or not, she has values and I know that she really likes me. I just do not trust her sexuality or, so to say, her primal side.

I must admit that I had never been in such situation nor I believe that I will ever be again. On one hand, she is the only woman I trust currently in my life to hand over my keys to, allowing her to come to my home without me being present, whether to cook or just to relax and to wait for me.

On the other hand, since we base our relationship in confidence and transparency, we often talk about other people, meaning the ones we are hitting on, going on dates or even having sex with. But since I am single and she is married, and because not only I deeply believe masculine sexuality can never be treated equally as the feminine one (you can call me chauvinist or sexist, that I take it pleasure) but also we have a so-called serious relationship, honestly I do not allow her to sleep with other guys anymore.

I mean, I would allow her, but not only she would have to tell me the whole truth but there would also be the chance that I would tell her goodbye. Our relationship is so absurd that we have even reached an agreement for this year: that I could bang a maximum of 10 different girls, regardless being repeated or not, and she a maximum of two guys (even if aside from her husband, she does not touch another guy for more than one year).

There are moments in which I think “Why am I with someone who in the end of the night always goes back home to sleep together with another guy?”, but then I think about the fun moments we have together, the delicious homemade meals she cooks for me, the nice way she treats me and really cares about me and, of course, the great sex we have and I realize that it would be stupid to let this horny Latin go away.

So but back to the report of our story: I had just landed in Germany and there she was already sending me a message inquiring whether she could see me and cook a welcome meal for me, because she was already missing me a lot. Four days later, even if she had plenty of stuff to do because she was going on holidays on the day after, she made her way to make me a morning visit, with a delicious breakfast with blowjob included. I knew that in this case I would see her again in two weeks, but that did not prevent her for throwing a sad “I will miss you” look at my face.



N (20th and 21st of February)


If there is prototype of the Latin woman, N is certainly the best example I can think of and I could ever find. Moody, emotional, passionate, temperamental, these are the adjectives which best define her.

I met her one year ago in a salsa party: I was just dancing regularly when I came across this curly-haired girl, with outlined curves in her small, sexy body. After some minutes of subtly observing her and realizing that all the guys wanted to dance with her but were indeed not hitting on her (more on that in another future article about salsa), I remember thinking that perhaps all of them were blind and that God had only given me the ability to see the reality.

So I first approached her normally, inquiring whether she wanted to dance – to which she responded affirmatively and with a big smile – to then perceive that she was quite open and empathetic with me. So in the end of the night, when I was about to leave the club, I asked for her number and the rest is history: on the day after we went out together, hooked up and a couple of days later I realized that I already had a sex bomb crazy about me.

But just as the Latin South American soap operas, famous for their dramas and twists, naturally many things on this story could not be linear.

First, this girl was and still is married (supposedly, she is separated for the husband, even if they live in the same house). Then, she is quite clever but also very distrustful, which means that after a while of having slept with me, the queries about sleeping and being with other women started. Coincidentally or not, she discovered in last November that I was indeed sleeping with someone else (the “V” from above), which turned things into the last episode of the dramatic novella. She cried, she called me all the names and told me she could not bear it. But then she returned…just to leave again after a while.

During Christmas I had absolutely no signs from her until she was again in the area, asking me how I was. So because I neither like dramas nor like to have unstable women around me, I told her that it would be better that we cut the sex out of our relationship, keeping ourselves just as dance partners. But because she is a warm-blooded person, obviously she could not differentiate between being in my home just for dancing and being in my home dancing and having crazy sex.

So instead of cutting ties again with her, this time I decided to put the cards on the table and clarify her about the rules of the game. With more or less difficulty, she eventually accepted it and the fact is that at the time being, we keep our good relationship with her knowing that I have slept – and will eventually sleep – with other women. And because not only we get along very well but also and especially this girl is a wild beast in bed (honestly, she is perhaps the horniest girl I have ever been with), I came to the conclusion that I must keep these perfect, natural big tits on my sight.

Regarding the days we were together in February, even if she knew I had been in Brazil banging other women, she was the first showing pure will to see me again. For such a level of desire, can man never refuse such endeavor.



L (from the 25th until the 29th of February)


Last but surely not least, the month could not end without the visit of a sexy Hungarian who I had met in the previous summer in a Salsa festival in Croatia. Back then, I remember being dancing with many different girls – which is equal to nothing, meaning that in a salsa party 98% of the interactions are just for the sake of dancing – until I asked this one and immediately realized that she was into me, by the way she genuinely smiled and looked at me.

Since it was just the second of a five days festival, it seemed like a clever move to ask for her number, in order that I could keep in touch with her still during that period. Having met her a couple of times more, it was on the Sunday pool party that we finally made out and I noticed that from that moment on this girl got somehow enchanted by me.

On the last night, we went to the top of the medieval Rovinj and contemplated the dazzling view, a perfect romantic scenario which even included the cliche of a full moonlight reflecting on that amazing piece of the Adriatic sea. Of course I tried my move to take her home but L, even in her apparent innocence of being just 22, quickly referred that “I know that this is your goal, to have sex with me. So I know that if you take me to bed, you will have your mission accomplished. And then I will no longer be a challenge for you and you will just dump me”.

When I heard those words, I felt a sudden mixture of feelings: on one hand, I had this “you bitch” feeling of being caught up but on the other hand, I knew this girl was different and the fact that she had just refused to open her legs to me just gave me the confirmation that I would see her again and more times in the future.

