I remember when I landed in Germany, in September 2012 and first looked for a fighting school, since I wanted to keep training Karate and Capoeira, activities I had been doing for 9 and 7 years, respectively. However, I quickly realized that the city I had arrived was not only quite safe but also socially retarded (closed people, girls with attitude, the typical western dump hole), so I took the decision of finally exploring a hidden part of me which always wanted to see the light of the day: to learn how to dance.

And if there was a specific type of dance I wanted to learn, that one was salsa (which I did know almost nothing about and I was even indifferent to the music itself, but there was something compelling about it which somehow attracted me). I initial started it with no expectations whatsoever and I did not have the slight idea where this new activity would lead me to but, almost five years later, I can tell you that it is something really inherent to my personality and lifestyle, basically a very important part of me. It sounds a little geek in its own way, but I can say shamelessly that I cannot live without it.

Whenever I listen to a salsa song, with its congas, pianos montuno and cowbells – among many other elements – it gives me goose bumps and I immediately feel the essence of this music which really and honestly touches my soul. Bringing things down to earth, to dance salsa – or any other social dance such as Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Kizomba or Zouk, which are usually nowadays all integrated in the so-called “salsa party” – is a great way to burn some calories, by “following” a music which is created by real musicians who have an authentic passion for this art (of course there are many lousy artists and songs, but if you get to know the classics, from such labels as Fania, you will discover a world of pure talent and love dedicated to this music).

So without any further ado, these are the reasons why every guy should consider learning how to move his body properly:




team-771476_1280Someone who is not familiar or has never attended a salsa party has perhaps the idea in mind that is all about crazy people getting together to dance, to drink a lot and to make indecent figures. Ah and that in the end everyone sleeps with one another. Let me tell you that this image could not be further from truth, especially because almost nobody drinks alcohol on a salsa party!

People go there to dance – yes really – and not to get wasted. Actually, you can even see it as a sport but, instead of people bringing a sportive outfit and sneakers, they usually bring fancy clothes and elegant shoes (especially women).

Moreover, the salsa parties usually take place in smoke-free locations so, besides the lack of alcohol, you also have the guarantee that your lunges will not get infected while going out at night.

In addition, and perhaps more important than the previous points, it is an event which brings people together, putting them smiling and in a natural good mood.

So basically you have here a good way to detoxify yourself and replace your Saturday nights, which would otherwise be spent on a normal club filled with guys and conceited women, with an activity which will make you burn calories instead of adding them to your body.




skincare-2357980_1280Throughout all these years, living in a depressing city, I have had many moments in which the only thing I had in my mind in the end of the day was to send everyone to hell and to fill up my head with negative thoughts.

But then, anytime I would go to a salsa party, even if beforehand or in the beginning I was still quite grumpy and with no will at all to be among other people, something magic started to happen: by listening to the music and moving my body accordingly, with the extra of being grabbing women – and not iron in the gym – I would gradually feel better and after a while it was like a new me had been reborn.

It can look extreme or just stupid for people who do not dance but actually salsa has saved my life and helped me in keeping my mental health, something I do not know in which state would be right now, had I not begun to learn this Latin rhythm some years ago.



Testosterone/Energy Booster

sport-2264825_1280I know that in the manosphere there is this indisputable truth that to raise your testosterone and to get real energy to face the day, you need to hit the gym and lift weights. I totally agree with that statement and it is also part of my lifestyle, but please take into account that there is more life beyond a fitness room.

First of all, dancing, just like any other physical activity, is a natural hormone releaser – starting with your beloved testosterone but also with many others such as Endorphins (which makes you feel “happy”), dopamine (the pleasure hormone) and serotonin (which gives you also a general feeling of happiness plus positive thinking) – and then it is one of the few “sports” which you can practice together with a girl – and not being ridiculous as if you were playing football or fighting kickboxing with someone from the opposite sex!

I do not know about you but doing something in which I am in constant contact with the hands and the wrist of a woman just makes me gain this natural boost, motivation and energy, something which never reaches the same level in other sportive situations, in which you are just touching a ball, an iron bar or a baseball stick.




group-609640_1280Have you noticed the title of this article? Salsa – or Bachata or Tango or whatever – is not an individual but a social dance! It means that you must always do it with someone (unless we are talking about a solo show, but these only happen in competitions or festivals) so, if you are not down with that, you can go back to your Call of Duty online gaming.

