The time has arrived, my friend. It was not yesterday, it will not be tomorrow, it is exactly now. The world itself has reached a limit state, an edge of decadence in which the rope is totally stretched and there is not a single millimeter to fit another piece of silliness in.

This last week I stumbled upon a new phenomenon which is driving the world crazy: The Pokemon Go. Basically, we are talking about an app which uses the Google maps in background and makes people going around like crazy searching for these annoying little beings, in order that every person collects as many as he or she can.

I could be positive or not so dramatic and just say “well, this is just another app which will have its buzz, with the advantage that at least people move and therefore exercise when using it” but no, my head imploded and my soul almost fell apart. I have felt since then that we have reached that exact moment in history in which we are about to lose all the social boundaries with no turning back – unless, as shown many times in history, a conflict comes and we will be back to square one.

Human race has attained that level of “advancement” which the elites and millionaires so proudly talk about, simply because they are legitimately looking for lining their pockets and the rest of world, instead of thinking and using the brain to make a self-examination, simply follows the tendency and turns on the automatic pilot.

It is amazing how difficult it is to build an intelligent mind and to acquire knowledge but how easy it is to assimilate stupidity and immediately putting it in practice (it seems that this app had been released and just three days after everyone was looking for them). Below follows a video just for you to understand better what I am talking about:

I had already planned to write something on the topic of smartphones and how to stop their utilization but this “shocking” news just triggered a text which I could no longer postpone.

Bringing things more to the ground and putting aside my apocalyptic view of how things will become in the midterm, we are all aware that women are the gender which immediately adheres to the new (silly) tendencies and immediately puts them into practice (perfect example: knee-cut jeans).

So by consequence men should be the ones who either foster those movements or simply nip the evil in the bud. And sadly what usually prevails is the former, so there is no other way than to tell you that everything which has been happening is nothing but our fault.

Yes, that is right: anytime you see a girl glued to her phone, it is because there are guys like you who are just feeding her ego. Anytime she pulls out the equipment from her pocket looking for new messages, likes or posts in her favorite apps or social websites, it was just because a guy like you just had nothing else to do and decided to tell her something.

All of us have done it and my intention here is, instead of pointing fingers and blaming any past behavior, to give you a solution which can be applied immediately, in order that every one of us make at least the effort to stop this plague which can be deadlier than the Ebola virus. So I am about to reveal the only and possible way to turn the act of a girl playing with her smart phone in a frustrating, vain and useless activity.

Ready? You have to stop viewing your phone as a television and to start seeing it as a hammer.

“Ok, this guy has gone crazy…he is talking about televisions and hammers in the same sentence”. Well I wish I were crazy, since I would not get angry or upset with most of the things I see around me but, as this is not the case, this is what I am trying to explain:

When do you need a television? (Do not answer immediately and think about it for some seconds) Basically, almost never, since 95% of its content is either rubbish or entertainment (or both)! I know you are already thinking about the information and news you can receive from it but even that one, you do not need it! Not only can you check it in a quicker, more resumed way in any news website but also because most of it is misleading or even false, since our western media always looks for clever schemes to show what they intend to – based most of the times on their agenda of political correctness, equality and multiculturalism – instead of what they should: the low-down.

When do you need a hammer? Here, you do not even need to think about it…you use a hammer just when you want to stick something in the wall! Unless you are a psycho and you also use it to crush some heads, you will never take it for any reason with you. It is never cool, it does not look nice on your back pocket and it will never be the new trend if you carry it under your right arm. This is just a tool you will only remember about if you really need it.

So back to the core of this article, I will now give you practical examples on how your mindset should be when in public, anytime you are about to insert your hand in your pocket and take the smart phone out:

  • You are bored in the train (or in any other public form of transport) and just want to play around with your phone. NO! Get used to see things around you, not only people but also things and landscapes, since the world is still a nice place to look at;

  • You are lost somewhere and you really need to check directions. MAYBE. Do you really need to check your phone? If you are really alone somewhere, go for it but if you are in a public place, most likely scenario is that you can ask everyone around you where you must head to. And needless to say that you also have the possibility of asking help to a cutie, who can be a possible date in the future.

  • Someone is calling you. YES. I suppose if someone (with a visible) number is ringing you is because it must be important and you should always honor the occurrence of having a real conversation;

  • Being connected to the machine aka being with headphones stuck into you ears, while listening to music in the middle of the street. NO! And why? Because this is what girls do to hide all their insecurities and to isolate themselves from the real world, in order that no creepy (and by consequence any normal) guy approaches her. Look, you do not love to listen to music more than me, but I can tell you that you can survive perfectly without having anything connected to your auditory channel! Run away from the herd and just feel and observe what it is around you.

  • “But I suppose it is ok to use my smart phone and listen to my music in the gym, to get motivated and to lift hard”? NO! Instead of a smart phone, just buy a small MP3. This way, will not get distracted checking useless Facebook posts and vain whatsapp conversations and you will train with full concentration and for real!

  • You are doing a lunch break (or a normal break) or just waiting for something, such as being in a waiting room of a clinic. NO! Just use the opportunity to read a book or a magazine or, perhaps even better, to start a conversation with some colleague or with a total stranger.

The bottom line here is that, if you think really deep down about it, you rarely need to use your smartphone for whatever the reason is. So please do a favor to yourself, to the men of the world and, consequently, to the mankind and try to use it both with moderation and only when you are in private, which means either having no one on your side or at least to be in the presence of family or guy friends.

By doing so, you will have your share of contribution in terms of reducing both the attention every guy gives to a girl and the general stupidity which abounds in this western world. In addition, and perhaps even more important, you will not only live more the present but you will also be more aware of the things around you. And this can also mean meeting that amazing girl sitting right next to you on the bus, who you would have not even noticed, had you been using the entertainment gadget of this new century: the smartphone.

Because we live in an era in which a guy who approaches girls in the middle of street is a pervert and a social moron but a guy who looks for Pokemon is just a cool, trendy person.  And if we do nothing to revert this tampered idea of normality, then there will be no Sarah Connor to rescue us in the future.




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