Consequently, and taking advantage that there was also an international salsa festival in Budapest, I decided to travel to Hungary four months later and meet her again (somehow I knew this girl would not be a flake). And it was then that I not only sealed the deal – even with much more difficulty that I had thought in the first place, due to her natural shyness and supposed traditional background – but also truly found out that L was indeed a really cool person, one of these rare gems whom you can have nice conversations and spend great moments with. I was just three days with her, but in the end it really felt like more, due to our perfect understanding with each other.

So not surprisingly and again four months later, it had come the time to be her visiting me in my boring northern German city. And this time we would not have to be rushing going to salsa classes and workshops, meaning that we could spend a relaxed time together, which would obviously mean to discover and explore her sexuality and real capacities in bed.

And the fact was that I had been too naive analyzing her sexual history, since she revealed in conversation that she had already done some threesomes when she was younger (always with heterosexual couples, according to her own words) and had indeed gone through this “experimentation period”, in which she was just curious about everything. Not that this announcement shook my confidence and good vibe I had with her but it surely changed the perception I had from her.

In the end, when she said goodbye with that sad look, adding the words of “this was the best weekend I have ever had”, I knew that statement was not 100% true but still something worthy to believe on.



After reading these seven stories, I am pretty sure you must be wondering: “what these have to do with the title of this article?” Since the answer is not so simple, let me break it down:

First, as you can conclude from my behavior, a man who has his hormones in place will always want adventures with new women. The press, the television or even women themselves can try to deceive you in thinking differently, but the truth is that we can not deny our nature. In my personal case, nowadays and as I mentioned before, I honestly do not put women as a priority – since I have other things to do and often not the enough time to attain it – but that does not mean that I have my eyes closed or my balls for sale.

No matter what happens or whichever phase I will be at, I will always have my “hunter mode” activated anytime I see a new attractive girl. The problem here – if you want to call it really a problem – is that not only you will never lose this constant thrill of meeting fresh girls but you will indeed become addicted to it. Actually, it is quite similar to drug consumption, since the dosage you are currently taking is never enough and you will keep looking for more. So in the end you constantly fall in this internal conflict, since there is a part of you who will always be looking for that complete girl who will fulfill your preferences to the fullest.

Then, if you read carefully all the girls I have talked about, you will notice that with all of them I had a very good relationship with. So if someone, pointing a gun at my face, would oblige me right now to choose a woman to marry, I honestly would not know what to answer! Of course I would most likely choose either S or L due to the fact they have the best combination of factors such as devotion level, age and physical characteristics, but even these factors altogether would not give me a clear certainty.

Fortunately, I have longer discarded the myth of “the one”, the soul mate who will understand you 100%, even in those many moments in which you keep your mouth shut. In addition, I have been even more fortunate to have been meeting women who, for most of the cases, are really cool people, providers of good moments, who can wisely understand what you want and like and, more importantly, who know how to adapt themselves to you.

But that is why I could not point to one girl and say “that’s the one”. Because basically life is made of moments – and the more moments you have with different women, the better.

Lastly, and as we all know (or I expect you to know) there are no perfect roses, meaning that all women have their flaws and you shall not look at them with the oneitis, treating them as immaculate beings. In fact, you should start from the principle that all the women are bitches and that sooner or later she might take another ship and leave you on the dock.

I am not saying this with neither disgust nor resentment, but purely because I am lucky enough both to have the sufficient experience around women and to see the real truth which, for instance, institutions such as Hollywood or TV producers constantly try to hide from you, with their romantic comedies and beta series.

Taking into consideration my girls, S was someone who would be weeks without telling me anything, while M had just made out with another guy minutes before I met her again. E, for instance, looked like the cool girl who would not care much about sex, a fact disproved by the way the stuck her tongue on my mouth and immediately grabbed my balls after I had gone for the kiss. D, is apparently the perfect, nurturing wife, but the fact is that she has two sons from different husbands and got divorced recently from the last one. V, when we were already having sex for more than 3 months, just fucked a colleague of mine in a toilet during a party we were at, after I had left one hour before, while N is the unpredictable girl who has already snooped my mobile phone or offended me verbally, due to her high level of jealously. L, after I had pictured her as the traditional, monogamous girl, just confessed me she has a guy in Budapest who “helps” her anytime she needs to release any sexual tension.

Regardless of whatever you might think of a certain, different girl, do not be fooled: in the limit never forget that no attractive girl is innocent and that the ingenuous girl coming from traditional origins, not being aware of the new globalized times, no longer exists.

But then I look around and I see almost all of my friends settling down – preparing to have or having children already – and I see that most of them actually neither have traveled a lot and met other women nor have had much experience with the opposite sex. On the other hand, the ones who used to bang many women and have now settled with one are people who have done it because they somehow felt it was the time to stop acting like a teenager and to start behaving like a man.

Even so, it is funny to observe how these friends who I mentioned in last are constantly avoiding putting themselves in situations which could include meeting women, such as going out at night or doing a trip with male friends. In the end, being either the former or the latter group, they chose the scarcity (singularity) and they are happy with that.

For guys like us who have taken the decision to keep going out of the comfort zone, which sometimes brings periods of abundance, always comes the question: how can an aware man eventually settle down with one woman, knowing that there is plenty of fish in the ocean but whose water is far from being pure? The answer and harsh truth inherent to it is that he simply can not.




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