When I took the decision of attending the salsa course instead of my Karate and Capoeira lessons, the main reason was due to its social side. And while going to a fighting school would still give me the possibility of meeting many people, these would be mostly guys, so it seems to me that choosing the former is clearly a better option for every straight guy who is new in a city (in any case, attention that I find it equally important to be among guys, in order that you develop and keep such traits as comradeship and brotherhood, reason why I am also enrolled in a soccer team).

And I can promise you two things: first, that you will have always more women than men and second, if you take the dancing seriously and you really commit to it, you will become “famous” on your social dancing circle – being the school you are enrolled in or the local parties you go regularly every week to – and you will therefore attract much of the female attention, especially the one coming from the most attractive girls.



Sexual prospects

pexels-photo-263953Taking into consideration the last paragraph of the last point, we now reach the part which everyone was waiting for: yes I know, all of us get into any social dancing to meet as many ladies as possible, with the main objective of bedding the most attractive ones. I could beat around the bush, coming up with thousands excuses and arguments telling the opposite, that I would be just bullshitting you.

The raw truth – and I am the first one in admitting it – is that the major reason why I have joined this salsa world was to have access to a bunch of women and to eventually escalate on some of them. If I take a look at my life in the past four years and a half, I can check that most of the best girls I have picked up are somehow or fully connected to salsa. “Hey Andreas, but wait a minute, I have gone to salsa parties for a couple of times and I was not able to pick up any girl, not even a telephone number!”

First of all, let me tell you that picking up a girl at a salsa party is something which almost never happens – see it as day game situation and not as going out – so, based on what I wrote in the “Social” point, you need to be patient, until you become a familiar face to girls and work on them without any pressure or rush.

Second, women are suspicious beings by nature, so they will always be waiting for a guy to show any flaw or sign of creepiness to immediately put their guards up. What this means is that you should only be dancing salsa (or any other social dance) because you really like it and not just because you want to be near some women. And if the former is true and you keep practicing it on a regular basis, you will naturally and consequently become a very good dancer – but bear in mind that, like in any other endeavor you commit to, things do not come over night, so make sure you are persistent and go to as many parties as you can.

Only then, by being a constant presence on the dance floor, showing also some nice confident moves, you will be perceived as a reliable guy and not as someone who is “infiltrated in this world” just to bang women.




After reading my previous arguments, right now you are probably thinking: “Humm, so you are telling me about an activity which makes me feel good, keeps my body free of toxins and allows me to be surrounded with nice women?! Sorry Andreas, but it sounds too good to be true!” Well pal, let me tell you that is exactly what I am saying and I just wonder why most of the guys do not get into it (moreover, they even think that it is an activity for old people or gay men)!

Even so, I know that everything in the garden is not rosy. For instance, in every given city, the salsa community is a small circle and eventually you will feel bored always with the same people around. Concerning women, even if they have in general a different attitude from the ones you find at any normal “toxic” club, they will still have it and there are many who will bitch face you in case you are not a very good dancer.

Last but not least, there are many sluts in this world so do not think that I am telling you that by start dancing salsa, you will find a bunch of immaculate girls who you can choose to be your future wife. No, women are still women and they will still ride the cock carousel, choosing their sexual partners according to factors they consider most valuable (while a girl at a club chooses the DJ or the owner of the club, here girls choose the teachers or the most rated dancers).

In the end of the day, checking all the pros and cons, the former arguments clearly outweigh the latter ones so my safe bet is that you should start dancing right now. But in case you are still doubtful, why don’t you give it a try and enroll yourself in a salsa school for a period for six months?

I know that salsa is not everyone and eventually you will not like it. But if you do and you really dedicate yourself to it, you will see the difference between going out to normal clubs – where you will be just another one and where most of the girls will not give you the minimum chance to even get close to them – and going out to a salsa partywhere you will have a very healthy atmosphere whose girls will, for most of the cases, be nice and receptive.

And when you dance with someone, you are also communicating and establishing a bond with that person, meaning that this initial barrier which exists in any normal nightclub is simply absent due to the inherent characteristics of social dancing.

And let us be honest here: is there an easier way to have access to a bunch of women? Unless you are a modelling photographer or a famous DJ, the answer is a clear no. So here you have a perfect opportunity to get into a niche, which will provide you fun, sociability, good mood and, of course, plenty of girls. And in 2017, I can not think of a better way for a man to live in abundance and according to his own terms.

Making the difference among the herd
Making the difference among the herd



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